Written by touchmyself

31 Jul 2013

it was a nice sunny Saturday , it was close to midday and my man was at work , so I was bored , called my man and told him how horny I was but bored cause he was not here to do me , he said he will fuck my brains out when he got home , but also said " why don't you put some slutty clothes on and go tease a few cocks " he had to go as a customer was asking for help lol - I sat there and thought fuck why not - so I went to the room got a tinny mini skirt , a-see-through top , sort of cum fuck me boots that compliment my long slim legs and off I went to the park by the beach it also has a botanical walk with seats in certain places , but would you know it I forgot to put my lacy pantys on lol sure I did hahahaha , parked the car and got out , walked around shaking my stuff and it amazes me how many married guys sitting having a bbq with the family just stare and want to get your attention lol there was this big guy with the family and he kept staring so as I walked by a water fountain I slightly bent down to have a drink and give him a great of my ass and pussy lips as I got up I could see him rubbing his cock under the table mmmmm that got me horny and ever so fucking wet , I sat across the bbq area on a fence and he was looking right at my pussy so I decided to slowly open my legs and give him a good look and I laught as his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets lol , I ran a finger on my clit and could see him squeezing his hard cock , that got me so fucking wet , I winked at him and started to walk the path of the botanical walk and winked at him to come along , he got up and started to walk but his wife yelled at him and said take the kids for a walk ! silly cow - I was out of site and said pretend you never heard her and come fuck me big boy he got closer to me and I grabbed his hard cock but she yelled again and said I be-be-better go back .

Fuck im so horny , went back to get a drink from the shop and walked slow on the path , there was 3 young guys walking behind me and I could hear them talking about my hot ass , so I took this bushy path and found a bench seat , sat there and had a drink , lit a smoke and I could hear the guys talking "where did she go" fuck she was hot " so I let out a sneeze and I could see them looking in my direction now , they sat about 20 meters away and one of them kept looking at me , the other two was like oh yeah seen it all before lol , they was talking about going to the beach to check the waves - I though im super horny so better do something , I put one hand on my tit "nipple was hard as a rock" and rubbed it , then slowly spread my legs and laid my other hand on my pussy and stated to rub it mmmmm , the young guy washard and would not stop starring at me playing with my self , I was so wet , the other two got up and said "coming pete? " without looking at them he said ill catch up to you soon ! they had a giggle and said virgins 'who needs them' - mmmmmmmm a virgin never had one - I put my finger inside my pussy opened wide and began to finger fuck myself - but I wanted to cum all over his virgin cock , so I looked at him and said why not get closer ? he said me ? I said yes come sit next to me - he got up , cock hard as a rock and he was shaking , now im 44 and he must have been 19 I guess , I said are you really a virgin ? he said yes iam , I grabbed his hard cock and said you wont be for long , I got closer and pashed him off , undid his shorts and took his cock out "and fuck it was huge" and so solid , I put his hand between my legs and I think he went into shock lol as he just sat there "a virgin alright lol " I started to jerk his big cock and and telling him that im going to suck him and fuck him , he was moaning more that a bitch getting gang banged lol I kissed him and squeezed his hard cock and went down on it , no more that 5 sucks and he blew his load "the poor thing " he had a BIG load - made me gag as I was deep down his shaft but I loved it , he was going flat "no fucking way" so I kept sucking him off and tasting his last drops of hot cum yummmmmm , he said is that it ? im not a virgin anymore ? , I looked up and said NO im going to get you nice and hard for me again and then ill ride your huge hard cock then you wont be a virgin , I sucked on it for what seemed 10 minutes before he was getting hard in my mouth mmm , I sat up kissed him hard and drove my tongue into his mouth , looked at him and stick a finger in my pussy and layed his hand on my fucking wet pussy , he stuck a finger in me but that was it lol so I got his hand and pushed it in and then out a few times , he got the drift and got fucking me with his finger and then I said 2 put two in - he did and he was going for it as my legs were spread to the max , he was in another world lmao , I heard some foot steps close by but was to horny for cock to care , I got up - pulled my mini right up

'his eyes were stuck like glue on my pussy " I was so wet , got on top of him - slit that hard cock inside my wet pussy and got fucking him , was riding his hard shaft like I never had one before , not long and I started to cum over his hard cock , but wanted more a lot more so I kept fucking him , took my tits out and said suck my tits , he did and did it really good mmm I was moaning and riding his cock so hard , turned and seen an old couple looking in disgust but I kept riding cock and telling him every time i cum on his cock , I could hear the old bag saying it was dirty and disgusting , should be a law against this sort of thing lol "news for you luv- there is lol " BUT the old FART HAD A WOODY LOL , neadless to say I never gave a fuck and just fucked his brains out , I cum at least 6 to 7 times over his cock , he only managed two blows but well worth it lol , I got up fixed myself and said there you are little man you are now officially not a virgin , you cock has seen the light , he was just sitting there with his cock laying towards the side , I bent over to get my handbag and had to feel his cock again mmmmmmm looked at him and said thank you for the fuck , better wipe your cock as its full of my cum - all he could manage to say was a grunt lol , so I got on my way and his mates were coming back "to get him I guess" they was looking at me and as they started to pass by me I said "your boy aint no virgin anymore .

When I told my man ! he just got me on the lounge and spread me wide and gave me such a hard fuck with his 9 inch cock and blew all over me time and time again mmm , I feel like such a slut , but would do it all over again ......