9 Nov 2019

At one house we lived at when I was growing up the backyard was secluded except that it was overlooked by windows from one neighbouring house. Into that house moved a young couple, and the husband was rarely home much as he worked very long hours and spent most weekends off fishing. I could tell she was bored silly and desperately alone stuck there by herself most of the time. One warm afternoon I was in the backyard and about to dig over part of the vegie garden to plant some fresh vegie crops, when I noticed the curtains of her windows twitch, so I presumed she was at home and watching through a gap in the curtains. Seizing the moment I stripped off my shirt and started digging, allowing my muscles to develop a sheen from the sweat of the exercise. The curtains twitched again. I knew no-one else was home at my place, so went further, stripping off my trousers too, and continuing to dig. Once digging was completed I used the hose to wash down, washing the dirt from my arms and legs, and the sweat from all over me. I made sure I turned around to provide a range of viewing angles to delight and encourage my observor. It worked, as within a minute or two she emerged from the house with a tray of ice cold drinks, offering me one. We both sipped our drinks while I admired her body, skimpily dressed in a thin floral material that did not hide much. Drinks finished I thanked her, and asked if there was anything I could do for her in exchange, whilst pulling her close and pressing my moist body and throbbing cock into her. I then lifted her dress off over her head and revealed her completely naked and completely hairless body. We dropped to the ground together and caressed each other in the sun, massaging, licking, kneading, sucking and fucking mercilessly.