29 Dec 2015

12 months ago, my mother inlaw asked me to feed her animals whilst she was away in Bali with her BF for 8 days. She left me a spare key to let myself in the house.

This one particular day I went over to feed the animals, I noticed that she had washing still on the clothes line. So I thought I'd grab the clothes off the line, fold them and put them away for her.

Now, my mother inlaw is 58 years old, medium build but has a fair bit of sex appeal. She is dirty minded which is why we get along so well. We talk dirty and tell the odd filthy joke now and then.

She also has a casual fuck buddy whom she visits now and then or he comes to her house.

Anyways, after I folded her washing, I put the towels away in the laundry and her clothes on the end of her bed. I needed a leak so I proceeded to use her toilet in the en suite. As I stood there in front of the toilet, I saw a big laundry basket with dirty washing in it.

I dunno why I did it, but I started to rummage through the basket. It was then that I found a pair of black laced panties. I pulled them out and exposed the crotch. I could see the crust of "clitty litter" in them. I held them to my nose to enhale the scent. Now, I could lie to you and say they smelt nice but they didn't. I immediately put them back in the basket where I found them and walked back near the bed. I opened drawers on the bedside to find a drawer full of sex toys, sexy underwear, a set of handcuffs, lube and a lot of condoms. There was also a small camera in the drawer.

Curiosity got the better of me so I decided to look at what was on the camera. After scrolling through heaps of photo's and video's of a birthday party and BBQ gathering I struck gold.

I came across a few photo's of her wearing sexy lingerie in some comprising positions. My cock immediately got rock hard. I had to pull it out and stroke it. The more pics I scrolled through the hornier I got. Then came the pics of her with a dildo in her floppy sausage wallet. Her pussy looked like a gutted rabbit as it was meaty and hollow in one of the spread shots. Then came the pics of her sucking her BF's cock. He's a skinny bloke but man did he have a dong on him. It looked heavy and was quite thick too as she sucked on it. Then came the video's. I immediately reached into her drawer to retrieve a purple vibrator. As I layed on her bed and wanked as I watched one of the video's, i sniffed the vibrator. It smelt rather funky but as horny as I was, I didn't care. Then I watched the video of her sucking this huge cock. She sure knew how to suck cock. She even managed to deep throat him all the way to his balls. As sick as this may sound, I was so horny that I ended up sucking on her vibrator to mirror what she was doing in the video. I tried to savor the taste that was left on it as i sucked on it and licked it.

I jerked off furiously until I was ready to shoot my baby batter. My body tensed up, my legs straightened and I pointed my toes as cum spewed out of my japs eye squirting in short hot bursts. I ended up licking the excess cum from my thumb and index finger due to my horniness.

I lay there satisfied but continued to flick through the pics and watch the video's.

Then my stomach churned on the final video I watched which was the video of my mother inlaw rigorously plunging a purple vibrator in and out of her BF's hairy arsehole. I immediately felt sick and threw up in her toilet.

Guess kharma works in mysterious ways huh?