Written by Threewins42

29 Feb 2012

The camper trip

Caddy and I bought a camper to head out into the wild blue yonder, well more like the rusty and yellow sandy horizon that meets the azure sky to that infinity of the Aussie outback. Hot searing days and crisp nights.

We were well set up and could free camp with a, fridge freezer, generator and gas cooking.

On most of our trips we kept to ourselves even when we stayed at caravan parks, nodding to the people around us and enjoying the time together away. We would say hello and give others their space as would those nearby.

But one trip pulled up by the Murray River in nowhere land, lit our camp fire next to a fifth-wheeler, which is a large caravan with electronic slide out sides for more space, the lounge, the bar, satellite TV etc. As we took only a few minutes to set up, we were observed by the occupants, who had set up their table and chairs under their awning; they came over and admired our basic set up. We were having a drink, as one does, me with my scotch and soda in the crystal tumbler and Caddy a wine goblet. I don’t believe that just because you are camping that you have to give up on those things for which you have worked hard and enjoy, and it tastes better. Tell me I am wrong! Lol. Jess came over with wine glass in hand and John with a beer. We started chatting and as they were cooking dinner, as were we, we talked about stuff, the freedom we had, the great full moon shining down on us with the reflection of both it and the stars on the water, which you don’t get to see when in a city, Caravan Park or the like. There were a few others that stopped and chatted as they walked in the bath of the warm moon lit evening.

As we sat and chatted, drank and nibbled on the cheeses, bickies and chips the night flowed just like the river melding with the sounds of the night bush; cecaders, night birds and a gentle breeze rustling the leaves of the Gums.

After a while, it was well after midnight and there were no sounds from any other campers, I stood up and started to massage Caddy’s shoulders and work down her back and up again. This always relaxes her and turns her on. During the trip I had reached over the console between us and slipped my hand between her legs playing with her as I drove, getting her horny and wet. So she was feeling a little horny anyway.

Just an aside from this story for a moment, I need to say, Caddy is a little reserved at times, but given a few drinks can loosen up. I had bought her a dress called our naughty dress, which wasn’t really naughty at all. It was black, a couple of inches above the knee and had a button up front. Quite a respectable outfit really. But we called it her naughty dress because Caddy didn’t need to wear a bra as the heavier material hit her nipples when they got hard, but fitted her slim curves making her 5’2” petite body look very inviting.

Jess, the wife of John, with whom we were drinking and chatting, said that she would like some of that attention. I looked across at John and he stated that Jess gets what Jess wants as far as he was concerned. I was not sure what to read into that after a number of drinks but took it in stride.

Caddy smokes and I do not. John smokes and Jess does not; as we discovered. Caddy wanted to go to the toilet and was not that steady on her feet so John stated that he would help her to the toilets and that they could have a smoke on the way. I whispered in Caddy’s ear that if he made a play to just go with the flow and enjoy if she wanted. I got a naughty smile, a kiss and whispered in my ear; okay. John threw a towel over his shoulder and helped Caddy through the trees.

I was massaging Jess’s shoulders and back and said that it was a little difficult given her top, to which said that she agreed. With that the top came off. I raked her back with my fingers and slipped them over her shoulders grazing her nipples. A heard her breath shortens and as I did the same again felt her nipples harden like .22 bullets. My god you could have hung a coat hanger with a freshly ironed shirt off each.

As her breath quickened I stopped and asked her if she would like to see where the other two were and what was taking them so long. She said that John thought that Caddy was hot and really wanted to taste her. I asked if she minded if I could taste her too. Jess just slipped her shorts off and put a leg over each arm of the chair. This is looking good I thought to myself, and proceeded to lick her now wet pussy and extended clit. She had a great, tasty pussy which was trimmed, and one of those clits that just asked to be sucked and licked. I rimmed her too, much to her delight given the moans and adjectives that came through the panting. But I stopped and said that we should go and spy on the other two. To which Jess agreed. Jess stated that she would be back in a moment and came out form their van wearing a short robe so off we wandered into the shadows cast by the moon light off the gum trees.

It was not hard to find them as the stillness of the bush night amplified their sounds. We stopped and observed Caddy on her knees taking Johns cock in a doggie position. We stood in the shadows and I held Jess, her back to me, my now still hard cock slipped between her wet thighs under her robe. We watched, listened and I fingered her hardened clit as we watched John take Caddy from behind..

It was so exciting. As we stood in the shadows we could see other movements, others must have heard what was going on. We saw a couple of guys watching them in play just in their shorts, not that far, just close enough to see what was happening. Then there were about five, some with cocks in hand. We didn’t notice that there were a couple of guys and another couple standing near us also watching. Jess grabbed the branch of a tree in front of us and bent forward, eyes glood to all that was in front of us. I slipped easily into her sopping wet pussy.

We watched as one guy moved slowly forward and John motioned to him to the front of Caddy and placed a finger to his lips to indicate to be quiet. He had is cock out, standing hard and I think it must have been around 7 to 8 inches long. He stood in front of Caddy who was in bliss and must have had her eyes closed. John was in control of the situation and motioned to the guy to place his cock against her lips. Caddy almost came to and looked up grabbing the erecting with one hand and placing her lips around his hardness. We then heard slurping noises rather than moans. Then another ventured forward and massaged her firm 34 C breasts with John still keeping that rhythm going. Yet another moved forward helping support that petite little body.

We were having our own fun as I saw out of the corner of my eye a guy watching, so I motioned him forward to join us, which he did. He stood shyly to one side and I motioned to him to start playing with Jess’s breasts; he did and she moaned. This distracted others who started to focus on us. The couple moved forward and I whispered to the lady to get under Jess and lick her clit. The lady slid under and started licking her clit and her other half positioned himself between her legs slipping her knickers off and licking her at the same time.

I watched as John came in Caddy and then stepped aside for someone else to fill her now cum drenched pussy. This guy started pumping into Caddy and I could see by the way that she was sucking the guy in front that she was so enjoying his cock, pace and hardness. I watched as she made guttural moans, from her cock filled throat, and came. This guy didn’t last long, and I was not far behind him given the feast in front of me, and the fact that the lady below was also licking my manhood as it slid in and out of Jess. Jess was having trouble keeping her mouth shut and standing at the time. Then we had a number of guys around two holding her up fondling her breasts, one offering his cock to her and one kissing her neck shoulders and back.

The guy in Caddy’s mouth came and cum dribbled from her mouth; she was gasping for breath given the pounding she was receiving. Another guy stepped up and she just kept sucking. I had not seen her like this nor seen her in this environment before. What a turn on! I came in Jess stepped aside and watched as she was filled by another stranger.

We were there for it must have been an hour and I was hard again. Jess was still being serviced and I watched as the other woman was filled by three guys. I was lucky enough to get hard again and slide in on the cum that saturated he pussy and dribbled out down her legs. I almost couldn’t cum due to the lack of friction. I just watched Caddy being fucked and played with her cute little freckle. I so wanted to slide into that second hole but didn’t have the go ahead.

After over and hour most of the participants seemed to fall into the shadows. The other couple thanked us and told us where that were camped giving a description of their vehicle and caravan, offering to have us to, or was that for, dinner the next night.

Jess and I walked across to John and Caddy and asked if they were okay and what had delayed them. They just smiled as they sat on a cum soaked towel. Jess and I just smiled back. Caddy asked why we had not brought them a drink and we all just laughed and headed back to the camp sight.

The next day…