19 Jul 2018

She doesn't dress up much doesn't need or like humans much but her body is a wonderland her mind fertile...shes been here three weeks flashing around her long dark reddish hair and black eyes five four or so a fit runner and Muay Thai beginner...shes a wag and a witch probably so things have been happening imperceptibly...ive looked down her top as she bends for a utensil in the kitchen her collarbone pierced with four small diamonds in contrast to her dark skin the valley between her small breasts her long pierced nipples she notices me looking but gives no indication of pleasure or offense the rest of her is shrouded in baggy pants ...this morning she rested her head on my shoulder sleepily and sighed and I naturally kissed the laurel tattoo behind her ear and held a bunch of her hair she bit my neck lightly and kissed me her eyes open her lips slowly moving over mine I watched her mesmerised her eyes were so deep she moved her leg along mine licking my mouth and I pulled her up onto me her leg wound around mine my growing phallus smashed hard against her pubic bone my hands full with her butt and back her hair in my face her scent hot