Written by IwantU

26 Aug 2011

This actually happen many years ago long before facebook, when I met this younger lady of 23 online playing unreal tournament of all things, I was 32. She had a boyfriend but was unhappy with his lack sexual abilities and experience. So after sometime of getting to know her I told her some of what I'd like to do, and this is what happen. I told her I thought it would be sexy to meet a semi stranger on a busy train with lots of people all around. I said she should wear a skirt or dress not to short where people could see what I'm doing and not to long for it to be seen hitched up to much.

I was sitting down next to the aisle at the end of the carriage, but I couldn't get the last seat. They were taken by a young couple on one side and two guys on the other. So I took the second seat from the end and placed a backpack on the seat beside me so as no one would sit there. What she didn't know at the time was the guy in the seat opposite was my mate. He wasn't there to join in but as a diversion or security if needed, he just sat reading a book so as not to make her uncomfortable by the one other person so close. The train wasn't yet anywhere near full but with people starting to go to work each stop brought more in. So I had got on the stop before her and my heart was already bounding out of my chest and when I saw her get on I immediately jumped to attention. She looked so pretty, so petite with small but perky tits about the size of a champaign glass. I had once told her that for me it's not the size of her tits that mattered because Im a nipple man "I love a good size nipple". Like I told her to do, she came down and stood next to me with both of us facing forward and not paying any attention to each other. After a short while I'd place my hand on the inside of her leg just below her knee.

Very slowly, very gently, massaging her inside legs, occasionally using my finger tips to lightly tickle the skin. Up and down the length of her softly massaging in and around her legs, but never touching her crotch. This would go on for some time, taking my time to savor to moment and truly appreciate what was going down. I'd then slide my hand up onto this young girls hot round bottom feeling her cotton panties all over. Then back down to tho's slender sexy legs this time raising my hand higher and again occasionally, almost accidentally, brushing the pussy lips with the back of my thumb through the cotton. Every time i went close to her crotch i could feel her legs shake. I'd be doing this for some time working up that lovely female scent with it melting into the air. This was driving other guys around mad not knowing if what they were smelling was real or where it's coming from. Now ever so softly with the couple of slightly longer finger nails (my thumb an index finger nail are longer from learning the guitar) I ran my finger nails just hard enough to feel it over the top and either side of her clitoris. This was driving her and myself wild, my head was spinning with a mix of sexual desire and anticipation being so close her scent was raping my nostrils. Then in time with the pads of my four fingers I would slowly rub in gentle circles right on top of her vaginal mound and clit. With me feeling that sexy vaginal button and lips through the thin cotton bringing her wetness to surface. Slowly and gently, I explore back to that beautiful round ass, hook my thumb into the top of her knickers and slip them to her knee's...

Now I can feel goose-bump flesh all over that sexy bum. Again tickling up both sides of her inner leg's she grabbed the little handles at the back of the seats each side of the aisles. She then widen her stance slightly allowing me full access to that wide open flower. But again I do not go straight to it, and this is driving her fucking crazy. I wonder around savoring the moment once again, running the whole situation through my head. My cock "so hard" i can feel it throbbing so much I thought it would bust an burst in my pants. My heart is pounding so much I feel it in my ears, my hand begins to tremble ever so slightly. Then with my hand coming from behind her & up between the legs. I can reach nearly to belly, slowly sliding down, the palm of my hand, it reaches her swollen mound. My fingers running softly at first through tho's short few hairs and the palm occasionally the hitting the clitoris. I can feel your body start to quiver and the hips begin to gyrate trying to force a collision. I hear her breathing deepen with the occasional muffled moan. I slip my fingers down a little more finding the clitoris and with a finger tip on either side I then start to touch it... My god! The wetness, is everywhere, no lubrication is needed here! The moaning begins to increase now as neither of us starts to care so much anymore, our heads are swimming in pure delight and her scent is everywhere. There are a few people looking around now but we just bloody don't care, my hand is slipping all around, a finger in, then two her body shutters and then she squirms and squeals with orgasm. My cock is nearly about to blow and I feel the pre cum dripping... Finally she takes it no longer and I see her drop to her knees, undoing my pants and zipper nearly made me cum, I think it's going to blow. She paused a sec looking at its swollen size then takes it into her mouth. Holding the head of my hot cock firmly there and with the broad part of the tongue wrapped over the corona join v shape. She can feel it's hotness throbbing in her mouth and while masturbating her self at the same time she senses it's going to go. So applying more suction and drawing slowly up and down, she feels my hot wet juice explode shot after shot releasing it's self all though her mouth and throat. Also releasing another orgasm within herself... Both of us slump into each other not giving a shit that we are now being watched with amazement... Then the doors open for the next stop and we take that chance to slip out before being caught by anybody, but as we did so we noticed the young couple behind us mutually masturbating each other through their clothing... chickens

I have a seconded meeting with this girl thats also very interesting, if enough people ask I might write it

yours truly Kev