Written by birmygirl

25 May 2013

I have had an amazing success from this site and it is worth telling everyone. I started chatting with this wonderful man but sadly he was 1000kms away. After about a month of talking on line and on the phone he mentioned that he would be coming to my part of the country so we decided to meet. After the usual nervousness of a first meet we soon got down to the fun part. The sex was amazing. We started kissing and touching which progressed very quickly to oral. The way he moved from my mouth to my pussy was delicious, his tongue gliding over and around my clit sent shivers through me. His tongue was magical, up and down, side to side and in and out. I had never experienced anything so good, I was begging him not to stop. While his tongue was driving me to a place where I had never been his fingers were working their magic,one finger then two and then three sliding into my wet pussy until I exploded in his mouth, he slowly came up and kissed me. Then it was my turn to give him oral. I slowly began kissing his stomach until I reached his cock. My first uncut cock, well I was a little worried that I would not give oral correctly but I was wrong, I loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth, slowly I began to lick and suck his amazing cock it grew and became so hard, licking the length of his shaft nibbling on the head and sucking and deep throating him was devine. Rolling his balls in my mouth and sucking gently. He wanted to cum I could feel it building but I slowed down my sucking and pulling I didn't want him to cum just yet. I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth, my teeth running up and down his shaft, my tongue teasing him. I could feel his cock was ready to explode so I looked up at him gave a little smile - well as best as I could with a cock in my mouth - and sucked his beautiful cock until he came in my mouth. I returned the favour by kissing him with his cum over my mouth. We continued to make love for several hours and have seen each other many times and hope to continue.... thats another story or stories