17 Feb 2016

It was raining buckets at circular quay. People scurried to escape the deluge, their bright umbrellas bobbing along the harbourfront walkways. My Master ushered me to a table under the awning of a popular city restaurant, Rossini. Table 209. We sat and chatted enjoying the vibrance of the city. He stood suddenly and greeted a young African man who approached our table and invited him to join us. My curiosity peaked. Who was this guy and what was his association with my hushand? He obviously knew him - handshakes and friendly banter were exchanged.

"Babe, this is Michael", he said.

I took in the sight of the stranger, raking over him with my eyes. His skin was dark and smooth like chocolate. One of my favourite things to eat. His mouth was full and sensual. His eyes dark and framed with the lovliest curled lashes. His hair caught up in a tangle of dreads at the back of his head. Michael was clad in cargos and a black and white checked shirt. His clothes strained against the muscled harness of his body beneath. I imagined that if he flexed his upper body his shirt may disintergrate into a tangle of tears and fall at his feet. Just like a well known comic book hero. Dragging myself out of my daydream I extended my hand.

"Hi Michael. How are you?"

I flashed a secretive glance at my Master, one eyebrow raised. But still he gave nothing away. We ordered dinner and wine and chatted about work and city living, my brain trying to keep pace with two conversations - the one at the table and the one in my head. This meeting seemed like more than a casual meal with a stranger. Realisation stuck. This guy was here for one specific purpose. To fulfil my long held fantasy. He was here to fuck me! My heart raced, my pulse quickened, blood rushing to my head blurring all sense of reality. Wetness pooled bewteen my legs betraying me as I tried to convince myself that indulging in my fantasy would be sinful and wrong. I was in a moral dilemma, of that there was no question. To fuck or not to fuck!!

The tension was palpable, it was heavy in the air like a thick sensual fog. Despite the cold ocean breeze, the temperature at table 209 had skyrocketed engulfing me in a cloud of maculinity, the perfect fusion of aftershave difusing through the air from two hot bodies, tanatalising my nostrils like curls of hemp smoke and infusing my brain with lust. Two sets of eyes, pupils dilated focused on mine in sexual anticipation. Two cocks straining against fabric beneath the table. Pulses throbbing wildly at the throats of two gorgeous men, both of whom I could suck and fuck to my hearts content.

"Yes", I blurted out before I change my mind "Let's do this!"

We strolled back through the cobbled laneways of The rocks, taking the opportunity of get to know each other a little better, discussing our likes and dislikes and using the short time we had to discover how each could please the other. Just three people amongst millions, but three people wanting (needing) to sexually explore, to push boundaries, to overcome social restraints, and to give and receive pleasure in the most erotic ways possible.

The anticipation was intense. My stomach was twisted into a nervous knot and my head was buzzing, but my pussy was wet and swelling with the thought of having another mans cock inside it - a black cock. I was about to recieve what most women craved but were too timid to admit. My pussy twitched at the thought and the devil on my shoulder smiled deviously and winked at me.

We entered our room and Michael made his way to the shower. His magnificent body wet and hard was a sight to behold, etching an image into my memory, now impossible to forget. I undressed and stepped in to join him. Immediately his large hands were upon me, black against white - caressing and exploring. Touching my body, possessing me, worshipping me with his eyes. My pussy clenched in anticipation and my blood heated, thrumming through my veins.

Michael's lips met mine, his tongue darting into my mouth to taste me. He reached behind me to grab the cheeks of my arse and pulled me into him sending electric pulses through my body. It was surreal. My mind was doing somersaults unable to fully comprehend the situation. Surely, I had to be dreaming. I soaped my hands, sliding them over his biceps, across his pecs and down his torso towards his navel. He let out a deep breath and a soft moan escaped his lips. Touching another man in this way felt completely alien to me, but there was something so right in doing something that felt so wrong. I turned away from him, deliberately rubbing up against his erection which was already in full salute, trapping it between my cheeks. Michael cupped my breasts, one in each hand, kneading impatiently and tugging gently at my erect nipples.

My Master watched from the doorway as I wiped the condensatiion from the glass panel in front of me to give him an unobstructed view. Slipping down over my stomach, Michael's wandering hands reached the centre of my pleasure and parted my folds with his fingers, dipping the two middle digits inside, eliciting a warm, sweet wave of pleasure that radiated from my core. I reached behind me, encasing his cock in my hands and fisted its length. It was a magnificant cock - hard and thick and smooth. It made my mouth water. What would it be like to have it in my mouth, to taste it and to feel it pulsing between my lips and along my throat.

I beckoned my Master to join us and knelt down on my hauches to find myself at eye-level with two granite-hard, eager cocks. Grabbing both cocks at the base, I began to suck - first one and then the other, gliding my tongue over the engorged heads and pressing down to take the full lengths into my mouth. I felt like a Godess - a commander of cocks as my Master would say. I would make these cocks dance for me. We moved to the bed where we had more freedom and space to enjoy each other.

"I think you should lick her pussy" my Master suggested, and Michael obliged. His tongue gliding over my clitoris and between my wet folds with enthusiastic licks and his strong hands encircling my thighs. The sensation of having another tongue on me, savouring me was erotic and my clitoris swelled beneath his lips in appreciation.

Michael then climbed up my body, impatient to have his cock inside me. He positioned himself and pushed inside. The feeling of fullness was incredible - I could feel myself stretching and then clenching around his shaft with a pop as his thick head entered me, then buried into my depths. Michael began to thrust, in and out, his powerful arse muscles contracing and releasing, driving his cock deeper and deeper. He encircled me in him arms, holding me tighty as he fucked, almost on the verge of coming.

Urgently needing release, Michael flipped me onto my hands and knees. With cock in hand, Michael notched the thick head of his cock into my pussy and tunnelled into me, pushing his way to the base until he could go no further. Every nerve ending in my body fired with the sheer delight of having him fill my every crevice, feeling muscles clamp around his girth as he pushed into me, and then leaving me empty as he withdrew. My Master looked on with appreciation. I kept pace with Michael plunging in and out, in and out, my entire body engulfed in a cloud of pleasure and the sugary sweetness of orgasm building from deep inside me. Unable to hold back, Michael withdrew, spilling his seed over the crease of my arse. We flopped back onto the bed to recover.

Sensing my desperate need for my own release, my Master tugged me down the bed by my feet and pressed open my thighs with his shoulders. "You need to come now", he said.

He pressed his mouth around me, hands splayed over my stomach. It is no secret that my Master is an expert when it comes to the female anatomy. My clitoris responded immediately to his familiar touch - his tongue circling and teasing me, and his breath warm on my wetness, while Michael paid attention to my breasts palming them and rolling my nipples between his fingers. The sensation was overwhelming. I imagined two cocks, pulsing and straining desperately to hold back their contents. My pussy began to twich and clench as my orgasm surged and threatened to blow my head off. I sank, deep within my own mind, my vision blackening and my thighs trembling as I raced towards climax. Unable to stop myself from hurtling over the edge I came, my deep inner muscles crashing together four, five, six times in mind-numbing pleasure.

Turnng my head to the side, I noticed Michael had hardened. I took his cock into my mouth, savoring the taste of him and licking up the cum that had oozed out onto his thigh. I ran my tongue around the black head of his cock, then eased down until the full length of him was in my throat. Michael gasped at the sensation as I ate everything he had to offer.

Not wanting him to cum too soon, I straddled him and with my hands against his chest and rode him hard, taking in the full length of his cock. My body stiffened with pleasure and goosebumps prickled on my skin. "Turn around", Michael suggested, "Let's try something different".

In reverse the pleasure was just as intense. The muscles in Michael's thighs flexed and hardened under my hands as he thrust upwards. He positioned me so that my shoulders were against his chest and began pounding - his breath hot on the back of my neck. He was so hard and so deep. His hands reached the cheeks of my arse and spread my cheeks apart, sensing him watching his cock glide into my white, wet flesh. I felt his balls tighten beneath my wet pussy and knew that he was close.

Close to climax, Michael rolled me onto my knees and quickly buried himself inside me as my Master lay in front of me, beckoning for my mouth. Michael's pace was urgent, his thrusting hard and fast. I could hear his breathing - coming in jagged rasps now, and feel his body powerful body behind me as every fibre tightened, then detonated as he came deep inside me. My pussy responded by grabbing hold of him and milking every last drop from him.

Not be outdone, my Master's cock was rock hard and ready to explode, urged on by the vibrations of my moans on his cock and the knowledge that Michael's cum oozed warmly inside me. With a sudden jerk, hot streams of cum shot into my mouth. Bending at the knees, my Master struggled to stay standing as his orgasm wracked his body, sapping his energy, twitching the last of his cum onto my tongue.

The three of us fell back on the bed, satiated. We had just experienced the most mind-blowing sex imaginable. Two beautiful men, two magnificent cocks. I was a lucky girl. We chatted like old friends.