Written by fitzyrulz

13 Jan 2014

You are laying relaxing in a perfect deep bath that is set to the perfect temperature.

There are candles lit all around the room and the scent of roses is in the steam.

As you are almost drifting off into a half doze you feel a hand running down the length of your chest stopping just below your belly button. You go to speak and your lips are stopped by a rock hard nipple

You want to open your eyes but don't want to leave your dream like state.

I gently kiss your forehead and you relax slightly knowing it's me.

Your relaxation is very quickly replaced with exciting anticipation....

My mouth replaces my nipple and I kiss you softly. You react by kissing me back hungrily.

My hand runs gently from the base of your neck down to your rapidly growing cock

I encircle it with my hand and give it a gentle squeeze.

My other hand plays gently with your balls.

I run my fingers down and gently tickle your arsehole.

You moan at the sensation and I keep that hand there.

I kiss you down the length of your body and take a deep breath before plunging my head under the water and taking the head of your beautiful hard cock in my mouth.

I take the whole thing in my mouth. Suckling eagerly before coming up for air.

I barely have a chance to catch my breath before you grab my face and kiss me hard enough to bruise my lips

I sit in your lap and wrap my legs around your waist.

You kiss my neck and suckle on my sensitive spot just above my collar bone.

You feel my excitement as I tighten my legs around you.

You kiss down to my breasts and take my sensitive nipple into your mouth

flicking it with your tongue.

I moan with pleasure and ask you to keep going.

At the same time, I'm slowly grinding my pussy on your cock stimulating my clitorus.

The combination of having my nipples sucked and my clit being rubbed I'm on the verge of a very powerful orgasam. I start moving faster and faster until I cry out as I orgasam.

You pick me up and carry me to the bed. You get up both big fluffy towels and we dry each other off.

To be continued....