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The Cleaning Lady

My teen experience with our cleaning lady


1 minute read

When I was a teenager my Mum paid a housekeeper to come once every two weeks to help keep the house clean. She was about 40, blonde, built, and had a husband who was a truckie - but what the hell! After flirting with her for years I decided one day enough was enough. When she had almost finished her cleaning I went into the kitchen where she was and sat up on the kitchen bench-top. I was wearing tight jeans, no jocks, and had a huge obvious erection. We talked for a while and she was clearly enjoying the view, and I then started to stroke myself through my jeans. This was enough to set her off - she held my hand and led me to our couch, where she sat down on the front edge of the couch, lifted her skirt, and dropped her nickers and kicked them off. I dropped to my knees and buried my head in her groin, licking and sucking on her. I would come up for air once in a while and massage her tits for a breather, taking over from her as she spent her time massaging her ample tits and moaning with pleasure. I then penetrated her vagina, but only using the tip of my cock so the rim of my glans provided her with the maximum amount of pleasure at the entrance to her vagina. She then rubbed her clit, slowly at first but then increasing in speed and focus. We both came and a huge wad of cum and pussy cream dripped onto the floor beneath us. I could not resist this opportunity, and laughed and said "You had better clean that up!" She hooted back in delight!

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