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Texting may lead to something.

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Published 4 years ago
The pretense to this is texting between two very old friends that have not seen each other for 25 years. Shane "S" is a guy that has fantasizes about what may happen. This is real texting. S was chatting about words that gets Thalia "T" horny and had made up a movie script to keep the chat going. T is a primary school teacher that is in class as this is happening. T and S are not their real names. T. This is crazy .... I'm teaching with my mind on becoming a porn star !!! S. Just don't let your kids see your phone. S. Moist T. Now S. Lol T. Teaching the 'ck' sound .... Kids came up with truck .... God help me if they say .... F***ck .... I'll explode between you and them and the smut talk S. That's so funny. Cause I have my **ck in my hand and thinking what I'd like to do with it. I'll let you go and teach, txt me when you can chat again. ?? T. Lmao ..... Didn't even think of that word ....this could be an explosive day if I slip up ... I did throw the 'suck ' word in there but in relation to lollipops .... I was asked if I like lollipops .... Nearly told them I like suCKing coCk lollipops !!! T. I'd be fired on the spot !!! S. Good to know. Good to know. S. Ok, Publix sex T. Voyeur S. Adult toys. And what one you like use that you haven't before? T. Dick enlarger S. Another ck word. You have a dick that need enlarging? T. Can I start using more than 1 word yet S. Yes. You can now. T. Yes so many sexual words that have ck in them .... How interesting it was today I taught so many of them ! You asked for a toy I've never used before .... That's one of them ! Does yours need enlarging ?! S. Arrggh. Got me on a technicality Um I don't know, I don't think I do but hey I've heard bigger is better so I guess it could be bigger. ? T. Loooooove the emoji! I can assume then that the director will not be doing the acting then in this porn .... Given the unknown status of said apparatus !!! S. As I said. The director has pictures but you don't want to see them. Lol And how big is said actress used too? T. Surprises are the best ....but actress has not had 'big' in a long time ..... They could all do with an enlarger .... But I don't complain .... Any dick is a good dick if it gets aroused !!! S. I'll make sure the director has a wine bottle on set. Anyway. Back to words. Actually. What are you afraid of that you think I'll ask? T. What time/date/place ❓ S. Haha. I know that already. T. You do? S. Yes. I know when that question will be asked. And I won't be asking it. T. Wow .... Yr psychic too ? S. Yep T. Place? One word remember S. Byron T. Date? S. Next Tuesday T. Time? S. 1 pm T. Travel? S. My Mercedes See. I did not ask. T. Why? S. Why what? T. Why me? S. You. Who said it would be you? T. Yes touché S. Very forward of you. Lol T. Can I watch you make this movie then I'm certain the director won't mind me watching as I play with his balls If it enlarges in size as his balls are stroked he may even get lucky and have my lips kiss them S. OMG. I'm getting aroused now. Lol. Damn you T. Yes .... Damm me ..... Me and my sweet lips and wet mouth .... That is very fond of sweet tasting lollipops Like sucking lollipops horizontally too .... That is kneeled down in front of you as you watch it slide in and out my kissing hole. S. You getting as nasty as I feel. T. This pussy is not coping here .... A little too wet for a school day S. And at 3 pm too. Lol So now you know, I'm highly sexed and no one wants it. T. You started this today .... S. Yep. Sorry. I'll go T. Go where ? S. I'll stop texting. T. Stoppppp ..... You haven't cum yet ? S. But I do like where you where going with it. ? And no I haven't. But you do know I'm thing of it. T. Ohhh I thought that pic meant touchdown !!! S. And no, I'm not going. T. You need more thoughts of me on the end of yr hard manhood .... My lips rolling over your head and sliding all the way into my mouth. You lift me from my knees and slip my shirt off S. Man you're good at this. Are you reading this from somewhere? T. Undo my bra and stand back and see my breasts .... There to be cupped in your hands and massarge while I play with yr horny cock in my hand All my own thoughts and fantasies S. So now you want to cowrite this? It's almost like you know what I want to hear! We are one with our thoughts. T. You press me up against the wall ..... Teasing me my hands above me head as I long for yr lips to begin kissing my nipples S. Don't know if I can last now until next Tuesday. And when you say wall, I'm hoping you mean a tree. T. Doesn't matter .... So long as you make me want your lips and mouth around my nipples .... And your finger sliding in and around my Pussy .... It's all about the tease ..... The kiss and the intense looks S. The tease is always good. I love using my mouth on all zones of the female body. Sensual and soft, then hard and forceful. T. Your very naughty S ....?how did you get this out of me !!!??? You are freakin married .... I don't know that I can be the 'other' woman in this movie ??? T. Now I definately like yr thinking there ! S. is there anything wrong with knowing what I want? And just go for it? My mouth heads down to your honey pot and I start to kiss your inner thigh, as I rub your clit with my moist fingers I move my tongue to your clit hood and move it around in my mouth, as I slid a finger in to your pussy and fine the spot you love to be touched in. I insert two fingers and you gasp. I suck a little on your clit, I love the taste of you, I take my fingers from your pussy and make you lick them, tasting your own juices. As I'm licking you, I feel you're about to climax, I stop what one doing. You beg for me to not stop but I have to make you want more and more. I then lay you down on our towels, with your head down, I rub oil all over your body, working you to another frenzy, working down your legs and back up to your butt. I chance a slight finger over the rim of your butthole, I wait for your reaction. All I get is a sigh, I make my massage more intense rubbing you're shoulders all the way to your feet. You move your legs a little further apart so I can see you now soaking and dripping pussy. I caress it softly and whisper not yet, I then lay beside you and we just lay there saying nothing. Knowing what I want to do, I'm thinking what does she need from me now. T. Omg ..... Had to take a phone call .... Let me read yr script for a minute !!! Fuckkkkkkk !!!! I'm in a heavenly spot right now .... That is fucking exciting ..... You just got inside my head .... My face is flushed right now .... I am very very wet and on the edge ... V I can't stop reading it ..... S. I look at you and you look relaxed, I say I'm going for s swim. And start to walk away to the waters edge. T. Definately one with our thoughts ....I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ everything you want to do .... Finding my spot .... Aarrrghhh And Farkkkkk..... This is like a novel I can't put down S. I then realise I have the biggest boner. And quickly dive into the waves. T. I have to go to my sons parent teacher interview .... This is torture now .... You make it sound so fucking hot ! S. As I feel it subside i look back and notice you look towards me. T. I want your boner in my deep warm Pussy and your lips on my Lips .... S. Part 2 to follow then. T. Okayyyyy .... I hate you Hate you Hate you But want to fuck you fuck you fuck you You are Gd .... You know just how to get a lady aroused .... I love the sound of your fingers in my pussy and then making me taste them .... Your caresses .... Yr whisper ..... Your fingers near my butt .... Your tongue on my delicate clit Got to go ..... Big dammmmmm S. Catch ya later. Txt me when your in bed tonight and we can continue.

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