Written by Hubby

19 Jun 2017

Well its been a while since last posted ,

My wife Sam was now a fully fledged "Hot Wife", and if I was being honest not as much fun as it had been when Sam was not aware that I not only knew that she was getting cock on the side , but I was setting up situations where she would most likely get fucked (and did,see all my previous posts) , so I thought I might see if I could do it again without Sam knowing I was pulling the strings .

It was Holiday time for us ,and as I have mentioned before my wife seems to be far more relaxed with what she wears and since over the last year, had been fucked quite a few times ,by my mate Jarrod ,the massage guy and the room attendant at the resort where we stayed last year.

A guy who works with me who was just getting over a messy divorce ,mentioned that he was going on a cruise to get over it ,and after we chatted for awhile he told me that he had heard that there were usually a lot of divorcee's on cruises and that he just might "get lucky" on board the ship.

Well my devious mind started to tick over ,and I asked him when this cruise was ,as me and my wife were looking at booking a holiday soon ,and a cruise might be fun .

Now this work mate ,had been working at the gym to become a "new man" and shed a few kilos and tone up a bit, he is in his early forties .

Well to make to cut to the chase , I talked Sam into the cruise ( Vanuatu and around the islands ,on board the Explorer of the seas), booked the tickets and told Sam when it was ,so she could get her hair done and by a few outfits (as women always do).

A couple of days before we were to set sail (out of Sydney) we were in our bedroom packing and I said to Sam that I hope she was going to pack some sexy undies (that always gets me going) and also her shortest skirts as I mentioned that it was going to be very hot weather etc.

She picked out all her naughty undies and was trying on her swimmers after she was taking off one of her sexier bikini's I was perving on her ass as the gusset was stuck in her crotch and walked up to her and grabbed her bum cheek and gave it a squeeze ,and told her that she had a great bum kissed her on the ear and slipped a finger in her pussy ,she was squirming around trying to push me away ,(now being my deviate self, I decided I would tease ,but not fuck her as this has worked in the past ) I pulled my finger out and took a big whiff and said "fuck your pussy smell's so good and proceeded to suck on it.

Well ,as usual I set about getting her as horny as I can over the next day or so.

On my computer (lap top, in our bedroom) I deliberately looked up a erotic story ,on a cruise ship where a wife strayed and got fucked by a stranger (you know the type of story) I had left my computer on and It had gone to sleep (now I know that when would be tiding up she would wake it up and read the story {you girls cant help but look at what there husbands are reading} and start thinking about her up and coming cruise.

Now at work I told my workmate that we were going to be on the same cruise and that we might meet up,(plan in motion)

On board the ship after we had checked out our stateroom and the pools and bar's and Sam was very pleased that I had booked it as it was a impressive ship.

The next morning Sam got up and was getting ready for breakfast and was walking around naked ,she seemed to be half teasing me ,and if I know her well enough,I think she wanted a bit of cock (I hadn't fucked her for quite a while and she would be hanging for it ) I got up and walked in to the bathroom where Sam was sitting on the toilet having a wee, I reached down and pulled her legs open and watched her pee ,she told me I was a "dirty old man" and then wiped her pussy and got up .

Later in the day we were up on deck laying on loungers , just kicking back ,having a few drinks , the waiters were coming around ,but I wanted to get Sam a stronger drink without her knowing so I went up to the bar ,saw our waiter ,slipped him twenty American dollars and told him to make her cocktails a bit stronger (wink ,wink).

Sam was getting a bit tipsy when I was putting sun screen on her back I was gradually pushing her bikini bottoms in to her bum crack so as not to get any on her bikini pants ,(but also to let a few other guys get a quick perv ,as there were quite a few men doing just that ) after a few more strong , cocktails she eventually fell asleep , I had discreetly exposed one of her pussy lips , and then got up and put my book on my lounger and went off (supposedly to take a leak) , in actual fact I was up on the higher deck watching all the guys ,and even the waiters taking peeks at her gorgeous cunt.

Well after half an hour I came back she was still asleep ,and I started to wake her up by grabbing her ass and pulling her swimmers back in place so she was none the wiser that a lot of men had seen her cunt today (I loved it).

Later that night , we were getting ready to go down to the dining room and I talked Sam into wearing a super short black dress and her black lacy g string and no bra ( I wanted to fuck her right there, but no I had a plan).

Sitting at a table (for two) I was complementing her on how hot she was looking and making everything romantic.

Later we were drinking at the schooner bar ,same strong cocktails going on and me drinking bourbon & cokes .

Then just as she was getting a glow up in walks my work mate John ,this was not arranged but I went with it any way,

I introduced John to Sam and filled her in on why he did not have his wife with him (ex wife) while he was at the bar.

Later we moved on we went to another venue and there were more people there and a small band and some dancing (I don't dance) , Sam went to the ladies ,and while she was there I proceeded to tell John that if he played his cards right he might just get lucky with Sam,(his jaw dropped and he looked at me ,stunned ) I explained that I actually get off on other guys fucking her , but she wont just do it out in the open , so I often set things up that end up in her getting cock on the side ,when often she does not know I set up .

John was still processing what I had said ,when Sam came back looking radiant .

Well after a few more drinks Sam was gone , I mentioned to John that I had best put her to bed ,and that I was starting to get a bit wobbly my self (wink, wink) I asked John to give me a hand to walk her back to our stateroom so we took an arm each and off we went.

Once in the room , Sam started to get her second wind and wanted to go back up to the bar and dance , so I said your a bit unsteady darling lets dance here ,I put some music on , opened our complimentary champagne and started to dance with her , John was about to go when I said , why doesn't he stay and have dance as well , Sam agreed as she knew I wouldn't dance much anyway, so he was sitting on the bed just rocking and swaying to the music whilst I had my arms around Sam just moving around as I do , however unbeknown to Sam I was gradually inching her super short dress up her legs giving John a thrill, I whispered in her ear "I'm going to fuck the ass of you tonight " to which she half punched at me .

Well I said to John ,"hey mate have a look at the balcony" , all three of us walked out there , we were leaning on the rail enjoying the atmosphere and heat , when I said " I gotta take a leak , here dance with John " and inside I went .

I was watching from the walk in robe and John was a bit slow but started to take a few liberty's , just slightly rubbing her bum cheeks and such (great) I walked back in with a champagne for Sam and said " shes got a great ass hasn't she , she looked sternly at me and blushed , when John said she really was very cute and attractive .

I walked up behind her and reached around and grabbed both her gorgeous tits through her dress and these are good to.

Now Sam brushed me aside and said " don't embarrass John " but her nipples had gone hard and were showing well .

I walked back inside the room turned down the lights and put the telly on the sports channel on and left them out on the balcony chatting , I overheard Sam apologizing for my behavior and said hes always like this , but hes all talk and no action .

At that point I decided to pretend to nod off ,whilst looking through my half closed eyes.

John then started to remember me telling him ,that he might get lucky, and Said to Sam " well half his luck , he gets to be with a very beautiful woman like you when I haven't had any action since my wife ran off with another bloke ...

Sam reached into him squeezed him and said "you poor darling ".

She sat him down on the balcony chair reached in and unzipped his fly ,John was nervously looking inside whispering "what about him" Sam said "that's all he ever does, serves him right " and proceeded to suck his quite ample cock and handle his balls making him get rock hard (he had not had a fuck since his divorce) and Sam hadn't had sex for nearly three weeks ,she took one of his hands and put it up her skirt and said "enjoy" ,after a while she got up turned around straddled him pulled her string to one side and sat on his huge rock hard cock (what a hot scene, I was also rock hard).

John reached around undid her zip at the top and dropped it ,and her gorgeous titties popped into his face ,all perky and stiff nipples.

He started to get right into it ,forgetting all about me and sucking her tits (which just makes her wetter) she was bucking up and down on him ,he said "fuccccckkkk.... I'm going to come , should I pull out " "don't you bloody dare Sam said ,come inside me".

Afterwards she stood up ,zipped up ,pulled her g string back in place , lent down and cleaned his cock and then tucked it back in his pants .

Sam then said quietly you best go before he wakes up and pecked him on the cheek , and then lifted her dress up and flashed her cute pussy encased in her lacy black g string at him , saying "that's for you think about when you have a wank.

He tip toed out and Sam went to the bathroom sat on the toilet (I could just see through the nearly closed door) and then did something I had not seen her do before , and that was pulled her knickers down and proceeded to finger herself ,and licking the come off her fingers and rubbing her clit.

She came out naked , turned the telly off and jumped into bed , leaving me on the sofa ,(with a giant wet patch on the front of my pants .

I decided I would stay on the sofa ,so she would think she got away with it and made a mental note ( I must dirty g string later).

There is more ,but this has been to long ,I will save it for a later post if anybody's interested.