11 Dec 2015

Local government elections are coming up again in Queensland in a few months. The last one was truly memorable. Here’s the recount, which I wrote the following day...

Sophie got fucked last night. We had local council elections and we went to a party for one of the candidates. I had to leave at 9.30 to pick up one of our daughters from work. I left her talking to Pat, a guy we knew from her work 20 years ago. Sophie looked great in her shortish dress which showed off her long, tanned legs. The beer and wine was flowing and I could tell she was in a flirty mood as she laughed and touched his arm affectionately.

After picking getting our daughter home, I decided not to go back to the party. There is nothing like the arrival of the husband to kill the atmosphere!

I woke up periodically and when she wasn't home by 1am I knew she was probably getting fucked. I lay there half asleep until I heard a car pull up. The clock said 2.30am. I jumped out of the bed and looked through the blinds. Sophie was getting out of the taxi. She was laughing and thanked the driver so loudly, I’m sure the whole street could hear. I watched her swaying drunkenly as she began to walk up the path. I could see that she was totally wasted.

I quickly went to the front door and let her in. I held her to make sure she didn’t fall and put my other hand over her mouth. “We’ll have to keep it down or we’ll wake the kids,” I whispered. Then I reached under her dress and I could feel that her knickers were saturated.

"There's a surprise for you," she slurred. "I let Pat fulfil a 20 year fantasy."

I took her quietly into the bed and we stripped. Then I laid her down and slowly removed her knickers. I kissed her, letting my tongue explore her mouth and then moved downwards, sucking her tits and licking down towards her used pussy.

I asked her for the details. She was so drunk and ready to pass out that I got fairly sketchy details. They left the party together to walk to where they could catch a taxi, but only got as far as the graveyard which was next door to the party building, when they started to make out. Pat mentioned something about how he’d always wanted to fuck her and she said, “We should then.”

Pat started to kiss her and then they lay down. They fucked on a grassy area in the graveyard which was only a short distance from the party building. It was just a “quicky”; she only removed her knickers and Pat took her missionary style. She said it wasn't long before he came inside her. She put her knickers back on and they found a taxi

My head was full of graphic images of the scene: Sophie with her legs spread and Pat’s phallus pistoning into her. It was raw sex - an erotic, spontaneous and animalistic coupling.

Soph was now asleep, but I was going to enjoy her. Spreading her legs, I ran my fingers over her mound, feeling the wet pubic hair. As I inhaled deeply the intoxicating smell of sex - pussy and semen - filled my nostrils. I slowly licked her pussy lips and enjoyed the salty wetness that was oozing from her. I rubbed my hard prick up and down her wet slit and slid into her easily, enjoying the old, familiar silky feeling of sloppy seconds as Pat's cum coated and lubricated my cock. It was only 20 minutes earlier that Pat had finished fucking her, so his jism was still fresh. I tried to pace myself and enjoy the slick sensation of Soph’s cum-filled pussy. Despite my best intentions, I only lasted a couple of minutes before I jetted inside her.

Then I lay down beside her and listened to the sound of her regular breathing. I was a happy man as I drifted off to sleep beside my hotwife. Who wouldn’t be? We were both winners, that’s for sure.