20 Jun 2019

Next day before arriving at Mr & Mrs T 's home, Mr T rang to tell me he was leaving for work and also has left a list of additional work to be carried out while I was there. I replied no problem.

15 mins later I had arrived at the home (Mansion) opened the garage door and reversed in. Mrs T car was also gone from the garage. I got out my tools and started working where I had left off the day prior, I called out to see if anyone was home and there was no reply.

Several hours later that morning the door bell rang so I opened the door and it was Mrs T and a friend I name her (Barb) they had been shopping. Mrs T offered to make coffee, I sat down at the breakfast bench next to Barb, She was a stunning looking lady brunette with shoulder length hair and a body to kill for. Barb had asked if I was available to do some work at her place sometime the following week, I replied OK.

Mrs T made coffees, and just has she sat down she said to Barb that I was also a photographer and he is going to take some Pics later today. Barb replied how nice.

After coffee Mrs T asked me to change into my work uniform, I blushed and replied very softly that you have guests, and that she could get a shock, it's OK she is a big girl.... OK so I changed into my Naked Handyman outfit. Barb was so excited she had to have a close look and a little play with my cock. My my, Barb said, that's a nice boner.

Mrs T called Barb upstairs, and I continued with the repairs, but not for long has I was summoned upstairs by Mrs T.

I made my way upstairs and has i walked past the spare room, Barb was sitting on the bed with only her tiny little G String. Ohh I said didn't know your were in this room, she replied that OK come in, I know you give a great massage, but first I want you to take some sexy photos of me. I retrieved my camera equipment an got to work on Barb, what a stunning body, she removed her G-String exposing her beautiful wet pussy meanwhile I was in full erection mode and wanting to penetrate that pussy. I refrained myself, kept taking more photos, then Mrs T walked in totally naked, she removed my Tool bag exposing my fully erect cock.

Now you can continue to take Photos of me & Barb, the two ladies were in heaven totally aroused and having a sensational time, obviously this was planned by the ladies, I continued to take photos, Barb slowly moved her hand away from Mrs T and she grabbed my rock hard cock and with her other hand she put her fingers into Mrs T's pussy. I couldn't resist, my cock pulsating so fast that I wanted to Blow my load all over their bodies.

I was already in heaven but when Barb drew me close to her I knew she was going to take it in her mouth. She took it deep in her mouth slowly working it in & out until I was ready to cum, she then guided my cock towards Mrs T's Pussy where I blew my entire load over her pussy.

Barb then went down on Mrs T and cleaned her up while I took some more Photos then Mrs T got up and cleaned up the few drops that were on the end of my cock.

Mrs T & Barb continued to play with each other on the bed they were not finished, Barb noticed that I was still hard as rock, so she grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth sucking it till I was about to cum again, she pulled out, reached for a condom and rolled it on my cock then positioned herself on all fours I guided my cock into her pussy with one big thrust then pounded her pussy till I was ready to blow my load once more, I withdrew from her pussy removed the condom and then Barb took my cock in her mouth where I blew my load and she swallowed the lot.

After Barb finished cleaning every drop she said I can continue to carry on with the maintenance while we have a shower together.

Well I didn't get to finish my work that day but I did get a Bonus ....

To be Continued .......

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