Written by Deb

30 Apr 2015

The background info: My hubby is a very charismatic, good looking man and always has the women flirting with him, especially the older ones. I am 7 years older than him. He was working for a couple who ran their own business and the wife was especially flirty with my hubby, even though she was about 18 years older than him (he was 30 she was in her late 40’s). Hubby and I watch porn as a matter of course and he noticed that I always get VERY turned on by FF & FFM Porn.

The Setting: Hubby came home from work one day and was kind of sheepish, he blurted out that he had asked his bosses wife if she was up for a bit of girl/girl action (in a flirting way in case she said no) and to his surprise she said yes, she was very interested. I was dumbfounded, I couldn’t believe he had the balls to ask her..Anyhow of course it got me going and after a bit of discussion, we decided he would invite her to meet us in the city and spend the night with us in a motel. She agreed and the plan was hatched, motel booked and the date set (all without her hubby knowing). We met in a restaurant and I was very nervous, she came in, sat down, and then pretty much that was the start of a fantastic night. We ate dinner; all the while she was super forward and flirty, hands all over me, down my top, flicking my bra, all sorts of cute sensual stuff. We went back to the motel room, and she just grabbed me and we started to undress each other and my hubby, touching each other all over, grabbing boobs, feeling each other’s soft skin, licking and sucking boobs and necks etc, we fell onto the bed and hubby was kind of on the edge of the bed just watching, maybe a bit in awe of having two women there together, all of his dreams had come true. Then I got game and slipped a finger into her pussy and it was wet and warm and slimy and I liked it, so much that I slipped another finger in there and was sliding them in and out and she was moaning and kissing me and feeling me all over. We were getting pretty carried away, so carried away that hubby was pretty much pushed off the bed, so he went and sat in the chair at the end of the bed and just watched us go for it. I couldn’t wait to go down and lick her wet pussy, still not sure if I’d even like it or not, but I didn’t need to worry, she had a nice clean shaved pussy that was wet and when I went in there with my tongue, she was gyrating her hips and moaning like there was no tomorrow. We had a very fun night, and made plans to “do this again” but with more input from my hubby next time.

The next time we got together, it was at our home, the kids were away for the weekend so we organised for her to come over. Because we were already familiar with each other’s body, it was much easier to get into the fun this time around, and hubby was more game, videoing us when he wasn’t joining in. She was pretty straight forward with what she wanted, she just took it, fitting her whole fist up my very wet pussy, which was fantastic, as my hubbies fist was too big and has never quite fit all the way up there, it was nice to have a smaller female one fit perfectly and gently. We enjoyed each other’s body, licking and sucking and fingering and fisting each other for ages, rolling around and just having so much fun, and hubby joined in which was much nicer. She was sucking his cock while he was lying on his back and then she jumped up and straddled him and fucked him until he came. It was pretty good. We had a great night and laid around for a bit, chatting and talking about how good that was. It was a very fun night. She came around one more time after that and we had another awesome night. It all ended when hubby finished his job with them. I still see her around town every now and then; she usually gives me a hug hello and presses her whole body against mine. I’m not sure if that’s an indication that she’d be up for another night or if she’s just remembering but it’s nice that it’s not awkward between us.