Written by alanandanne

2 Jun 2014

I arrived home on Thursday, Nola arrived home on the Wednesday.

On Thursday night I was throbbing as Anne met me at the door naked, I walked in dumped my bags pashed Anne thinking I know whose cock had been in this hot mouth.

I had a quick shower being very careful not wash my rock hard cock to vigorously as it was so sensitive after being hard for a week since watching Paul fuck Anne on Skype.

I walk to lounge room where Anne is sitting on the very couch where she was sucked off and fucked by Paul the previous week end as well as the other times. Something horny sitting on the very place where your baby has been fucked by your friend.

She promptly starts stroking my steel like cock, my knob glistening with precum as I pashed her and tweaked her very erect nipples.With out warning Anne positioned her self over my cock , she lowered her wet pussy on to my hard shaved cock ,it is 7.5 inches but it looked more like "10" inches, it looked huge as it disappeared deep in to that adorable dripping pussy ,she was so fucking wet wow.

I lasted longer than I thought as she rode me,I could see my cock going in and out ,the juice, my baby was like Niagara falls squirting everywhere, everything drenched,talk about a forensic scientist delight with all that DNA.

I could feel that tingling feeling then I erupted like an Indonesian Volcano, cum, holy fuck where come from, must have been a litre the orgasm went forever.

We slumped back in each others arms, so good to be home.

Friday night Paul and Nola arrive, I asked Paul did Nola bring the white dress? . I saw a white dress on Fantasy lingerie thought Nola would look hot in so I told Paul and he bought it.

Nola showered came out in the dress oh FUCK!!!! Her big beautiful tits (no bra) looked so hot, tight around her hot arse she looked adorable. I stood behind slipped my hands in to the halter like top massaged those super hot tits sooooo nice ,she reached behind massaging my hard cock through my shorts.

We adjourned to the bedroom could not wait to fuck Nola, I laid on the bed and Paul started to suck my hard cock as Nola dumped her big tits on my face ,I eagerly sucked those stiff nipples as Paul sucked my cock. I looked over there was Anne sucking Paul's familiar cock .

Nola wanted some girl action so she put her arms around Anne and passionately kissed her plenty of tongue rubbing tits and pussy, so hot. Paul still sucking me,then he positioned himself to the 69 position . We both had steel cock rings on and we sucked each others hard cocks as Nola was sucking Anne's hot pussy,they then assumed the 69 position and sucked each others pussy.

Wasn't long before the double ender and the strap on came out (see profile pics) the girls fucked each other wow now that was hot.

Nola looked me and said smiling "Fuck me" well what could I do? It was beautiful,she sucked my cock then guided into her freshly sucked and fucked pussy. I fucked long and hard,I looked over there was Paul, his freshly sucked cock pounding my baby's hot wet pussy.

We fucked and sucked until late, Nola got a huge load over her face and big tits which Paul and Anne licked off. I watched Paul unload a big load of cum deep in to Anne's wet hot pussy I went down and sucked that cum filled pussy to another orgasm,my face dripping in Paul's cum and Anne's juice .

We decided bed time

Sunday had breakfast, I had the cam on tits, pussy and cocks on show. Paul went into the lounge laid on THE COUCH!

while Nola,Anne and I sat at the table. Anne looked over and saw Paul stroking his now rock hard cock and said mmmmm

we went in I leaned over sucked his hard cock for a while, Nola was pashing Anne again.

Anne went over to THE COUCH! started to suck Paul's cock with that I pashed Nola paying attention to those hot big tits.

By now Anne had Paul's big thick cock deep in her pussy again.

I had Nola doggy style over the arm of THE COUCH! as I fucked her she kissed Anne,Nola's big tits were in Paul's face as Anne rode Paul's big cock.. Looked great all on Swingers Heaven cam.

Paul blew another huge load as I came deep in Nola's well fucked dripping pussy.

Sadly it was time to leave, we embraced on the footpath, I pashed Nola with a handful of beautiful tits as Paul pashed Anne hands going everywhere. The neighbor walked past,mmmm wonder what was going through his head.

Nola flew out last Wednesday I fly out next Thursday leaving those two horny fuckers home unsupervised .....getting hard thinking about it