Written by Nic

29 Dec 2018

Well my husband had been away for some time now and I wanted something special to welcome him home with. I had several sexy little dresses b ut I wanted an especially sexy piece of lingerie that would really excite him and something that would sort of thank him for helping to change me and letting me be that naughty wife.

After checking out several shop with no luck I decided to try and see if any of the sex shops around had what I was looking for. It was late Saturday morning when I headed out to the shop on Charters Towers Road. As usual I was wearing something sexy, revealing and probably to short but I didn't care because I like turning heads.

There was Sweethearts so I parked right out front and in I went. Wow there were dildo's, sex mags and yes sexy lingerie everywhere and much to my surprise four men looking around the store. Dirty old men, I love dirty old men, lol, There were little booths where a person can go and watch porno movies in private. I couldn't believe how excited I got looking around the store with all the sex aids and products and especially knowing that the guys already in the store weren't hiding the fact that they were checking me out. I was even cheeky enough to sneak a peep through the curtain and I could see about ten booths. Through another door was the changing room .

As I started looking through the miles of sexy lingerie and holding different outfits up against me to see how they looked I noticed that all eyes in the shop were on me and I love getting that kind of attention and what made it worse was that I just couldn't help smiling. One guy standing just there in front of me was smiling watching so I just accidently on purpose drop a G-string and turned and bent down to pick it up and knowing how short my dress was I must have flash him some bum and panties. Another guy standing over there surely would have got a good look at my boobs as my dress was quite loss fitting as I bent over. We I straightened again I knew that both had enjoyed my little flash and were both smiling that lustful look I have seen many times.

A guy walked out from behind the curtain where the booths are and was readjusting his trousers and zipper and when he looked and saw me smiling he stood beside the other guy and I clearly heard him say, 'wow how long has she been here', 'about ten minutes', was the reply.

I picked out another sexy item and held it up against me, 'so what do you think, will he like it', I cheekily asked them. The two standing together looked at each other and then to me again, 'oh sweetie he'll love it', one said but the other surprised me by saying, 'why don't you try it on so we can see', I blushed I'm sure and just giggled, 'no that would be terribly naughty of me', and then I just dropped the item on the floor and slowly bent down facing them smiling. I knew they could see my boobs by their eyes and I was also hoping the guy who was still standing behind me was enjoying my bum.

I returned to item to the rack and took off another, 'maybe this one', I asked now feeling my pussy juices really staring to flow and it was then I realised that the guy standing behind me had moved closer, much closer. I was surprised to felt his breathe on my neck when he whispered, 'your enjoying this aren't you', I half turned and replied, 'yes I am and I hope you are too'. He smiled, 'your a prick teaser aint you', 'I might be', I replied, 'you know what I do to prick teasers', he added, 'no so you had better tell me', I replied as I reached out and cupped his crutch in my hand feeling for his cock, squeezing his cock feeling it growing harder.

He looked surprised but didn't flinch, 'I fuck prick teasers that's what I do', he said, 'then fuck me', I told him now pulling at his zipper as he lifted the front of my dress and found my pussy with his fingers and started rubbing. 'I might just do that but what about the others,' he said looking over my shoulders towards the other guys. I looked around to them as I skilfully opened his trousers and reached in for his now rock hard cock, 'they can fuck me too if they want', I said and I lowered myself down and knelt in front of him stroking his yummy hard cock and then I wrapped my lips around it and started pleasing him with my mouth.

Three other guys came and stood around in a half circle watching me suck his cock. They started getting their cocks out and were stroking them as they watched. One then knelt down beside me and from behind started exploring between my legs, his fingers found my bum hole then my pussy. He pushed two fingers inside me, 'damn are you wet', he said as he went about finger fucking me. I went from right to left pleasing them with my mouth, sucking their cocks, their yummy full balls, kissing their heads and licking up all their juices.

The guy from behind the counter finally noticed what was happening, 'jesus you guys if your going to fuck her too take her into one of the viewing room in case someone comes in', he told them, yer yer mate ok', one said and with that a hand grabbed my hand and pulled me and started leading me towards the curtain and then through. Once behind the curtain all four of them moved on me at once and lifted my dress up over my shoulders and threw it on the floor and there were hands touching me everywhere but now they were rougher. 'Leave the panties on', one said then another said, 'get her over there', and I was pushed forward over a little table, 'fuck what a great arse', 'lets fuck that pussy', and wow a cock was pushed into my pussy. 'Oh fuck yes and it's a tight one too', he call as he instantly started thrusting deep inside me. Some put his cock in my hand as another positioned himself near my face, open that pretty mouth', he said and in went his cock and he started fucking my mouth.

One of them takes my left hand, 'that's a very nice wedding ring your wearing', he said having a close look as they enjoyed me from both ends, 'sexy wife sluts goes out to buy lingerie for hubby and gets fucked in a porn shop', one said, 'and filled up with cum', the guy having my pussy said as I feel him swell inside.

'Yes I want all of you cum', I tell them taking a quick breathe and then he tenses up and quite suddenly explodes inside me filling pussy with a wonderful load of stranger cum. 'Fuck yes', he calls as he drains his cock and then pulls out. The guy taking my mouth gets even more turned on having watched me take cum in my pussy and starts fucking my mouth harder, 'jesus she's done that before', another said as I feel a new cock enter my pussy and start thrusting.

I cup and begin massaging the guys balls as he enjoys my mouth, 'oh yes baby keep that up', he said which I do until I feel his head swell and I ready myself for what's about to happen when suddenly he pushes his cock almost into my throat and holds it there, 'fuck I'm cuming', he shouts and oh goodness what a load he sends shooting straight down my throat. I almost gag but manage to control myself swallowing all his cum until he finishes and finally he eases his cock from my mouth, 'that was the best', he said as I attempt to catch my breath and he steps back.

Luckily as eager as the next guy was to have my mouth he obviously saw that I was trying to get my breathing back to normal, 'are you ok honey', he asked, 'getting there thanks', I replied. The guy having my pussy also slowed right down until I was breathing normal again, 'ok', I said and once again I was getting my pussy served whilst I sucked stranger cock. I felt a finger at my bum, teasing gently exploring and then it pushed inside. I moaned my approval as he fucked my bum with his finger while my pussy and mouth entertained hard cock. I was a very happy girl...

Suddenly I heard a dragging sound and out of the corner of my eye I saw one dragging a big old leather armchair, 'here put her on this', he said. Yes please that would be much more comfy I thought as being bent over a wooden table wasn't very comfy at all. The guy in my pussy eased himself out, 'fuck that's a nice cunt you have', he said and gave my pussy a quick rub as I released the cock from my mouth. 'Here gorgeous up you get', he said and helped me stand up. As I stood up I felt a flood of stranger cum start oozing from my pussy and I let out a big stretch and smiled, 'having fun are we', I asked, 'fuck are we', said one. Another just looked at me and said, 'damn you have very sexy body', 'thank you', I replied. I looked over the chair feeling the leather, 'looks comfy', I said, 'then best you sit yourself down and let us get back to busy', one said so very slutty like I walked around the chair once more and sat down and opened my legs, 'so where were we', I asked and run my fingers between me cum and juices soaked pussy lips.

'Christ what a sexy slut you are', said the guy as he positioned himself between my legs, 'and you like fucking this slut though don't you', I asked, 'you bet I do', he replied as he drove his hard mature cock back into my pussy. 'Mmmm yes are you going to give me your cum too', I asked, 'fucking A I am baby', and away he went thrusting his cock into my very wanting pussy. The chair was just so much better. Sitting back ever so comfy letting this stranger have his way with me was just great but then I remembered there was still another cock I hadn't finished with yet so I looked to my side and there he was standing just too my left with his cock still very hard. I looked up at him and smiled, 'bring that here big boy', I told him. I leaned to my left just a little and started kissing his head, 'mmmm wow that feels good', he said putting his hand on my head. "I want your cum inside me too', I said, 'fuck yes', he said and I really started sucking him. The guy between my legs had been going to town on my pussy and boy was I enjoying it so when I felt his cock start to swell I knew he was getting close and I wanted to give him a special treat. I stopped sucking the guy, 'I'll be back in a minute', I told him and then I looked to the guy between my legs and motioned him closer to me. He leaned in close enough that I could whisper, 'kiss me while your cuming', and our lips and tongues locked and much to my delight he grew even harder and just started shooting hot semen deep inside me. We kissed until he had totally unloaded and then he almost collapsed onto me, 'fuck me that was amazing thank you', he said catching his breath. 'No thank you', replied feeling very satisfied but I knew there was one more. Once the guy had gathered enough energy to get up off me and stand up I sat forward in the chair and once again motioned the last guy over too me.

I looked up at him smiling, 'you I want in my tummy ok', I told him and I took him in my mouth again and started sucking. I put my hand at the base of his cock and started massaging his balls and in a matter of three minutes I was swallowing his load.........

I licked my lips and stood up and fixed my hair and repositioned my G-string and was handed my dress. The four of them all just stood there looking at me watching me dress, 'thanks so much', I told them kissing them all on their cheeks.

I walked back to my car with cum running down my legs and the taste still strong in my mouth feeling like such a slut but also feeling so alive........