Written by AlanandAnne

9 Jan 2015

As usual Nola and I were away (separate destinations sadly) over the entire Christmas celebration period. I arrived back in Australia New Years Night late, Nola away still, very long tour this one.

I was in my office when a text came through "Paul called I'm going to his place tonight love you xxx".

I made a quick phone call to get details, Anne said Paul leaves to go interstate to see Nola Christmas eve so he asked if I wanted to go to his place.

She of course wouldn't let the opportunity of sucking and getting fucked by that big hot cock of Pauls.

I asked what are you going to wear, she said the bone top ,crocheted, nipples sticking through, only I'll wear it as a dress.

Now this top just covers Anne's hot arse and just covers her divine pussy.

By now she was driving to his house, I asked are you wet? ,"oh yes" came the excited reply.

She said " I can't touch my self while driving but I'm dripping, I have a towel I'm sitting on"

I had to go so I asked her to text me when she gets home, like to know she is safe.

About 11pm I'm addressing a meeting (night shift) thinking about what's happening, images of Anne sucking Pauls cock him sucking her wet pussy and fucking her, very difficult to stay focused on the meeting believe me.

My phone tells me there is a message, I dismiss the meeting ,coffee break." I'm home safely had a great night love you xxxx" came the message

I continued the meeting all the time thinking about her wet pussy full of Pauls warm milky fuck fluid seeping out on to the sheets at home, bet she got her vibe out and gave it a go as well.

I finished the shift but because if time difference I couldn't ring until I had a sleep.

I got out of bed early afternoon. I had a semi hard cock when I rang Anne, that was about to change, I asked "what happened?"

Anne said driving to Pauls house was interesting still day light, see through top worn as a dress nipples sticking through . The truckies got a great eyeful.

She arrived at Paul's rural property, as usual there is a gate, so Anne gets out of her car ,across the road .a guy got a great view as did traffic going past, Paul said that's the slowest he has ever seen traffic on his road.

Anne drives in after closing the gate parks, Paul just out of the pool is wearing a thin pair of shorts, Anne said" wow was he pleased to see me" .The weather was so hot 43 degrees so not much clothing required. Paul pashed Anne, he couldn't believe her outfit and that she actually wore it in daylight.

They went up stairs Paul said "I cant wait I have to fuck you now I'm so fucking horny" Anne said "I can see that" with that off cam the shorts to reveal a super rock hard shaved cock standing up, Anne's top cum dress collided with the floor. Paul looked at Anne he could see her thighs were covered in pussy juice she was wet and ready for that cock.

He laid her on the bed pashed her sucking her bolt like nipples before sucking her pussy, she was so wet Paul almost drank her juice he to oozing pre cum like a fountain, wow they both were so fucking hot for each other.

He got his throbbing cock, the head was purple , pre cum dripping from it Anne sucked the pre cum from this pulsating throbbing fuck pole he moaned "oh fuckkkkkk oh shit I have to fuck you before I cum"

He slowly rubbed his shiny pre cum saliva covered cock against the entrance to pussy heaven as he slowly guided it in to a saturated dripping cavity of lust.

He pumped away ,very vocal both of them. "Fuck me give it to me" cried Anne " oh fuck this is so hot fuck me this is so fucking good" yelled Paul.

Paul moaned "oh no I'm cumming oh fuck here it cums" with that he pulls his big wet glistening cock from a drenched pussy aims at Anne's mouth and face, the first squirt straight down the side of her face and in her hair, the next in her mouth the remainder over her face, she was drowned in cum, Anne's face was covered in cum what a hot fucking load.

Paul went to work licking his cum from her face then pashing Anne until all the cum was gone except her hair.

They layed on the bed playing with each other Anne playing with Paul's spent cock still oozing the remaining cum Paul stroking Anne's beautiful tits nipples still like bots as well as a drenched pussy. They had something to eat (food this time)

Anne was standing leaning on a window sill looking at the animals in a paddock still nude, Paul walked up behind her started massage her neck scratch her back lightly.

Anne arched her back ,she feels a familiar object, pressing at the opening of he still drenched hot pussy he gently slides his big throbbing member deep, he is right up as far as it would go, Anne has got every inch of Paul's hard throbbing cock again. Paul thrusts, ramming his cock deep, Anne's head is back Paul has a handful of Anne's blonde locks holding her head back, she moans as Paul's big cock slides in and out "oh yes fuck me' she moans.

Paul is pacing him self he doesn't want this to finish to soon.

Anne hangs on to the window sill as Paul methodically fucks my beautiful baby doggy style.

Paul knows his big cock can only take so much of this fucking before he blows again, he feels the tingling he is on the way ,Anne feels his big cock harden even more, He says "oh fuck I'm cumming" with that Anne lets out a long moan almost a squeal as Paul unloads a monster load deep into my baby's pussy. Paul's cock is up to the hilt as he explodes pumping warm thick cum deep in to that pulsating pussy which is contracting milking that big cock of every drop of his hot cum.

They both stagger to the couch and rest.

Too soon its time to go more pashing squeezing soft cum oozing cock a feel of a cum filled freshly fucked pussy, squeeze of a beautiful set of tits with bolt like nipples.

I asked Anne after she told me all this how was she now, "saturated, dripping ,horny again .

Well I arrived home after walking around for over a week with a hard cock, Anne and I relived the experience yes she got covered again with my cum this time so hot

I love my adorable baby she is so so hot and beautiful.

Nola is home soon I have a big hard shave cock waiting for her, she said she can't wait to suck my cock and fuck it ...mmmmm can't wait to get my hands and mouth on those beautiful tits and and fuck her.....but that's another story.