Written by alanandanne

6 May 2014

The story so far ,Paul has fucked Anne while Nola (Paul's wife and I (Anne's partner) are working away).

Paul ,Anne and I had a threesome ,Nola was at work.

So Nola has missed out, so we had a week end in Hervey Bay,at the Romada. Anne and I arrived on the Friday, Paul and Nola arrived Saturday.

We have two room apartment, one with a huge bed the other two large singles.

There was a big TV in the living area and a smaller one in the bedroom. Great for the porn.

Saturday morning the phone rings ,a voice says "we are down stairs" ,I replied "I'm on the way".

I arrive in the underground car park ,there they are Paul and Nola standing there Nola walks over to me gives me the biggest pash ,her big beautiful tits hard against me. My cock throbbing against her, I shake hands with Paul grab the suit case head for the lift.

Now the lift is small so with the bags and Nola and me there not much room so Paul said "Ill take the stairs"

The door closed Nola and I pash again she grabs my hard cock through my shorts (no underwear) I squeeze those tits we tongue kissed like we never have before, Nola with a firm grip on my cock tells me "I want that cock" now!!!!!!

The door opens Paul is there spots my bulge and Nolas cleavage, hair everywhere "nice ride" big smiles.

Walk to our room Anne greets Paul with great big tongue kiss and a hug that went for ever rubbing his cock, he too has a bulge now, Paul playing with Anne's exposed tits (wasn't wearing much hence she was waiting in the room).

Nola walked over to Anne, when she finally broke from Paul, tits exposed Nola pashed Anne tongues and hands every where

Annes nipples like bolts, Nola kissed and fondled Anne, Anne saying how much she has miissed her.

It wasn't long before we were all naked sitting talking ,I felt a hand on my cock under the table , I looked at Nola ,she was smiling, in fact no hands were visible above the table.

We stood up my cock rock hard Paul's cock the same, in to the bed room we go, hard cocks swaying. Paul and I lay down on the bed he starts to suck my hard cock while Anne and Nola kiss each other very passionately, fondling each others tits

Nola's big tits look beautiful they sit so beautifully as Anne sucks her hot nipples, one to the other.

They both look over to see my shaved cock going down Paul's throat ,Nola then sucks Anne's erect hard nipples making look even bigger, so hot. Nola is now rubbing Anne's very wet pussy as she savors and devours those hot nipples.

They return their gaze to Paul and me on the bed ,by now I'm sucking Paul's big thick cock, the same very hot hard cock that has fucked Anne while I was away and the same hard cock I sucked after he pulled of of Anne wet hot pussy during our threesome, so nice covered in his cum and Anne's pussy juice.

The ladies join us on the bed, Nola makes a bee line for my saliva covered hot cock freshly sucked by Paul

I lay there watching my shaved cock disappear down Nola's throat she takes the entire 7.5 inches, her face flush with the pubic bone, fuck she wanted that cock.

Nola's beautiful big tits sway as she sucks my cock, I look over Paul is sucking on Anne's dripping pussy I see a familiar look on Anne's face , she is about to cum at the behest of Paul's expert sucking and licking technique, Anne moans "I'm cumming " as the intensity increases Anne is blowing so beautifully ,Paul looks up his face saturated Anne is dripping from his chin.

All the time Nola is sucking my cock, Nola stops sucking ,slowly slides up my body those beautiful tits rubbing over my body.

She positioned her self lowering her hot wet pussy towards a very hard cock, I watch as the purple knob enters and my cock slowly disappears , We both uttered "Oh fuck" Nola is pounding up and down on my cock ,she leans forward so those magnificent hot big tits are on my face.

I can hear moans and slapping flesh I look past Nola's beautiful big tits to see Paul fucking Anne vigorously something I love to watch, so much better when I'm fucking Nola.

Paul fucks Anne so well ,she loves fucking him. As I love fucking Nola she is so passionate wraps her legs around me pashs she is so hot.

We ,all four , fuck I then said to Nola "I'm going to cum where would you like it ?" She looked at me and said "in my mouth on my face"

I pulled my dripping cock out of her wet beautiful pussy take aim at Nola's open mouth and gave her a load of hot cum in her mouth over her face all the time Paul is fucking Anne beside us. Anne reaches over rubbing my fresh cum over Nola's face licking her fingers.

Paul sends a message "I'M cumming" Anne holds my hand as Paul unloads a big load of cum into her wet pussy .

WE all lay together on the bed cuddling for a while .

We all decide it's time for a walk after a cold drink.

We all went for a walk................. and when we went out for dinner .....well thats next