Written by bendarules

2 Jun 2014

Well i was looking at the add in cragslist and came aceoss an add an elderly woman looking for help around her house and would repay you with sexual favours , well life at home with my wife had grown very dull and i thought well why not see if i can help the woman ,she was after handy men that could help with the hiouse repairs,I myself being a mechanic said i could offer my services if she needed any work done on her vehicle ,not thinking to get a reply.

Next day i got the reply i was thinking i wouldnt get we ended up arranging for me to come up and work on her car which i eagerly awaited.I arrived she greeted me at the door dressed in a rode that wasnt done up in the front she had a fine toned body,showed me to the car which i stated to work on,in an hour or so she came out offered me a drink leant over kissing me her tounge exploring my mouth ,her hand dropping to my swelling cock me giving it a squeeze 'Cant wait till u finished" she said.

I was just about finished when a guy wandered out naked,f*** i though his cock was 10-12 inches and thick like a coke bottle I wanted to pack up my tools and go home . Made me feel embaririst but i stayed . we went inside and was shown to the shower. after the shower i pulled my pants back on and joined them having a coffee.they explained they did shows together and he was bi showed me photos they had of them fucking and sucking others. The woman took my hand led me back to a bed room and slowly started to pay my efforts for the days work.

Sucking my cock till it was hard as she sucked she fingered my ass which made me harder looking up she said"My boyfreid sucks better than i do " I said "Would you like him to join us" "YES" she replied I said well "ok" never ever had had male to male contact. She went n got him they both sucked me "OHH MY GOD I THOUGHT" as i watched them the passion grew she knelt up climbing over me lowereing her wet onto me as he held me rubbing me on her then she rode my cock as he sucked my balls.She was so tight was unbelievable .as i grew close to blowing she pulled off my cock climbing up sitting on my face as the guys eagerly sucked her juices from me.I chewed her c##T licking her clit till she stiffend and came on my face as i felt myself explode into his mouth he drank it sucking even harder. I looked at him his hand pumping his shaft I reached down needing to feel it , SO thick gripping him tight i pumped it hearing him grown i felt him spurt over my thigh and cock grunting he came kissed hid gril and we layed there recovering. I showered after and again we had coffee and said our thank yous and i left,Thoughts racing , I think i would have tried to share sucking him but it still makes me wonder love to try it again have been searching for another add but havent seen one was a GREAT PAY DAY