Written by AlanandAnne

7 May 2014

We 4 set out for a walk by the beach,it was a bit cold Anne's nipples were no match for the thin top she had on,there they

were like bolts for all to see. Must say people walking towards us got an eyeful ,love it.

We walked for a while discussing where we would dine , we all agreed the boat club would be good.

So we return to the unit get dressed to go ,Anne appears see through top no bra, looked so hot

Nola appears beautiful big tits, nice cleavage on display, cock starting to inflate.

The boat club was crowded and noisy so we returned to the Romada, nice and cosy, intimate.

The girls get some looks Anne's see through top and Nola's big tits on show.

We sit down, ordered drinks, I feel a hand on my cock, it's Anne having a play, so I put my arm around her waist up to her

right tit gently squeezing her nipple, I feel it grow as was my cock.

I see Nola's hand disappear under the table, a smile appears on Paul's face as both cocks were being massaged under the table. Other patrons had no idea what was happening.

Paul subtly feels Nola's big tits, the food was not the only thing hot at our table.

Great meal great service recommend it to anyone.

We return to the unit walking by the pool, I stop and pash Anne, Paul stops and pashes Nola, I get Annes tits out rubbing them, Nola is rubbing Paul's cock through his shorts (no undies). There is no one around............ whoops sitting in the shadows of a unit, with out lights on were a couple having a drink, watching everything, they were so quiet , mmmm wonder why. Well they got an eyeful, tits being sucked cocks being rubbed passionate kissing, so so hot being watched .

We get to the room laughing about the impromptu show and our obvious appreciative audience, thinking they will be fucking tonight.

Clothes disappear we sit at the table having coffee ,I place coffee in front of Nola, she turns and proceeds to suck my shaved cock,might get a job as a waiter if that's the type of tips you get.

Nola sensuously takes my cock all the way, I look over Anne has got Paul's big thick cock in her mouth sucking it beautifully, my baby looks so hot sucking Paul's big cock.

I massage Nola's beautiful big tits as she sucks my cock, Anne still sucking Paul I watch Anne's tongue circle Paul's knob I hear moans of pleasure from Paul.

Fuck the coffee, to the bedroom we go Nola resumes sucking my cock, Anne is on Paul's face . They are inches from me I see Paul tonguing Anne wet pussy, Anne leans forward to assume the 69 position, then they go for it in ernest. The slurping the moaning "oh fuck" "ooooo my God oh suck it baby" Paul must have hit the button of love, Anne yells "Oh fuck I'm cumming" lots of squeals and ohhhhh's.

Nola looks up from my cock and says "fuck me" all 4 are now in the doggy position I'm fucking Nola, Paul is pounding Anne,beside us is full length mirror doors on the wardrobe. We watch ourselves fuck each others partners ,so beautiful.

Our session lasted for quite a while,Paul had Anne on his face with Nola spooning Anne allowing Paul to suck both Pussies , I saw Paul's big cock sticking up so I went over and sucked him while savored two pussies, I took his cock deep down my throat, I felt his cock get so rock hard it began to throb in my mouth ,felt so good.

After a number of orgasms by the girls it was time to get the toys out. Anne produces the strap on Nola's eyes widen "oh yes fuck me baby" says Nola. Anne lubes up the big "cock" and puts it in wow so hot.

Next the double ender dildoe. The girls position themselves lube up (pussies dripping wet didn't need lube) both ends inserted they fuck each other whoaaaaa so beautiful, I get the bullet vibes one each, on their clits as the fuck each other and stimulate their clits I suck Nola's big tits Paul sucks Anne's ,hope the room is sound proofed .

God knows how many orgasms all I know is there was a lot of "oh fucks" and "ohhhhhhhhhhhhs" and a few indecipherable s as well as a very wet sheet.

Our babies are exhausted so they lay there in each others arms kissing and cuddling watching Paul suck my cock.

We did eventually have that coffee by the way, we lay on the bed caressing stroking kissing.

It was a beautiful magnificent weekend away with fantastic friends....... Nola we did say we would make it up to you

Now on the 23 May Paul and Nola have to be in our town during the day,Anne will be at work,see where this going can't you,

Nola says to Anne would you mind if we called and saw Alan, Anne said of course and fuck him I hope, why don't you stay over night as well. So 3some Nola Paul and Alan 23rd staying over night. Anne is taking Nola to our favorite clothing shop to get some hot outfits to show off those beautiful big tits.

Will let you know how that goes