4 May 2016

I love to be pinned down on our bed, you holding me hard down. I love you to tie me up tight, making sure my legs are well parted and my sex spread so wide. I want you to softly trace your fingers all over my naked body, and then all the while, follow that sweet path with your wet lips.

I love you to tease me, making me ache, growing sexually moist, from your tender touch. I reach a point however, I want, I need, it rough. The sexy trailing kisses become wanting, needing. Your hands now grope and probe at and into every inch and crevice of my available body.

You will feel, you will know, just how liquid full I am and know how desperate I am too release. You will whisper into my ear, "Do not to let even a single drop out, or I will stop!". You slide fingers in me, amazed at my sexual excitement, you press deeper and massage my bladder from the inside, I whimper. Your exploration feels so damn, fucking good and my sexual, primal need for you builds more and more, but I’m so close to losing my bladder control.

You mercilessly take your other hand and press my swollen bladder. I'm being sweetly tortured from both sides and I give, I loose just a little control. Just splashing a little fluid out. You relent my attention, bring more water and you have me drink more, topping me up and keep me going, for another full hour. I squeal and squirm for release, but you just keep adding more delicious pressure. You now turn me over, you have me on my hands and knees, all holes exposed, no easy feat when you have me leaking and sweetly dripping. I want to hold myself, there’s so much internal pressure and I groan, that I feel like I’m gonna fucking explode!

Then finally you drive your fat erection into me, relief at last! You start fucking me, intensely and deliciously hard. You’re so bloody rough and you are battering my shaking, screaming bladder from the inside, again and again. You’re doing me, screwing me hard, telling me, "You have to hold on and that your a fucking sexy girl, You can hold it" You’re being so evil, but I’m now losing all control, I’m leaking fluids, almost nonstop, then it all happens. My body is shaking and my orgasm forces my urinal floodgates open. I lose all control, in every respect, and am loving it the whole time, I am rocked senseless, in a total flooding orgasm as you fill me with your heavy, creamy, lustful load, my cunt walls are so hotly hosed .

When it finally all ends, you kiss me and we lay, holding each other, in a wet, wet pool of warm fluids, because sweet, soft aftercare is the best!