Written by Jackgilly

4 Jan 2018

So here i was going for my first interview straight out of school. Walked into the mechanical shop walked into the office to find the most beautiful lady i had ever seen she was the service manager ( fake tits, banging body, long brown hair and a ass to die for ) so had my interview with had a chubb happening. 2 weeks later i get a phone call to say i have the job. So a couple of years went by i was a third year apprentice at this stage. Where i get an add on snapchat surprise surprise its my beautiful boss. Couple of normal snap chats went by. Then 1 night i got drunk and thought fuck it ill send her a picture of me in my underwear. With no reply or anything. Well i thought isn't monday going to be awkward. Monday comes and she doesn't even say good morning to me or nothing all day. Later that week i get told to go to the office after work for a meeting. Me shitting myself was like alright heres where i get fired for sending the picture. So i go to the office that afternoon. Just me and her in the office everyone else had gone home. So she bring up the fact i sent her a half nude photo. To which i said im sorry i was really drunk and i sent it to alot of women. She said no no don't be sorry i loved it as she started rubbing my leg with her leg under the desk. Than she came and sat next to me and said i think its only fair if you see me half naked now. Then says you can undress me now. So i did and fuck me she had the cutest little lace g-string on and lace bra. At this point my cock was so hard she could see it through my pants. So she grabs it and says i want it in my mouth and rips my pants off. Iv never had a head job like it after about 10 minutes or so i said fuck it and picker her up and threw her on the desk going to town on her pussy with my mouth for about half an hour untill she squirted all over me and all over the desk. With her legs shaking she bends over the desk and says fuck me in the ass and make me cum again to which i did about 5 minutes of her screaming and moaning untill i was about to blow my load she got on her knees and took my full load down her neck sucking every last bit of it out. To this day i still go for a visit to the office after work. She now has a husband but still likes to have fun on the side. Best boss ever ??