Written by AlanandAnne

3 Nov 2014

It was last Saturday, very hot where we are so minimal clothing on. We do have to be careful as we have the downstairs area being occupied for a while. We would both be nude otherwise.

The phone rang , it was Paul, he needed some papers witnessed so I said come down and I can fix that.

I told Anne Paul was coming down to get some papers signed and he would be here about 5 pm, I noticed a smile on her beautiful face. We both knew nothing was going to happen with the down stairs area situation, we do lose privacy, every sound can be heard. I could hear in Paul's voice he was horny and a few comments he made indicated he wanted to fuck Anne, after all Nola has been away for 3 weeks back this Thursday.

I thought no cant happen. Anne had a tiny G string on with a pair of shorts and thin singlet nipples like bolts sticking out.

At least she can tease him.

I heard the door bell ring, I met Paul at the door brought him in Anne met him nipples rock hard sticking out, I knew she was hot for his big thick cock he was hot for her entire body.

They embraced huge pash session hands on tits and cock arses tongues going wild. We all sat down did the signing of the documents got that out of the road. We talked about lots of stuff like boats ,holidays, work. I then asked what do you all want to do about dinner seeing it was now 6.30 pm. As always typical answer "I'm easy I don't care" so I said 'well I'll go to Maccas and get some salad". Just then the downstairs visitor drives out, Anne smiles looks at me, I said wont be long ill get food. I drove to Maccas huge hard on in thin shorts no undies mmmm think the drive through is the go, can't stand in a queue with a huge hard on. Got the food, all the time thinking about what was happening at home. Bet Paul had his mouth locked on a very wet pussy and Anne had a big thick cock in her mouth. As I drove home throbbing cock pulsating at the thought of what those two hot horny randy fuckers were doing. I drove in to the driveway, walked to the front door thinking its quiet in there, I walked in, the first thing I saw was clothing on the floor, Anne tiny G string scrunched up on the floor, Pauls shorts and shirt no undies, I later found out he never wears them when he cums to our home mmmm wonder why?

On the couch, there they were naked, Pauls cock soft with a towel soaking up cum Anne beside him playing with his spent cock . Paul has his arm around Anne his hand on her right tit massaging an erect nipple. I thought fuck that was quick!!

I sat down beside them Anne grabs my rock hard cock starts to stroke me. We hear the downstairs vehicle return, everyone scrambles for clothes resume our seats at the table. 8.30 cums Paul say I better be getting home, next Saturday our place Nola wants your big shaved cock and I look forward to sucking your cock too he said.

Anne pashes Paul tongues and hands going everywhere again, they certainly miss each other, I love it.

Cant wait to see Nola suck Anne's pussy, we do have such a great time the four of us. Love watching Anne and Nola pash so fucking hot and watching them fuck each other with their strapons.

Paul left, think he was hard again as he left.

Anne and I went inside, I said "well tell me what happened"

She said "soon as you walked out the door he put his hands down my shorts" ( I noticed they were unbuttoned before I left )

"He stood up lifted me up carried me to the couch clothes going everywhere, sucked my pussy for a few seconds then fucked me, I didn't even get to suck his cock, he pumped away then he blew the biggest hot load deep into my dripping pussy"

"Now take me to bed I want you to fuck me now"

We got into bed I said "Sit on my face"

I felt Anne's hot wet dripping pussy on my mouth I took it all devoured all of her pussy my tongue buried deep in to that cum filled pussy. I could feel and taste the remainder of Paul's big load as it seeped out into my mouth and on my face mixed with heaps of pussy juice.

I sucked that beautiful adorable freshly fucked pussy to thundering orgasm wow did she blow and squirt, she was so hot so turned on. She didn't cum with Paul it was over to quickly but it was beautiful foreplay for us.

She reached around with her little vibe so hot, on the knob of my throbbing cock ,as I sucked her off to another thundering orgasm again covering my face with her cum and Paul's load I could feel my load on the way ,I didn't make that wet pussy

I blew and blew cum all over my stomach covered the vibe as I continued to suck that pussy yet again to orgasm.

Look out Nola next Saturday you are going to be sucked fucked cuddled caressed and I am going to give you a big load of hot cum in your mouth where you love it.

We curled up in each others arms a long passionate kiss and cuddle. So so nice