Written by MrsP

16 Mar 2012

Recently, my husband revealed to me that he would be turned on by me sleeping with other men.

That I come home wet...my pussy stinking of cum that is dripping down the side of my legs from a slut's night out.

This of course pleased me very much. And would be fantastic if only I wasn't such a shy natured person who hated going to clubs and bars looking for sex all on my own.

If only I had a friend...a like minded female to frequent night clubs with.

I was that desperate to please his fantasy, i started looking for ppl to have sex with on the internet.

It paid off too :) I went and had sex with strangers...just for the thrill of it.

My husband was the happiest man on earth...he would have been much happier if the guys had got to cum in my pussy instead of my mouth....most guys weren't making it past the oral stage :) (I love to suck before i fuck)....

Anyway...one friday night, not much was working out over the internet to meet with somebody and it looked as if as though, it would be another boring night, so I decided to go to the Adult store and get some batteries for my 'little toy' and put on a show for hubby.

But alas... the adult store did not have the right size batteries in stock. So, then it was the drive home without batteries and no slutty date.......until...

I was so so mad that nothing sexually exciting was going to happen that night, that i thought desperately of what i could do to make it more fun...I then had the brilliant idea of stopping off at a local bar (that I had never been to), and using the toilet to scope out the 'floor plan' of it, so i might feel confident of going there one night on my own to hunt a ravenous lover.

I drove into the car park.....looking to park....I see three masculine young men, walking away from the pub through the car park. I park quickly.

Got out of my car...my heart is pounding so very fast.....the guys are looking at me lock the car up....i look at them, i put my head down......

"just say something.....just say something...." i can hear my conscience.....it's yelling at me......"SAY SOMETHING"....

as i'm starting to walk towards the bar i think....ahh fuck it.......

I turn around and say...."Excuse me.... I was wondering if you could help me out with something?"

All three stopped walking and looked at me.....'Yeah?"

"My husband dared me to sleep with a complete stranger by the end of the day....can you help me out with that?"

OH MY GOD.......what did i just say?

The three guys were speechless. They looked at each other...they looked around the car park. One of them said "Is this some sort of hidden camera tv show?"

After I had convinced them it wasn't a prank or a set up joke, one of them agreed to help me out. He jumped in my car and we started heading for a 'nearby quiet location' when his phone rang.

The other two wanted to come too!

So they also jumped in and i drove them to a nearby park.

After finding a dark corner, it started. I started kissing one of the guys as i pulled my skirt down. His cock was hard. He got his fly undone and my mouth found my way to his cock...we were standing and i was bending over sucking some strangers cock in a park in front of his mates.

Someone came up behind me....he'd already pulled his jeans down, i felt him trying to push his dick inside me... i grabbed his cock and guided it in. i had become a standing spit roast with another guy stroking his cock.....getting ready for his turn.

I was soo wet, and only concentrated of trying to get cum all over me.

Before i knew it, I was laying on top of one, fucking him, sucking another and wanking the other one. TOTAL BLISS. I was hooked.

The guy i was sucking blew... i loved every second of it...he said thank you and then I started sucking the guy i had been wanking....he blew too.

The guy on the ground told me to get on all fours.........OH!!!! most loved position. I let him fuck me and he drove me hard. My knees were hurting from the bark and the dirt on the ground but i did not care one little bit.

Soon after........ i stopped him and turned around...i grabbed his cock and started to suck...pressing my lips around his cock, flipping my tongue over and around the head........he then blew his load.

We got back to the car and I drove them back to where i had picked them up.

I went home to a sleeping husband...

I poked and prodded him.

"Darl....I just fucked 3 guys in a park"


If i didn't have dirt and blood on my knees from being fucked doggy style in the park...he would have never believed his shy little wife had done something so slutty and so dirty.

My husband and I had the greatest sex that night.......one to remember the rest of my life :)

Please ppl....be honest with your partners about what you like/want in the bedroom. A healthy sex life helps a healthy marriage. (from my own personal situation anyway)....

hope you enjoyed the retelling of my most exciting adventure ever!! Always keen for the next one...


Mrs Pxx