Written by fillinthevoid

31 Aug 2016

We have been married for about 35 years and always had a very healthy and active sex life, making love at least 4+ times a week, my wife is the love of my life and I hers, we are hardly ever apart.

A few years ago I suggested we add some spice to our life and try a threesome or maybe swing with another couple, she was totally shocked at the thought of it and told me if I needed to do that I can but don’t talk to her about it again and she doesn’t want to know. I’ve met some really nice people over the past few years and had a lot of fun,

I thoroughly enjoy the beach and have met some very friendly people there if you get my drift, none will top the day I took my wife to Samurai Beach in Port Stephens as soon as we got there I set our spot up pulled out the awning and set up a couple of fishing rods, strip of and go to the shore and cast, rod holders do the waiting , after a while both rods go of we wander down and bring in two nice 38cm flatheads she takes the fish back to the esky and I re-rig and noticed a lovely pair of tits walking along the beach towards me, take your time and get a closer look, she was a pretty woman in late 30's and started talking to me she was topless and had a white seethrough g string on, I felt my cock twitch and almost instantly my cock was hard, she saw it and smiled and said nice, I was a little embarrassed and started walking into deeper water to cast (really to hide my stiff cock) and she followed, I cast my line and she grabbed my cock gave me a bit of a shock, I was enjoying the feeling, she was stoking me softly up and down my cock, the water was about waist high so I stood there for about two minutes, not knowing what to do next, I said my wife will be watching , she looked at me smiled and placed my left hand on her pussy and I stroked it a few times from the outside.

I stopped and said would she like a drink, she agreed and we walked back to join my wife, I had a roaring horn walking up the warm sand so I took my hat off a covered my cock, to late I thought as numerous people were watching us, the beach was packed It’s a hot Summer Sunday and Newcastle Beaches were closed due to too much shark activity that week, I sat next to my wife and the girl sat the other side of me and grabbed my cock straight away before I could introduce her, within seconds and before I knew it (I was looking at my wife for her reaction) this chic starts sucking me, first slowly just my knob running her tongue around and around and into the eye, then she went straight down taking about 5 inches into her soft mouth, and started bobbing up and down I was shocked at my wife’s reaction my wife smiled and put her book down turned on her side and just watched smiling the whole time, the woman ripped her g string of and started playing with her clit with rapid strokes she spread her legs and her pussy was wet as and directly in line with my wife’s face about 3 feet away, I heard a slight moan come from my wife, this chic really knew what she was doing with my cock and balls licking and sucking every mm, after about 15 minutes I moaned and blew my load, it was huge and she never missed a drop, even the bits that spilled from the sides of her mouth, all the while my wife never took her eyes of the action especially her pussy, my wife spoke for the first time and just said that I look like I enjoyed that , and I replied it was awsome and I think you did too, she just said mmm and she picked up her book and started reading again smiling, the girl started stroking my cock again and before long I was hard as a rock again she bent over and started sucking me again this time only to lube me, she then straddled me her pussy was dripping onto my balls, cock and ass, she lowered closer and rubbed my cock up and down her cunt rubbing it on her clit for a while, (my wife’s book was cast aside once more) wife’s eyes were watching her every move on my cock, after a minute or so she put my knob inside and slowly lowered herself all the way to my balls, (so tight I thought to myself) she and my wife moaned slowly in unison, at last I had the chance to feel those beautiful firm breasts, they were magnificent, I started squeezing them slowly, she moaned again her pussy tightened and showered my cock, balls and ass, I was in ecstasy, and the fact that my wife was watching heightened the moment even more, I continued caressing her breasts while she came down from her orgasm, and once she started to move faster I grabbed both her nipples with my thumbs and forefingers, squeezing them softly, as she increased her speed on my cock I squeezed her nipples harder and 2 minutes after her first orgasm her pussy tightened again, she leant back placing her hands on the ground behind her, I reached for her clit and started rubbing it hard and fast, she exploded all over my groin and stomach, I kept rubbing her clit, she lifted of my cock leant back further and started squirting again this time it was spraying my chest and face, it felt beautiful, it was running down my face dripping of my chin and for the first time my wife touched me, she rubbed my face with her hand catching the flow from my chin, I couldn’t believe what she did next, cupping her hand to her mouth licking this girls juices and sucking her fingers moaning the whole time, the chic slid down on my cock again pumping furiously and about 30 seconds later she lifted off my cock and came again bigger and longer than before all over my face, my wife leant over she was shaking and put her face on my stomach and opened her mouth to receive the blast and she was saturated still he body was shuddering, I couldn’t see the chicks pussy and my hand was removed from her clit by a hand, I’m thinking it was my wife, the chick shudders again and sprays my wife’s face once more she orgasmed at least 6-8 times, my cock slips back in and I’m about to blow she had fucked me for at least 25 -30 minutes, my balls are so tight and full, the chick feels it and jumps off my cock and starts sucking me again furiously all the way down to my balls on every stroke she is moaning I look at her pussy and she is cumming again, I’m cumming I scream, we all moan when I started to cum, she took the first spert in her mouth and the rest sprayed her face, she started rubbing my knob all over her face while I was Cumming, it was a bigger load than the first time I came, she was spreading my cumall over her face for about two minutes kissing the end of my cock now and then and finished of sucking my cock down to my balls she was squeezing and pulling and sucking my cock so tightly to get the remainder of my cum, I had forgotten about my wife at this point and only realised she was still there when I turned my head her way, I looked her up and down her face and hair are saturated and she is shaking again,I noticed a puddle under her seat in the sand I looked at the bottom of her chair and saw she was dripping from her pussy, I reached over and put my hand inside her costume and started rubbing her clit she shuddered and came instantly, I then pushed two fingers into her soaking wet pussy while the other chic was swallowing me whole and cleaning me up and my wife orgasmed one of her explosive gushes all over my hand and arm she squirted so hard it pushed out the side of her costume past my wrist and shot me in the face and all over the chic still on my cock.

I had never seen this woman before nor since (not for the lack of trying) then I hear a voice calling a girl’s name Karen, (that’s her name I said to myself, I’ll never forget that) she stood up wiped my cum on her face with her hands and spread it over her tits and tummy, called out to her man I’m here, he came over, she kissed him passionately, he none the wiser, he was wearing a pair of board shorts and said to Karen I’ve been looking for you for ages, he said the last time I saw you, you were talking to some old naked guy fishing, I was thirsty she said and he offered me a drink and here I am all the time talking to this lovely couple. I introduced my wife and myself to him and offered him a beer, he accepted and sat in front of us under our awning all the while I still have a roaring horn that won’t go down damn Viagra, that hat got a lot of use that day once again covering my cock.

I decide to make an excuse and say I am going to see some friends down the beach and jump in my 4WD and Karen says can you drive me back to my friends and jumps in, we hadn’t driven more than 50m and she was down on me again, what a woman I’m thinking, I’m loving it, after about 200m she says drive up there to the blow and jumps on top of me she is still dripping wet, this time she points my cock at her ass and slowly eases my knob in and after a couple of minutes has me all the way in, she is screaming in ecstasy this time and after more than half an hour I say I’m coming and she jumps of and once again starts sucking me furiously, I am so excited I am screaming and without knowing I had opened all the electric windows and all the people nearby, were looking at us as she pops her head up, we drive further down the beach and I ask her whats the go with loving giving head a cum, she tells me her husband thinks it is disgusting and won’t let her do it,or fuck her arse, and she loves to do both, good enough for me, God bless him.

I drop her of at her spot got back to mine and straight friends are there talking to my wife and Karen’s other half.

Not long after we packed up and headed home, a 20 minute trip turned into a 2 an a ½ hour trip. My wife was so horny.