Written by edward

27 Jun 2013

Our swinging adventure started after a few drinks with our neighbours, our kids and theirs had started ice skating, so one week I would drive them the next my neighbour Max would, while they were gone we would all get together for a drink and a chat, as often happens the chat would usually turn to sex talk.

Another neighbour and his wife were into swinging and made no secret of it and that came up in the conversation one night, then later that night my wife and I were having sex and I told her I would love to try swinging with our friends, as it turned out she had thought about it also, but asked how we could go about asking them?

Well the next time we got together I plucked up the courage and told them that we would like to have sex with them, the room seemed to go deathly quiet for what seemed an eternity, probably only ten or fifteen seconds really but I thought, hell maybe I should not have said it. Max then said to his wife what do you think Pam? to which she answered yes I am willing to try it, whew I breathed a sigh of relief, I had wanted to fuck Pam for ages.

We were in our house at the time and we decided to go in slightly seperate rooms for the first time, Pam and I in the lounge Max and my wife Jane in the dinning room, strange looking back on it that we did not use the bedrooms, well I was into Pam in no time, we did not need much foreplay as we were both very horny, Max called out and asked Pam if she was ok? She was more than ok she was really enjoying fucking someone new, both of our wives had their tubes done, so there were no worries about them getting pregnant, which was great as we could cum in them without worrying.

When it was over and later in bed my wife and I fucked again we were both really turned on by the experience, after that night we got together every time we could and fucked like mad, then one night Max said he would like to see the girls fuck each other, my wife had told me she already had sex with a girl at high school, they had fingered each other on several occasions, so she was more than willing as was Pam, so after we had sex with each others wives they started fucking each other, man what a turn on, both women could orgasm several times and they went at it for ages, fingering and going down on each other.

This continued for a few years, till sadly Max who was a keen gardener got legionares disease from potting mix, something a lot of people, me included did not know about, he died a day after his birthday, shortly after Pam sold the house and moved away............this is a true story exactly as it all happened. My real name is Edward, the other names were only slightly changed,