30 May 2019

It was about eight in the morning when I arrived at the clients mansion 2 story home to carry out some maintenance. I rang the bell and Mr T. answered the door, great timing, here is a list of things that need to be fixed, so see you tomorrow.

He handed over the keys and left for work. I reversed my car up the driveway and in the garage. I walked up the stairs and into the kitchen carrying out some repairs, in the kitchen then the downstairs bathroom.

10.00am I decide to make a cup of coffee, when all of a sudden I heard a door shut, couldn't work out where the noise came from so didn't worry about it, I finished my coffee and proceeded to carry out more repairs in the lounge room when all of a sudden I heard footsteps so decided to investigate I started to walk upstairs, and there was Mrs T stark naked in the hallway, Oh shit, she said thought you were coming tomorrow to do the repairs.

Mrs T had a very sexy body, shave pussy and tiny tits she looked amazing.

I said the Mr T called me in one day earlier has there was a couple of days work.

Well then since you are here carry on with what you were doing I will go and have a shower then you can fix the shower head for me. I replied let me fix the shower head first for you won't take long, OK she replied.

While I was replacing the Shower head Mrs T asked me to remove my clothes as per my add, (Naked Handyman) so I did and she was excited to see me naked. Good now carry on with the rest of the repairs while I have a hot shower.

I proceeded to the spare room to align the wardrobe doors, and fix a window lock when she walked in with just a towel wrapped around her, still dripping with water, she grabbed my hand and asked me to give her a massage. She laid down on the spare bed face down with the towel still wrapped around her. I removed the towel and rubbed some oil over her body and gently massaged her. It wasn't long that I had a boner She looked down at my rock hard cock and said looks like somebody is happy today with a smile. I continued to massage her when she spread her legs giving me a view of her soaking wet pussy. I moved hands towards her pussy I began to massage her all around her wet pussy, then I put my fingers inside her and started fingering her, her juices flowing like a river. I could see that she wanted my cock, she rolled over onto her back then she took my cock in her mouth and after a few minutes of sucking my cock I was about to explode in her mouth, I was about to pull out but she grabbed me and held me tight, next thing I blew my load of CUM in her mouth and she swallowed every little drop.

Now that you have cum in my mouth, I want you to carry on with your work before Hubby gets home. And tomorrow bring along your camera so that I can have some erotic & sexy photos.

To be Continued ........