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Taking Care Of business.....Payback

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Published 6 years ago
I was talking to one of our loyal readers on here peter- jane ( check their profile super hot) we were discussing how Paul and Anne, hereinafter referred too as "those randy rooters" , behaved when I went out leaving them home together while I went to Maccas for food. They had fucked their brains out whilst I was gone, I returned to find Randy Rooter Ones cock spent "Randy rooter 2" pussy covered by a face washer mopping up a huge load deposited by "Randy rooter one". Peter and I acting in concert with each other came up with a suitable penalty for breaching the Swingers Act of 2014 as amended. So as a result of submissions from Pete the penalty was administered. Anne, not knowing any of the previously mentioned, and I proceeded to the rural setting to see our friends. We drove down the driveway Nola so pleased to see us. "Randy Rooter One" the co accused in these proceedings, also looked pleased to see us. Little did he know heh heh heh Im so bad. We were greeted in the usual way Paul pashing Anne caressing tits groping cock tonguing each other. Nola had swimsuit on 43 degs we pashed tongues disappearing rubbing those beautiful DDs she stroking my cock through my thin shorts getting me very hard. We adjourned up stairs ,Paul and Anne pashing again, Nola and I hugging ,I whispered "we are going to fix these two" Randy Rooters" I told her the plan. We had a light dinner, cleaned up went to the big lounge. I promptly said "right you two sit down ,Paul you over there Anne you other side of the room" Penalty for the offence of "Opportunistic Fucking" in my absence when away from the domicile to obtain food fortnight ago refers. Randy Rooters One and two sat down. Nola and I stood in the middle of the lounge and pashed ,I mean pashed. Tongue kissing, kissing up and down her neck, ears shoulders. I wrapped my arms around her holding her head as passionately kissed long lingering kisses. I gently massaged her big tits through her sarong, eventually exposing a magnificent breast, nipple erect like a bolt, ready for sucking. I went down massaging this adorable tit with my mouth sucking the nipple to its full length , so beautiful. Her hand on the back of my head pulling me in trying to get the entire breast in to my mouth. I freed up the other one and gave those beautiful tits a good work out I lowered her on to the couch looking over Randy Rooter One he has hard wet spot in his shorts Randy Rooter Two hands between her legs. They watched as I knelt down kissing Nola down he neck down to her now exposed DDs I sucked licked those adorable tits Nola moaning nice and loud, I worked my way down to her wet shaved pussy wet patch visible on the couch. I ran my tongue around the out side of that pussy , she is groaning ,moaning squealing her legs now over my shoulders my face buried in a wet dripping pussy ,I slurp I kiss I lick she is cumming oh fuck is she cumming her thighs crush my head as she shudders in orgasm screaming oh fucccccckkkkkk!!! she slowly slumps back on the couch eyes glazed sheer ecstasy. I look over Randy Rooter One is throbbing Randy Rooter two, nipples are huge. I stand up walk over to Randy Rooter One with a crow bar for a cock I said "Randy rooter one suck this . He pounced on it sucking it I turned to Randy Rooter two, look after Nola, she went to the couch naked by now holding Nola hugging and kissing her playing with her beautiful tits. Paul still sucking my cock. We all get on the mattress on the floor Paul fucks Anne, funny ,he got his big cock in to Annes dripping pussy 3 shoves oh fuck no I'm cumming. See that's what happens when you are naughty. I got Anne as Paul pulled out of her pussy, we 69 ed straight away , all that pussy liquid and Pauls hot cum oh so hot flowing over my face in to my mouth. I sucked Anne to a beautiful orgasm as Paul watched. I then move over to Nola my shaved cock still wet from Anne sucking it. Paul had his arms around Nola, her legs wide open I slipped my hard cock deep in to that waiting pussy I fucked her long and slow pashing Anne as I did it, it was hot. I turned Nola over to fuck her doggy this allowing her to suck what ever cum was left from Annes pussy after Paul fucked her. I fucked for an eternity as "The Randy Rooters" watched. Nola after a while needed to rest so I didn't cum. Anne said "you know where that's going " I smiled yes indeed . We had a drink . Sadly I lament it was time to adjourn for the next sitting ,a date to be fixed. Nola flew out Monday I fly out Thursday, leaving RRi and RR2 unsupervised........ I see more penalties being incurred. When they learn Special big thank you to pete-jane for you in put (pun intentional) for your suggestions made a wonderful night in to a fantastic night'

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