Written by Ralph_1

17 Oct 2013

This story pre dates all the other stories I have posted, this would go back almost 28 years now, but being the first it will linger in my minds eye.

One day years back a mate of mine, Anthony & I decided we would go out to the river Murray up by Morgan and do a bit of fishing & drinking, we were in our early to mid twenties so being young we had more beer then we needed. My girl at the time was called Tracey, we had been together at that time for around 6-7 years, we lasted another 3 years after this weekend, and broke up mainly through our lives changing with age, we were boy friend & girl friend while we were young, and as we all know now early love doesn't always make it into old age.

Back to the trip, we set about getting everything ready, beer, bait, food, tent & more beer, then out of the blue Tracey said she would like to come along as she too hadn't been up to the river for a long while. So we got everything packed, went past Anthony's place to pick him up, he wasn't too shocked to see Tracey, as Tracey and I were always together where ever we went normally. So we loaded up Anthony's gear and hit the road. At that time in our life's we lived about a 2 hour drive from Morgan, the trip was a smooth one with not problems or car trouble. Once we arrived at Morgan we looked for a good campsite near the water, we came across a nice little spot with plenty of shade and got about setting up our campsite, found a spot to get a fire going, and put up the tent. Our tent was only a 3 man tent, tho classed as a three man they were only really suited for two people. Tracey got to getting some tucker ready while Anthony and I set about looking for a spot to fish from, we cracked open a beers each and headed out to the river. We located a good spot and went down to get the rods & have a bit of lunch that Tracey had prepared. After lunch we set about fishing, the fishing wasn't great but we got a couple of yellow bellies that we could cock for tea. Tracey came out to see how thing were going and have a couple more drinks with us, and after the fishing we decided we might all have a swim for a bit before returning back to camp. The water was nice and cool, on this mid to high twenties day, great weather, not too hot or cold.

We all had a bit of a laugh in the water, Tracey looked very hot in her two piece cossie, I could see Anthony looking over to her a fair bit, her nipples were poking out for all to see, and her arse looked so bloody hot in those small bather bottoms. Poor Anthony hadn't had a girl for close to a year at this point, and I could tell that the look of Tracey almost naked was having a affect on him. I think every time we splashed about he was secretly hoping for one of her tits to fall out.

So after a time we all set out back to the campsite again, and start getting something on for tea, besides the fish we caught, Anthony and I went out looking for a supply of wood to burn for the remainder of the day & evening, while we were out looking he said that while we were in the river he started getting a hard on seeing Tracey wearing next to nothing, I just laughed saying it was about time he found himself another chick, before he done himself a mischief with his hand. Poor bugger, we were good friends, and had been friends for 20 years, from school, so we could say pretty much anything to each other with out getting affended.

Anyhow, back at camp we tucked into the beer some more, had some tucker, and all three of us sat around talking about whatever popped up, we chatted for hours, and about 11pm Anthony decided he might call it a night, we said goodnight and told him we were just going to let the fore burn down a bit more first, and we too would call it a night.

About 40 miniutes had passed and the fire was down low now, so we too headed off to the tent, thinking by now Anthony would be fast asleep, after a good guts full of beer. We climbed into our sleeping bags, or quilts as we had both of ours compleatly unzipped, so we could have one as a under blanket, and the other as a top cover. We cuddled up and started playing about quiet as mice, or so we thought, Tracey got under the cover and started giving me a nice gobble, after about 5-10 miniutes I motioned her to get on top of me, being a small tent didn't help too much, but she managed to get up and I slid my cock into her wet pussy, we were being as quiet as we could, but as Tracey was near to cumming she started making a wee bit more noise, then out of the blue we heard, "I can hear everything you guys are doing, I still haven't fallen a sleep yet", we were unaware Anthony was still awake, and without thinking I said maybe you should just join in then !, Tracey gave me a bit of a glare, and I said come on baby, he's a mate, and if he's been hearing us for the last 15 miniutes he must have a hard on too by now. He did say it had made him horny hearing her sucking on my cock, so I said again, so what do you think baby, you up for a threesome, it came as a surprise to me when she agreed without too much convincing, so with that said she leaned over and gave Anthony a kiss on the lips, Anthony looked over to me as if looking for approval, and I said sure thing mate, let's make this a night to remember. Tracey then climbed off my cock and crawled over to Anthony's sleeping bag, she started to pull the zip down, with Anthony helping, once unzipped she pulled up his tee shirt and started licking at his nipples, working her way down till she got to his cock, she let out a bit of a gasp once she had her hand around it, not knowing why I looked over, I have known Anthony for over 20 years, but in that time had never seen his dick, so when I looked over I was just as surprised as her, it was huge, long & fat. Tracey had her hand around it, and it looked like she was struggling to get a good grip of it. Later that night I asked Anthony how big his dick was and he said 8,3/4 inches, but the fatness made it look even bigger again.

I wasn't sure what Tracey would do being that this was the largest cock she had ever seen, but I need not of worried, she got as much of it into her mouth as she could, and wanked and licked it for all her worth, she looked great having my mates big dick in her mouth. I looked over to Anthony, and he was just laying back with his eyes shut, enjoying the pleasure of my girl. While she was sucking Anthony I got to work licking at her pussy from the rear, she was very wet by now, after about ten more miniutes I suggested that she might want to let Anthony have a play with her pussy, while it was so wet, she released her grip of his cock and moved back up towards his head, kissed him again on the lips, and said did he want to put his big cock into her little pussy, he wasted no time at all climbing between her legs, I could just see him sliding the head up and down her pussy lips, then started pushing just the head into her a little at a time, even the head of his cock was large. He slowly worked it in a little at a time, the look on her face said it all, she looked so sexy as she was feeling every inch, it must of tool several miniutes before he was all in, he resisted for a while, to get her used to his size, then slowly withdrew, then back in again slowly, with each withdrawal he pushed it back in a little faster, within 2-3 miniutes he was slamming it back into her, she was moaning as the tempo picked up, I just layed nest to them letting Anthony have his way with her. The sound of his balls slapping against her arse, while he was driving it home fast was unbleavible, then Anthony said he was close to cumming, Tracey said just keep fucking me I'm about to cum too, and I piped up and said she's on the pill mate fill her up, and with that they both came together, Anthony just lay there on top all spent, once he climbed off I leaned over to Tracey, and told her I loved her very much, we kissed and then I got her to finish me off with her mouth.

Since that first time, I had Anthony come around home at least once every 2-3 months to give Tracey some more cock, towards the end of our relationship Tracey would really look forward to it, she would dress in her old school uniform.

Anthony drifted away in time, and I haven't seen him now for 20 years.