Written by batsam

27 Apr 2013

I came home from work early a little while ago & noticed a car in the driveway that I wasn't familiar with. So as quietly as I could I came up the stairs & opened the front door & went inside. I could hear noises from the bedroom so I snuck up close to the doorway & peeked around. To my surprise I seen my wife sucking on a blokes cock & fondling his balls. He was obviously in heaven by the look on his face. after about 10 minutes of her sucking his cock & balls he got up & laidd her on her back & opened her legs & went straight in to lick her pussy, My wife was loving it. Pushing her hips up into his face & holding his head into her wetness. It wasn't long before he got to orgasm which by her moans was pretty good for her. the guy then moves up between her legs & slips his cock into her, moves her knees up to his shoulders & proceeds to fuck her with thumping pounds, He was pumping hard & pretty soon slammed in hard & released a womb full of cum into her. he laid on top her of her for a while & passionately kissed. I could see their tongues in action. Pretty soon he was hard again & said he wants to fuck her arse, so my wife obliges & rolls over & gets on all fours. He places his cock at her rear entrance & my wife slowly backs onto his cock until it is all the way in. When she has relaxed he starts to pound away & then then reaches around to play with her D cup tits that were swaying to & fro. My wife reaches underneath & starts to rub her clit & it wasn't long before she got herself to orgasm & he follows suit & dumps another load but this time in her arse. He pulls out & I could se the cum dribbling out her rear. She rolls over on her back, grabs a face cloth, wipes his cock clean & continues to suck his cock dry much to his enjoyment. He then gets up, dresses himself, I sneak back outside & into the back yard. I hear him leave & I then go back inside as if I know nothing & find my wife laying on the bed with cum dribbling out her arse & pussy & she is speechless. So I just dropped my trousers, jumped on her & fucked her cum filled pussy until I blew my load into her. I still don't know who he was to this day.