20 Jul 2019

So early next morning I arrived at 7.30am thought I'd get an early start with the repairs, the day before I called a friend who was a painter to assist with the repairs that needed painting. Any way I rang the door bell, barb answered the door wearing a see through dressing gown, WOW Barb you look very sexy in that, do you like it, I do I replied it really shows off your sexy body. I was just making breakfast for everyone. Oh shit I said to myself who else is here, so I asked is your hubby here, she said yes but don't mind him he is off to work soon. thank god I was still dressed and not in my handyman outfit.

I sat to have a coffee with Barb, several minutes later Barbs husband walks in and introduces himself as !!!, he looks at Barb, morning darling you forgot to put your panties on this morning. Barb replied I left them off for you to see before you leave.

We sat down to discuss the repairs, I'll name him (Jim) has he was going to be out of town for the next 5 days, after our discussion he asked if I could drop off his Jet ski at the mechanics to be serviced. No worries consider it done. He replied thanks and by the way don't forget to put on your uniform, Barb told me all about it last night an great day she had, My face went red I did not know what to say. Just keep up the good work. Jim gave Barb a hug and kiss and left.

Oh, I was so embarrassed for a few minutes, Barb said are you OK, I replied just lost for words. It's OK Jim an I have no secrets, we all love to have fun after all life is so short. What a relief I said.

Barb put her arms around me and gave me a huge hug and then moved her hand between my legs giving my cock a a little tug has I had loose shorts on she reached in and wrapped her hand around my already hard cock, my she said your so big, she went down an dropped my shorts a took my cock straight in her mouth gave it a few deep sucks and stopped, Oh shit she said I remembered I have to go out for a while and don't want to be late. Barb left me with the hardest hard on I have ever had it must have grown another 2 inches.

I could hear the shower running, so I decide to sneak in naked and stand at the shower opening waiting for her to turn around. when she did turn she was surprised to see me naked, what are you doing in here I thought you were working, I said I am working I came to even up the score, Oh and whats that she replied, bend over so I can fuck you doggy she bent over, I slid my cock into her pussy gave her a couple of pumps and then pulled out, you can finish your shower now Barb don't want you to be late coming back home.

I dried up and went back to doing the repairs

Later that afternoon I was sitting down having a coffee when Barb returned with a whole lot of shopping, groceries, clothing, and a couple of bags from Sexy Land. I asked what did you buy today, well I bought a couple of toys and some sexy lingerie so that you can take some photos. OK I said when, after we have a cuppa I'll go an change and meet you by the pool. I packed up my tool, picked up my camera and waited by the pool.

WOW, what a sexy outfit she was wearing, my cock rose to attention in a split second and very noticeable through my shorts. Barb was stunning in her tiny tiny little g-string and a top to match. from the distance you would think she was totally nude.

I took about 50 photos all up and 40 of those, Barb was either playing with her brand new vibrators, close ups of her pussy etc etc. Well Barb are you enjoying this session, Yes she replied but I need one more toy to play with, whats that Barb, I need your cock in my mouth and I want you to take a photo of me sucking it.

Well she got what she wanted, I took some nice photos of her deep throating, and she just wanted to suck suck suck. I couldn't move as she was in total control at that moment but who cared I was in heaven, Barb was still sucking hard and I was about to cum in her mouth but she would not let go.

I have to admit I wanted to blow in her mouth, when she suddenly looked up at me and nodded so this was it she wanted to swallow my load. I pulled out just a little so that she could get a good taste of my hot cum. I took a couple of more photos with some of my cum dribbling out the side of her mouth, she finished up cleaning the spill over and jumped in the pool. Are you cumming in, OK I replied.

To be continued ............