Written by Anonymous

30 Dec 2019

This happened a long time ago.

I was driving west to a town near the border. It was hot outside the car, and almost cold in the air conditioning. I had just left the last suburb of the city and over the low hills that marked "the bush". The first roadhouse is half an hour down the road. I drive listening to whatever music is on the radio.

The big AMPOL sign rises over the ridge, I decide to stop and get a drink. I pull into the forecourt and park. Getting out of the car, I notice the only other vehicle, under a tree, bonnet up. It's an older Ford Fairlane. I go into the shop and decide to use the toilet while I'm there. While I'm standing at the trough a young man comes and stands next to me, the space is just big enough for two. I glance sideways and see that he is quite openly checking out my penis. I smile, and take a quick glance at his. It looks erect.

"Hi, which way are you heading?" he says. "West" I say He tells me that so are he and his girlfriend. Their car has seized from overheating and looks like it needs a new engine. "That's too bad" I say. I am washing my hands and getting ready to leave when he said "Don't suppose you could give us a lift?:" I did for a second consider saying No, however I said "Yeah, no worries".

The young bloke and his girlfriend were travelling light, thankfully. They were both in their early twenties and I was about 40 at the time. I was hoping that they wouldn't be annoying for the next 8 or 9 hours. He sat in the back and she in the passenger's seat. She was wearing a short cotton dress and a white straw hat, he was in shorts and a tee shirt. They were friendly, intelligent and not too annoying.

As the drive wore on I noticed that the young woman's dress was riding up her thighs. Her legs were apart slightly enough for me to see a few wispy strands of black pubic hair. I pretended not to notice. We talked a bit, they were uni students on a break heading out west for an adventure. They had bought the car the day before, cheap. We drove on in a friendly atmosphere. Some light banter and teasing developed between us. At one point the woman spread her legs wider, displaying a gorgeous thatch of black pubic hair. I was getting very horny.

At around sunset I suggested food and drink. We stopped at the next town, about three hours from home. We went to the pub and ordered beers, the young folk were shouting. After about four beers, I was feeling a bit more than one would normally feel after four light beers. "Oh sorry, I thought you wanted heavies..." too late now the damage was done. I wasn't risking my licence. I asked them if the would mind staying at the pub for the night, they said "That's fine..."

We ate dinner, drank wine and I went to my room. They were next door. I had just undressed when there was a knock at the door. The young woman said "would you mind some company, we've got more wine..." "Sure, that would be nice. Then I remembered that I was wearing a towel and little else.

They came in, we were all in high spirits. The young man, sat on the bed and his girlfriend on the floor. I sat in the one chair.

Suddenly she stood up and walked over to me. "Someone has to make a move and it may as well be me, you two are never going to do it..." she laughed. Then she lifted her dress over her head and let it fall to the floor. She was gorgeous. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her small firm breasts. The towel wasn't hiding my erection very well.

I stood up and the towel fell to the floor. "See I told you he had a nice big cock..." The young man stood up and dropped his shorts revealing his own cock. She dropped to her knees and grabbed our cocks in her hands. "Wow, how lucky am I, look at these."

We all lay on the bed taking turns in caressing, licking kissing sucking. I was lost in the over whelming joy of this moment.

I found myself straddling both of their intertwined bodies, using my hands and my mouth to explore their genitals, while they took turns sucking my cock and licking my balls. I buried my face in her mound delving for her clit hidden in the fragrant garden of her bush. Then I grabbed his hard cock and sucked hard on it's head. We did this for an eternity, falling into a slow sensual rhythm, until suddenly without warning the young man's cock spurted hot sweet cum into my mouth, it dribbled down my chin and pooled in the woman's bush. As he softened I concentrated on her, using his cum and my tongue and my fingers, she came loudly , thrashing and kicking, her body arched beneath me. She pushed me off and laid back displaying here beautiful wet cunt, "Fuck me..." I slid my cock gently into her warm wetness, and exploded in seconds. Her boyfriend cupped my balls in his hand a took my soft wet cock into his mouth, he sucked me gently as I caressed both of them. His cock was hard again. I rolled over to give them space. "Fuck me..." she grabbed his cock and guided into her, they fucked for a long time as I watched in rapt awe.

We played until sunrise. On the way home they took turns playing with each other, sometimes with me, we stopped and fucked in the bush just before the edge of town. We said that we would keep in touch, we never did...

This was a journey to remember.

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