Written by Nic

11 May 2016

Nothing was going to plan today. I had planned to meet Eric at his place but his wife's sister decided to visit him unexpectedly and that blew my day so in desperation I txt my friend Colin for advice. Colin has been my mentor for the last couple of years and even though we have never met we are very close. He understands my true inner desires, my needs to please, please men that is! He suggested a walk on the beach to find someone which has worked in the past but the weather today did not suit and I certainly wasn't dressed for a pub or club because I was actually on route to Eric's place when he rang to cancel our meeting and all I was wearing was a very light white dress and nothing underneath. It was so see through that just looking down I could clearly see my nipples through the material.

I txt Greg but he was at work, damn it so I continued driving unsure of a destination only stopping to txt Colin until I drove past a bus stop and saw a guy sitting there. He was I'm guessing in his late fifties which is ideal as I have a big soft spot for older guys. I drove on further then turned around and stopped fairly close to the bus stop and made out I was on the phone, which I was. xoxoxxoxox

I had txt Colin asking him if picking up a guy from a bus stop was ok or too risky and was waiting for his reply. The guy at the bus stop had noticed me and was watching then Colin replied and gave me the ok. He loves it when I think dirty and am naughty for him. I took a deep breathe lift my dress higher to show lots of leg and pulled my car forward stopping right at the bus stop and put down my passenger window down, 'excuse hi can I give you a lift rather than catching the bus', I asked him. He looked confused but interested and said, 'well if you don't mind that would be great thanks', and he stood up and walked over opened the passenger side door and sat down noticing straight away how much leg I was showing. He put on his seat belt and introduced himself, 'hi Frank I'm Nic', and I pulled out into the traffic, 'where are you going', I asked, 'The Great Northern pub for a couple' he said. 'Mmmmmm he's not going anywhere special', I thought to myself and then I got those annoying butterflies that I always get just before I do something naughty and then I did it, I bent my left leg and that did. Just enough that one more millimetre and my naked pussy would be showing and oh my he was certainly looking then I came straight out and said, 'Frank I have this friend who sends me out on dares,,,,,,,, might you be interested in a dare with me', I was almost shaking with excitement, 'so what does the dare involve', he asked and without hesitation I moved my leg even further totally exposing my pussy to him, 'it involves you touching my pussy', 'seriously', he enquired, 'very seriously' I replied moving my leg higher yet again him, 'shit', he said.

We had stopped at traffic lights so I was able to turn to him smiling, 'please Frank touch my pussy, feel how wet I am', I told him, 'well ok', he said and as he put his hand on my leg I started getting goose bumps and then slowly he moved his hand down my inner thigh until his fingers touched my lips, 'mmmmm yes don't be shy Frank', I told him, 'do you like my pussy', I asked, 'I love your pussy', he replied and then he slipped a finger into me.

'Mmmmmmmmmm yes that's it Frank finger me', I exclaimed.The sensation of having a stranger fingering me as I drove is quite indescribable, just plan dirty, sexy fun is the best I can do. Anyway so as I drove he became very comfy exploring my pussy and I managed to explained to him that my friend Colin txts me and tells me what I must do and then I do it and if he was game we could have some real fun.

He was certainly game and very willing so I stopped my car again and sent Colin a txt telling him that I had picked the guy up and now he was happily fingering my very wet pussy. Goodness I so love being naughty, lol.

Within a minute I received a txt back from Colin. It said, I want you to suck his cock. I can do that so I replied then asked Frank, 'do you don't mind if we go somewhere else rather than the pub', 'sweetie where ever you want is fine by me, he replied, so in a flash I was driving again and before long had found a nice quiet park with a lovely shaded car park so I parked and released my seat belt and looked to Frank, 'This is where the fun really starts Frank', I told him reaching out and putting my hand on his bulging groin, 'because now I have to suck your cock', I continued. 'Fill your boots baby', he told me and moved his hand from my pussy and pulled down his shorts.

Excellent! He was hard and a very healthy so I leaned over and took him in my mouth and started pleasing him, 'yes baby that feels great', he said as I swelled my tongue around his head then travelled up and down his shaft with my lips. His veins, they looked like they were about to burst and guys just love having their balls sucked so I made sure they got some attention too. Before to long I received another txt so I stopped sucking and oh the look on Franks face when I sat up, he was very happy. 'More instructions', he asked as I read the txt, 'yes', I giggled, 'he wants you to fuck me'. Frank laughed and said, 'fuck you shit yer and to think I thought it was going to be a boring day'. I looked to him, 'so do you want to fuck me', I asked, 'nothing would give me more pleasure', he said, 'but where, not here and we can't go to my place he added holding up his left hand flashing his wedding ring, lol, I love married men................... We talked about of a couple of places but decided on 'Palleranda'. Frank said he knew a spot that was out of the breeze, which was quite cool for T/ville and also a quite concealed place

I txt Colin told him that we were going to Palleranda and also suggested that while I drive I give Frank my phone so that he and Colin can txt so that my sweet naughty Colin is involved in my naughtiness and he can also tell Frank exactly what is required of him.

I was so excited as I reversed out and started driving, Frank had left his shorts down so much to his delight I was able to stroke his hard cock as I drove. Before long he received a txt from Colin then another and another, 'bullshit', he said reading one and 'fucking hell', and to another he said, 'Bloody hell I need ring Ken', 'who's Ken', I asked, he's me neighbour and mate', 'why do you need to ring him', I asked him as I turned onto Palleranda Rd. He looked at me for a couple of seconds then smiled and said, 'you know why', and he got onto his phone. 'Mate something fucking incredible has come up, you need to come out to Palleranda now can you?', then, 'fucking butie mate you won't fucking believe this chick that picked me up and she wants two', 'look for a green Mazda, see you there', and he hung up.

'Fucking hell baby is this for real', he said looking down at his cock which was still firmly in my grasp', it's for real Frank and I want you to enjoy me today ok', ' that's very ok gorgeous', he said looking at me, touching my leg again. His finger ever so gently running between my lips as he ran his hand up my thigh. He was horny and so was I and then the car park can into sight. And it was empty! I found the ideal park and turned of the engine and released my seat beat as did Frank and we looked at each other. He looked at my hard nipples through my dress then said, 'fuck woman what's say we try the back seat', 'ok lets', and we got out. He quickly walked around to my side which was the more concealed side as I opened the back door. I sat sideways with my legs still out the door and looked at him. 'I want some more of that first', I asked him putting my hand on his groin. 'Fucking hell', he said looking around to see if all was clear and casually lower his shorts, I leaned forward and took him in my mouth. My car seat is just the right height when I'm sitting like that for me to really be able to put a smile on his face. 'Jesus fucking Christ', he said!

And to think once I never use to like sucking cock then one day thanks to my husband it just hit me, watching them as I please them, watching the enjoyment men get when I use my mouth. It's almost like an addiction and I love it, lol.

'So what your friend Colin said is true', he asked, I looked up to him and nodded, 'you want me to fuck you', I smiled with cock in my mouth, 'Jesus Christ and you love being called a slut and I get to fuck you in your arse'. With that I just closed my eyes and moaned. Goodness he was so hard and so turned on because then he just said, 'my turn', and pushed me back onto the seat and pulled my dress right up over my boobs. He licked my belly button, almost bite my waist, went mad with his tongue over my boobs, 'fucking hell', he said then he made his way down back over my belly button and down to my very wet and wanting pussy. He pushed my legs apart further then just buried his tongue in my pussy, 'oh yer', he said several times.

Oh yer all right! This was perfect, I couldn't have asked for a nicer guy and he was just over the moon at having me. And there's more on the way yummy, lol. He pulled his face from between my legs and wiped it with his hand licking up all my juices and looked at me and said, 'I'm going to fuck myself a slut now', 'mmmmm yes please', I told as he aimed his cock for my pussy. His head rubbing between my lips, mmmmmmmmmmm, then slowly but oh so surely he sank his cock into me, deeper, 'mmmm fuck yer', he said and who was I to disagree, lol, his cock felt wonderful. He proceeded to give me a nice slow but very hard servicing of cock and I was loving it.

He was sucking my nipples, licking them and kissing my neck, so hard but then we heard and vehicle approaching so Frank looked up will still thrusting into me, 'looks like Ken is here baby', he said and pulled from me and stood up. I stayed laying as I was on the back seat and only had a quick look up to see his car stop.

'Be that slut', I said to myself and didn't move a muscle. My dress pulled up over my boobs, my legs spread and my freshly fucked pussy asking for move. I heard them talking for a minute before they came into view and oh my goodness the look on Ken's face when he saw me laying there was to me just priceless. 'Was I kidding or what', Frank said to Ken, 'Jesus mate you weren't, fuck me hello sexy, he said and, 'I was excepting something ugly to average not fucking gorgeous ha ha'. What a charmer I thought and it appears another nice average nice guy. They are the best because they seem to honestly just enjoy.

'Nic this is Ken and he going to fuck you as well, 'ok with me', I replied and sat up and motioned Ken closer. He hesitated a sec before Frank gave him a nudge and said, 'go on mate try some', he moved closer so I put my hand on his groin and he was hard, 'would you like me to suck your cock Ken', I asked, he looked around then started pulling at his shorts, 'let me', I told him and with one firm tug his cock flung into life and was pointing straight at me, 'mmmm yummy', I declared and wrapped my lips around his swollen head and went to work pleasing him. 'Oh fucking Jesus Frank this is one I'm going to owe you on mate', 'it's all good hey mate', Frank replied. They were both just watching me suck Ken's cock and I do love an audience. 'She has this friend that txts her, tells her what to do', 'that's right isn't it Nic', Frank asked, I nodded, 'likes being called a slut and wants us to fuck her in the arse', he continued nudging Ken firmly in his arm as he said so', 'fairdinkum', asked Ken looking to me, I nodded again, 'you fucking butey', he said then he turned to Frank', 'but we can't fuck her here, over there no one can see', 'sounds good', said Frank, 'let's go down the beach', he said, so I released his cock and said, 'let's', and with their help got out of the car. 'Not fucking bad at all my friend', Ken said to Frank watching as I pulled my dress back over my boobs. I smiled to him then, 'lead the way Frank', and took his hand, 'ok', and off we walked about 50 metres and it was ideal, out of view to the surrounding area and out of the cool breeze.

'Shit', said Ken and he ran back to his car and grabbed a blanket and ran back to us, 'that was quick', I laughed. He was laying the blanket out when Frank put his arms around me from behind and kissed my neck, 'thank you baby', he said squeezing my boobs, his hard cock rubbing up against my bum than Ken knelt down in front of me and lifted my dress and went straight for my pussy with his tongue, 'oh fuck yer mate', he said between slurps then slowly they lowered me down until I was laying. Ken was still between my legs quite madly exploring with both his tongue and fingering. Frank removed his shorts and positioned himself so I could comfortably reach his cock with my mouth so away I went, 'fuck me', he said as my lips and tongue travelled the length and breath of his very yummy cock.

Then Ken came up for air, lol, and smiled lustfully and said 'wow that's one mighty fine pussy you have there girl', 'isn't it just', said Frank, then, 'go on mate fuck her, that's what she wants. Purposely I let Frank's cock slip from my lips and said, 'yes that's what I want', 'ok now', he replied and aimed his cock and pushed. 'Ooooooohhhhhhhh yes that's it now fuck me', I told him as entered me totally. 'Fucking hell Frank feels as good as it looks mate', he said as he started getting a rhythm. I was in heaven, a cock firmly implanted in my pussy and another in my mouth, hands touching my boobs, my hips, my thighs and then Frank said, 'come mate lets swap', and in seconds they had and then the sun came out from behind the clouds and almost all at once we all acknowledged it's warm. The day was only getting better and better then Frank said as he withdrew his cock from my pussy, 'ok baby lets have you doggy', so I gave Ken's cock a kiss and rounded over and got onto my hands and knees but lowered my chest, 'Jesus Frank will you get a load at that', Ken commented obviously referring to my bum pointing up for them, 'fuck', replied Frank and funnily enough they both sat facing my bum and for what seems like a good while just touching, exploring, parting my cheeks, one put fingers in my pussy, 'you have a great arse', said Frank, 'mmmmmmmmm thank you Frank', I replied absolutely loving the attention then I felt a finger on my bottom then mmmmmmm yes a little probe then someone tongue was exploring my bottom but ever so briefly because then someone started easing his cock back into my pussy and suddenly Ken was kneeling in front of me, 'suck it some more hey', he asked so I just opened my mouth and he was there. Frank started getting a very nice rhythm and I could feel his balls slapping against me and Ken started to move towards me with each thrust until I just let them fuck me from both ends. 'Jesus Christ woman', Ken said when he realised I could handle his cock pumping into my mouth. It's a very sluttie feeling have a guy fuck your mouth and I love that feeling and then again I heard, 'can I try some of that', Ken asked Frank and once again they swapped positions and once again I was getting fucked from both ends.

'She's a slut alright isn't she', said Frank, 'that she is, that she is', replied Ken sounding very joyful as he went about pounding my pussy. Ken bent down, 'sure you don't mind being called a slut', I took a quick breathe, 'please no', I said and when back to work and then Frank leaned over me and started touching my bottom as Ken continued pumping me, 'never fucked a chick in the arse before mate', 'me neither', was the reply as Frank started probing my bottom with his finger.

Two virgins so how lucky was I, lol. 'Feels really tight in there', he said trying to push a second finger into me. 'who's first', he asked, 'you mate you found her', Ken said and slowly started easing his cock from my pussy.

Frank stood up from in front of me and moved behind me giving me time to rub some of my pussy juices over my bottom in preparation. I looked around, they were both just standing there looking so I wiggled my arse invitingly, 'come on mate she wants it', said Ken then there was a brief silence then I felt pressure on my bottom. It had been a while since I had had anal so I bite my lip and relaxed and let him push. 'Fucking hell she's tight', he called as his head penetrated my bottom. 'Yes keep biting your lip', I said to myself as he pushed further into me, 'fucking hell', he said again. He pulled out a little then back in only further until finally my bottom had swallowed his cock whole.

'Can you believe this slut', he said, 'picks me up at a god damn bus stop and now I'm fucking her in the arse,'. he was hanging my cheeks apart as slowly he was able the increase his speed and by then any pain for me had subsided so I was able to start enjoying myself while Ken once again was kneeling in front of me with his cock in my mouth.

I felt Frank starting to get close but as he did, 'best try some slut arse now mate', Frank said, 'yes sir some hot married slut arse at that', Ken replied having must have noticed my wedding ring but I rolled my head as he said it and was able to make eye contact with him, 'so your a married slut', he asked. I rolled my head and looked at him again only this time giving him a cock in mouth smile, 'fuck yer', he said and pulled back from me, 'ok Frank look out my turn', and Frank eased his cock from my bottom and said, 'all yours mate', and within a minute Ken was then pushing his cock into my then well lubed bottom and started pumping me', fuck will you look at that', he said as he pumped me, 'feels alright doesn't it', Frank said, 'fucking a feels alright'. Frank stayed beside Ken watching him do my bottom until I looked around to him and licked my lips smiling at him which Ken also saw, 'go on mate you had better go feed the slut some more your cock, see she wants it'. I smiled again to Frank which brought him to me but this time as I kissed and licked his cock I said, 'I want you both to fuck me', 'seriously at the same time', he asked, 'yes', I replied, then, 'fuck me', he said, 'no you two fuck me', I replied almost giggling.

'Well then Frank we had better not keep the lady waiting', Ken said soundly very happy and he very slowly withdrew his cock from my bottom and mmmmmmmmmmmmm didn't that feel good..............

'Lay down Frank so I can sit on you', I told him, 'yes mam', he replied happily and laid down on his back with his cock standing very erect. I stood over him smiling wildly and lower myself down and with my hand guided his cock back into my pussy, 'mmmmmm Frank your cock feels gorgeous inside me', I told him, 'it does at that', he laughed. I leaned down offering my mouth to his and we kissed. Our tongues were inter locked as I raised and lowered myself onto his cock before remembering Ken was waiting so I then turned to him and said, 'and now yours', 'ok sexy lets do this', he replied and positioned himself behind me and pushed. 'Fuck yer', he said and oh god yes he was inside of me too. 'Gentle with me', I told them as they started to pumping me. 'We'll be gentle sexy', Frank reassured me.

There I was will these two strangers both fucking me at once, under the beautiful warm sun with the sound of waves hitting the beach. Another almost indescribable feeling. I could feel their cock rubbing against each other inside me. I lowered my head onto Frank's shoulder and just enjoyed their cocks listening to their comments as they both fucked me. Calling me the slut that I am, telling me how sexy I am. Frank was kissing my neck, licking my ears. He whispered, 'thank you', I whispered back, 'your very welcome'. Then after a time it was Ken's turn to be laying on his back with his cock in my pussy and Frank behind me thrusting into my bottom and goodness it was just wonderful. I offered my mouth to Ken's as they had me, our tongues locked in passionate lustful kissing. I always try to give myself totally to whom ever is having me and I've found that kissing makes guys hornier.

Ken stopped kissing and said, 'I think I'm going too cum', 'then you had better stop please, I told him, 'seriously', he asked, 'yes seriously you have to cum in my mouth', I told him looking straight into his eyes. (I love the shock look guys give when I tell them that) 'Fuck yes', he said and stopped moving his cock and just looked up at me as Frank continued enjoying my bottom until he leaned over close to my ear. 'You want us both to cum in your mouth don't you', he asked, 'yes', I replied, 'because that's what he wants isn't it', he continued, 'yes because that's what he wants, to swallow your cum', I told them. Frank laughed and said, 'ok then if that's what he wants', he said quite joyously and in doing so slide his cock from me and stood up.

I lifted myself off of Ken's cock and moved over and sat straight on my knees and looked to them both, 'having fun', I asked. They almost looked humbled, 'oh yer baby we are', they both said looking at each other and then back to me, 'good then come here you two' I said cheekily waving them over with one finger.

They were both holding their cocks in their hands sort of half stroking them as they moved closer so I reached out and said, 'I'll do that', and I took their cocks in my hand and started stoking them. 'Who's first', I asked cheekily, 'Jesus Frank can I', asked Ken, 'go for it mate', Frank replied so I leaned and once again wrapped my lips around his head and went to work. Nice long deep movements up and down his shaft, a well place hand between his legs massaging his balls and of course lots of eye contact. Guys like it when I look up at them while I am pleasing them and it makes me feel dirtier.

His head started to swell and his balls tightened so I knew he was getting close then, 'aaaahhhhh Jesus that feels incredible', he called then, 'shit yer I'm gonna cum', and sure enough I felt his head swell and then he started pumping a very healthy load into my mouth. It hardly touched my tongue but tended to shot straight down my throat. He was looking straight into my eyes as I swallowed down him down to the last drop. 'Fucking incredible', he said as I then proceeded to lick and kiss his head as he looked to Frank and said laughing, 'mate your going to love that', and he stepped aside to allow Frank to move in, 'hope you've got a nice yummy load for me too Frank', I asked, 'cheeky little slut just suck it', he laughed pushing his cock closer to my face. In one movement I had him again and again went I to work. It's almost easy when you know how so it wasn't long before he started tensing up but then he stopped me, grabbed the back of my hair and said, 'no no open wide I what to see this', and he then started to madly stroke his cock then, 'stick out your tongue sexy', he told me, 'yer baby that's it just like that', then, 'here I cum', and he skillfully aimed a wonderful streak of hot cum all over my tongue, 'fuck yer baby love it don't you', I half nodded as his cum started running down over my tongue onto my lips, my lips and chin and also down my throat, 'good yes swallow it all down, you are a good slut aren't you', I smiled as I swallowed then went about licking his head clean and oh how he loved that part...........................................

We sat and recovered for a bit, talked and laughed then they got dress and said goodbye and were gone while I stayed laying naked on the sand and reflected on the mornings events