Written by Dan

5 Jun 2018

I often find myself thinking about when I was 19. Living on a farm in a cottage next to the main house. The boss and his wife lived there alone as their children had left home or were at boarding school. The boss went on a fishing trip with his mates for a month every year. I stayed behind and looked after the farm while they were away. Then one year his wife (Pam) didn't want to go and the boss asked me if I could be sure to look after everything for her while he was away. I loved the idea because Pam is a milf. Busty mature big boobed milf.

So the boss left that morning and just got out of sight down the road and Pam wanted me to get some firewood for her. She was taking time off from work and it was cold. So as I got to the house with the wood and started to bring it inside from the back, I saw Pams reflection in the mirror through her bedroom door that was open slightly. She was standing up naked. I couldn't believe it. Those creamy thick thighs with a shaved pussy and big boobs that didn't look like 56 years old at all, were there for me to steal a look at and store the image in my mind for later. I went about finishing the wood for her as she came out of the room and was wearing a white night gown that thin that her nipples were visible through it and the hemline stopped just at the top of her legs. It was just long enough to keep everything hidden unless she bent over then it would be a different story.

I was standing there with a boner growing thinking about her and looking at that sexy mature body. I had a thing for older women already and it was a fantasy i want to make true.

We spoke for a few minutes and then I went about the daily farm duties with a few jerking off sessions over Pam.

As I headed back for the day Pam met me at the shed. She wore a pair of denim shorts cut high enough for her round hot butt cheeks to be exposed and a bonds singlet no bra. I started to feel like she was teasing me or something because she never dresses like this when the boss is home. And I loved it.

Pam asked me if I could help get the ride on mower started for her to which I started working on. As I checked it over she talked and asked questions and bent forward to do something at the dash and I looked up from where I was kneeling and could see up her shorts from behind. A smooth wet exposed pussy with no panties. She wore the top that I could see her tits through and no panties under shorts that don't cover much and I'm the only guy within 60 kms....... I am going to turn the conversation towards sex and try flirting with her. She must know that I can see her body.

I spoke cautiously to start off with but we ended up having a couple of beers and flirted together for a few hours. Then out of the blue she looks at me and says "I was over at the cottage a few weeks ago late. The dog had chased a rabbit out there. I saw you on your bed. I also saw what you were watching on your computer and what you were doing. So do you really find older women sexy? Cause you sure looked like you were into the video you had on.".

I was dumb founded. Busted pulling myself. I can't deny it and went on to tell her all about it and started saying that she is the type of milf i imagine. Pam was loving it and I went into detail as she got more lustful with her questions.

Then Pam stood up and said that she needs to go and that later on if I wanted we could have another beer together but she needs to shower and cook something for dinner. I watched her walk away and went blew my load in a few strokes.

I jumped in the shower and got dressed and couldn't wait to see her again so headed over. It was just dark and I could see through the thin curtains in her bedroom windows. What I saw was awesome. Layed back legs apart completely naked with a dildo sliding in and out of her wet pussy. I watched her until she squirted an orgasm over her bed. And blew cum all over her bedroom window sill on the outside. And raced to the door and knocked to see if I could catch her breathless and horny. It worked because she invited me in wearing only the night robe from earlier.

To be continued