Written by Anonymous

15 Jan 2019

Well, it all began some months ago now when Brad answered an ad we placed on Swingers Heaven, searching for a bi curious male to join the two of us. We are all fun loving adults and it was to this end that we invited Brad to join us one night. Brad and I had worked in the same industry, so found we had quite a lot in common. We met, we talked, then we adjourned to the bedroom, where in record time, we had despatched our clothes to the floor, or more correctly Brad and I had. Kate was wearing black lingerie and it wasn't long before Brad and I were removing her clothing, feasting on her beautiful body. Kate and I kissed, Brad was standing behind Kate and I couldn't help but notice she was caressing his cock behind her back. Brad's cock started to get hard as she worked her magic on his member. Watching Brad grow hard was a turn on for me as well, and I felt the blood flowing to my engorged member. I continued kissing my girl on the lips as Brad was nuzzling her neck with his lips. I reached down and began rubbing Kate's outer pussy lips, and gently, ever so gently, inserted first one, then a second finger into her now moist pouch. I began pushing my digits into her, then I felt Brad insert two fingers into her as well. With my free hand, I started stroking Brad's cock, feeling his pre cum gathered around the head of his glorious cock. I could feel by the thrust of his hips that he was enjoying my play with his beautiful penis. We moved to our king size bed where we decided we would be more comfortable. We laid ourselves in a triangle which placed Kate in a position where she could take my now rock hard cock in her mouth. Brad was behind Kate, inserting his tongue in her now extremely wet vagina and I was taking Brad in my mouth, knowing full well this was a position we would all enjoy. Bi curiosity is wonderful, as a man knows what a man likes. The same way a woman knows what a woman wants. If you haven't tried it, I suggest you do. We licked and sucked, changing around a couple of times so we could all savour the different taste of each other. As I have no need to wear a condom with my girl, I entered her pleasure spot, slowly in and out I pushed my cock into her beautiful pussy. She rose with me to ensure my cock was pushed far into her, as far as was possible. I increased the tempo of my thrusts as Kate arched her back and began to now breathe harder, a sign I knew indicated she was close to orgasm. I felt a wave of emotion flood over me as I felt her cum all over me, expelling her lovely lady juice. Another couple of thrusts and my own orgasm took place, filling her love tunnel. She smiled, I smiled back as I found her lips and kissed her passionately. Brad was lying there, also smiling as he knew he was next to put another smile on Kate's face. Brad moved to a position where he could now kiss Kate and I could tell straight away these two were going to enjoy their sexual encounter. He inserted his fingers into Kate and gently probed her very very wet area, partly her love juice and partly mine. Soon, the two of them could wait no more, and Brad fitted the obligatory condom and entered Kate in the missionary position. Watching my girl being fucked by another man, a very respectful man, was a turn on for me, and I could tell by the reaction of both of them, it was a turn on for them too. When I could take no more, as I was now in a state of sexual excitement, I slipped two fingers into Kate, rubbing Brad's cock, satisfying the both of them. The extra rubbing of my fingers and Brad's cock made Kate really enjoy the two of us and in no time, her breathing increased again and she flooded Brad's cock and my fingers. With a groan of intense pleasure, Brad pushed harder and emptied his load into his condom. We have made a firm friend of Brad and we now meet on a regular basis.