Written by Iween

3 Aug 2013

I agreed to meet K, this most polite sounding guy from texts, who said what Hotel K was staying in, and stated " I was welcome to join him for a drink. No expectation. Nothing heavy". I found the hotel and we sat for drinks. The British accent was immediately apparent and K sounded most delightful. To cut a long story short and after but one drink, but having been politely offered a second, I said "No. Come on. Let's go to your room?".

We sat on Ks bed side by side. Ks glasses came off. K looked in my eyes, I put my hand on Ks thigh asking if he was comfortable. I have never felt such sychronicity in a love making session. We slowly peeled off the layers. We moved in turn. We kissed with an intimacy, a fervour.... virtually from the start. Beautifully paced evening. K was my more considerate lover and for the first time I was able to state what I wanted as we progressed. The progression was with passion and sensualness to its fullest. K stated what 'an incredible woman I was". I meant it. His eyes showed a 'wow' factor about us. It was wow. He smiled beautifully. I felt so comfortable; just lovely. It was a dream come true. K was as non threatening as they come. K was more than pleased to pleasure me More Than Once. I was teaching him how I need to be treated to come off; some of us need more specific care. It was a memorable evening of passion and love. K was on top of me at the time of his climax. K was lost for words as he tried to say what an incredible woman I am again. He was lost mid sentence saying it with my name. What incredible beauty and pleasure in that moment for him...and for me to see the Bliss!!! I will never forget Ks darling face and for sure K and I are getting together again whenever K is in town on business. I can only imagine the terrific possibilities for take two!!!