Written by Candy1991

14 Aug 2012

The feel of his bear skin on mine makes me his and his gentle lips going from my neck towards my dripping wet pussy had nothing to do with it hehe or did it... he nibbled his way from my neck to my nipples where he took one in his mouth rubbed his tongue against me nipple all i could do is moan but i need to be quiet ( dads up the hall needs to be sooooo quiet).

His tongue runs along my tummy down to my pussy where he spreads and flicks my clit and does wonders hmm so hard to not moan. i push his head into my pussy i couldnt help it he is just sooooo good, he sucks my clit fingers my hole and all this while im supposed to be so silent haha yeah right i tried i couldn t hold onto this moaning so i grabbed a pillow had my moan then back to business.

He made me cum but as most know one is never enough dont tease me or you will be in trouble :) so that was it i was so horny i wanted him into my mouth so i pull him up from between my legs then he lays beside me as i travel from his neck rubbing and using my nails down his chest i then grab his cock so hard so mine and so big :) i lick and nibble my way down taking him into my mouth teasing him with licks kisses and then taking him whole, i asked him nicely could you hold my head i wanna go so deep i gag would that be ok for you ( hes a sensitive but sexy guy he might not like to be as kinky as i am ) with suprise he said of course baby as he holds onto his moans and then grabbing a pillow as he then puts his hand on my head grabs my hair and pushes me onto his cock so deep i gag was alittle scared but relaxed.

it felt so good so nice got me so wet hmm fuck me i say to him not much encouragement for him just a question what position hmmmm sideways would be nice so i lay on my back hes on his side was so deep and pounding. i couldnt help it i grabbed his hand put it to my throat it was so hot so wrong but so nice hmm i was moaning a bit loud so of course the pillow.

i then went on my knees but i said baby can we use a toy knowing my ass is tingling and i want so much to use a butt plug he said yes so got lube and slide it in then each thrust as he fucked me went in deeper was so hot and made me cum over and over till he came inside me and dripping hmm the first time i ever had a guy cum in me and was so nice so warm.

:) thanks for reading