Written by subtlewhisper

13 Oct 2012

My husbands best mate of all time lives interstate, visits randomly and without warning. he and my husband r 2 damn spanky looking males we were all drinking eating laughing , when my husband asks still want to know what it feels like to have 2 huge throbbing cocks inside you? cuaght me totally off gaurd as almost not concideration much like a school girl i began to get very giddy and excitied i follow the boys upstairs to the bedroom without hesitation i was being stripped with roughness to it (i love a dominate man) i was extremly wet nervous and just wanted cock i beged them to fuck me hard! the boys were having much more fun watch me wriggle under the manipulative fingers, after carefully figuring out how the dp postion will more most sucessfully (good thing im flexiable n small) FINALLY the boys are inside me 2 rock hard cocks going in rythme togther in my wet pussy and out in my warm relax arse and out im not sure how long time seemed to stand still my climax grew and when i finally cum i blacked out dizzy full TOTALLY SATISFIED. 1 of the best random night sex of my life thank you to my man and his bff.