19 Jul 2019

Returned the following week hopefully to complete my works at Mrs T home.

No one was home so I got on with my work upstairs, beds were made bathroom clean, definitely no one home good, 3 hrs I should be finished and off to check out the next job.

It was all so quiet with no disturbance at all I finished all my work upstairs an began to pack my tools when I noticed a note on the kitchen table from Mrs T saying that she will be back later in the afternoon to pay for everything, but I was finished at 11.00 am. I left her a note saying I will come back the next day.

After packing my tools I locked up an proceeded to Barbs Home which was just 4 doors down not a mansion but a BIG home from the outside.

Rang the door bell, Barb answered the door, still in her dressing gown, sorry she said I have not had a chance to get myself organised I have been busy with cooking, Barb invited me in we went straight to the kitchen, would you like a cup of coffee she asks , yes thanks Barb white with half a sugar.

We sat for a while discussing the repairs required around the kitchen while having coffee, thats to easy can do that today if you want, she replied that will be great. We went through the rest of the house room by room and outside decking to be repaired. Wow nice pool I said, it is Barb replied, lunch is ready will you join me for a quickie, (thats lunch she said) OK I will then I will start in the kitchen. OK said Barb but don't forget to put on your uniform. No worries Barb.

I put on my uniform which was just my tool bag, and began the repairs. 30 minutes later Barb came to see how I was going, good I said nearly done here, Barb replied well I am going for a swim, OK Barb.

When I finished I went to the pool area to let her know I was finished for the day, Barb was on a deck chair stark naked face down, has I got closer she must have heard me walking down the steps, she turned her head, Oh good timing she said. What can I do for you Barb.

Barb replied I would love a massage before you leave. No worries I replied, this was well planed Extra towels, massage oil, and a vibrator under the towels. To do this I had to remove my tool bag which left me stark naked, but who was complaining, I picked up the oil and began to gently massage her back, Barb laid back quietly for about 10 mins before she moved her arms an lightly brushed her hand on my hard erect cock. My My she said getting excited.

I moved behind her spreading her legs slightly exposing her already dripping wet pussy. I started on her thighs an down her legs and up her inside legs and one finger gently touching her clit. I did this several times when suddenly she started groaning with every touch of her clit, I could see her juices dripping out with every touch so I slid one finger inside her then two and began finger fuck her, she was groaning more and more, I could she was having an orgasm like never before, She grabbed my hard erect cock an guided it in her ever so wet pussy and said fuck me hard.

I began with slow strokes and gradually increased each stroke, she said harder I want it harder so I increased the stroke with each stroke going deeper till she arched her back, OH yes yes yes she said, I was pounding so hard that she was in tears and loving it. I withdrew my cock and turned her in doggy position and slid my still hard erect cock straight back in her pussy and pounded her hard and fast.

Yes yes, fuck my pussy fuck it hard, a few minutes later I felt myself about to blow, I said of fuck I'm about to cum, she said don't cum inside me I want it on my face, so I pulled out just in time and blew all over her face, then she clean my cock up and said thank you. See you tomorrow

To be continued ............