Written by Shagprettywell

22 Jul 2011

Having read the story’ Meeting an Older Couple' It brought back some memories.

I was in my late 20’s working for a Melbourne-based engineering company. Paul, my boss at the time, was in his fifties. One Friday evening Paul and I attended a dinner function, followed by few drinks at a near-by bar where we had informal chats about anyything but work. Paul points at the barman and comments that his wife would melt in this guy’s arms as she has this soft spot for Latino/South American/Mediterranean young men. I smiled and commented that she must have a good taste in men! Paul then tells that many moons ago, his wife have had this ‘thing’ for a Portuguese neighbour who used to live next door to them. Paul added: I had no problem with that at all, I am broadminded and wanted her to be happy. You know what they say: happy wife – happy life. To my surprise, Paul went on to say: ‘We missed that bastard when he moved interstate, he was the only guy that had actually made it to our bedroom’. I smiled again – said nothing thinking to myself ‘I must be too careful herein, he is my boss’.

A week later, Paul asked me to drop off some documents by his house on his day off. I stopped by his joint by 6pm, dropped the documents off and met his wife, Christine, for the first time. She is short in height, curvy but not fat. Christine and Paul were busy decorating their place in preparation of her birthday party. ‘Christine is turning 50 tomorrow’ Paul said. I wished her well, and asked if they need an extra pair of hands decorating the place. They nodded, and in no time I found myself helping out with chairs, balloons, etc. An hour or so later, I accepted their invitation to stay over and join them for quiet dinner at home.

Following dinner, Paul and Christine disappeared for about 20 minutes or so upstairs, I was not sure what’s going on, so I grabbed a glass of wine and kept myself busy watching TV.

She could not be 50! No way, A sexy body like that! I wondered.

Paul rushing down stairs, apologising for not being a good host leaving me to my own devices. ‘Sorry we did not mean to be rude, we were talking about the best way thank you for helping us out’, he explained. 'Christine is having a bath and she will be joining us shortly'. He added. Paul went on to open a third bottle of wine, and asked me casually ‘So what do you think of Christine?’, You’re a lucky man, Paul, I would have never guessed she is 50, I said. You bet, Paul said, She is one of the lucky women who ooze sensuality. She is absolutely gorgeous and turns heads wherever we are.

And damn it, he was right. As soon as she walked in the living room, I could not help myself but undressing her with my eyes. She looked fresh in her sexy outfit, and said this is a rehearsal for tomorrow’s night – what do you think of my party outfit? She asked.

Her small black skirt looked just great, complementing her tight red top. The whole package was simply sexy. She loves to tease. Paul Commented. “I love your outfit” I said. ‘Thank you” Christine said with a smile. She walked past me and sat next to me. She turns to me taking off my glass of wine away, and said:

'Look I don’t know what you and Paul are planning! – I want you to know that I am comfortable with it as long as you are not in a serious relationship'. At this stage, I had no clue whatsoever what she was talking about. Are you in a relationship? She asked. ‘No’ I replied looking at Paul for help in an attempt to understand what’s going on.

‘Good’ she moved closer to me and put her arm round me, and whispered ‘well, let us say it is meant to happen’. And all of the sudden, she started kissing me passionately...hard on the lips. She opened her mouth to french kissed me and I reciprocated. Wow. I was not sure whether I am nervous or excited.

She turned away from me, arms and knees are now firmly on the sofa, stretching her body and pushing up her ass in the air (too close to me) and asked me to take the skirt off. So I did. She looked back up to me and gave me a naughty smile. Paul now comes in the picture telling me about how he and Christine have had threesomes before and he is cool about it.

Don’t be fooled, my wife is by far the kinkiest women I've ever met. Paul said. Why don’t both of you go upstairs and I will join you later, he suggested. I followed Christine upstairs to the bedroom. Just seeing her in the black knickers made me hard.

I went slow with her, kissing, tonguing, rubbing, squeezing, and teasing. Finally I managed to undress her. She laid on her back lifting her legs in the air asking me to go down onto her. ‘Take your time, go super slow’ she requested. It is all here for you - You can’t miss it, even if you try! She joked pointing to her private parts. I began to tongue her slit. And to my surprise it took her only few seconds to began to respond. I tried to reach with my fingers to spread those flaps, but she said 'no fingers, just tongue'. I knew then I had to continue eating her.

Paul walks in dropping his pants holding his cock in his hand pointing it to her mouth. ‘She always enjoys sucking’ he said as his dick starts to disappear in her mouth. I started to feel more comfortable with her, and began to finger her pussy. One finger, two, three and then four fingers. Wow.. the sound that pussy made was music to my ears. Christine started breathing deeply and quickly. I pressed my lips against her clit, working my hand slowly in and out of her stretching pussy. And with no warning, She took a deep breath, held it, and let it all lose. She was cumming all over my fingers. I tried to pull my hand out, but her reaction was swift. I felt her pussy muscles pressing so firmly against my fingers.

Christine pushed my fingers out gently, kneed on bed and put my dick in her mouth. Paul had little choice but to turn around, easing his dick into her pussy fucking her doggystyle. Me, spit-roasting the boss’s wife!!. When he fucked her harder, she sucked more steadily. Paul came and was tired; he left us alone (again) promising that he would join us later. Christine continued to suck my cock harder and harder till I warned that I would cum. ‘Not too soon’ she said.

She leaned back, got a condom out. ‘Take this, fuck me slowly, don’t dare to come till I tell you to do so’. I smiled, rolled the condom onto my dick and gently parted her thighs. I started pumping in and out of her pussy, squeezing the breasts in between strokes. With each stroke and moan I drove my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. Soon, I pulled out and rubbed the head of my dick against the lips of her pussy. I knew I would release my load soon. I gently got her flat on her tummy, parting her ass cheeks, and entering her with a bit of force that she was not expecting. She cried out, and I began pumping, with her face against the mattress while her left hand stroking her clit at the same time. She groaned and clenched her pussy muscles and came one more time. I could not hold back, released my load and collapsed on top of her.

Paul immediately walked in announcing I’m now ready for Round two!! (To be continued)