Written by Sunshine99

18 Oct 2016

I am at work and receive a message from my Fuckbuddy - ‘what are you doing straight after work’.

Hmmm interesting question or he’s planning something… cheeky bastard.

Of course lucky for him I have nothing planned, so playing it will be, just what he has planned I haven’t a clue, but it will be something naughty. She does like it when he springs these tantalising last minutes plans on her.

He sends back – ‘I am in the process of planning something, someone wants to watch us fuck, still working out all the details, I’ll let you know by 5:00 where to meet me.’

Well there goes my concentration for the next 2 ½ hours. Just as well I have ‘The Outfit’ with me (short black skirt, black boots and a revealing black top).

Promptly at 5:00 she gets a message ‘meet me at The Comfort Inn hotel, I will meet you in the car park, a guy visiting from interstate wants to watch us fuck in his room’.

I rush out of work get in the car and rip off my pants and knickers and put on my black skirt, take off my top and change into the other one. As I am driving to the Hotel I takes off my shoes and change into my boots.

On arrival to the Hotel I see my Fuckbuddy in the car park and park my car close by. He approaches me and kisses me… grabs my arse and strokes my pussy asking me if I am ready. He looks at his wet fingers…. oh I’m ready alright.

We walk into the Hotel. He rings the guy. He comes down to collect us, we introduce ourselves and we head back up to his hotel room. My Fuckbuddy reminds him of the rules – no touching; only watching unless I say otherwise.

We both get naked and climb onto the bed. The guy is on the couch with cock in hand masturbating.

My Fuckbuddy spreads my legs and starts to lick my pussy. Mmmm it feels so good. His tongue circles my clit. A moan escapes my lips. His tongue feels so good between my legs. I grab his arm as he continues to lick me. I insist he inserts two fingers into my pussy and slowly moves them in and out as he is licking my clit.

My moans get louder as he is close to bringing me to orgasm. I am stroking his nice hard cock which by now has precum beading on his cock head - which I use to lubricate his cock. I slide my hand along his hard shaft. I start to grind my pussy against his tongue. He starts to move his fingers in an out of my pussy faster. He knows I am about to cum.

The guy on the couch stands up and moves closer to the bed; still masturbating so he can get a closer look. He comments: “she really likes that doesn't she?”

My Fuckbuddy responds “what gave her away, her moans of pleasure and her grinding her pussy against my tongue”. I grab my fuckbuddy’s arm as I am about to cum. I scream out in pleasure as each wave hits me.

We swap positions I am now sucking his cock, gently licking him from cock head to the base of his shaft, I insert his cock between my moist wet lips and proceed to start giving him head. I gently squeeze and tug at his balls. He moans in pleasure. I use my tongue to circle around his cock head. I lick his cock from head to base again and I know he likes that. I swallow his cock whole right down my throat and proceed to pleasure him. He stops me and tells me turn around on all fours. He’s going to fuck me doggy style.

The guy moves to the end of the bed so he can see my fuckbuddy penetrate my pussy with his hard cock. I moan in pleasure as his cock enters me nice and deeply.

He is fucking me slowly. I take over pushing back into his cock. Taking over the pace I want to be fucked. He lets me. He grabs my pigtail and pulls me back into him, fucking me harder, deeper and faster. He moans out loud as he empties himself inside of me.

I lay back. He starts to lick my pussy again. The guy has moved to the side of the bed. He comments that I have beautiful breasts and asks if he can touch them. I nod that that will be OK. The guy starts to touch and squeeze my breasts gently - it feels divine.

My fuckbuddy’s head is buried between my thighs, licking my clit; his fingers are inside of me again. The guy bends down and kisses me. It was a good kiss – he gets told off for doing that as he didn't ask first.

The guy comments “she has a beautiful pussy I wish I could taste her” M y Fuckbuddy replies “yes she does and she tastes quite sweet actually”. Before too long I come for the second time, louder and stronger than the first orgasm.

The guy is still masturbating, I can tell he is about to cum; I sit up and watch him stroke his cock I want to see him cum. Within a few minutes he cums into his hand to ensure he doesn't get any on me. He leaves and goes to the bathroom to clean up. We get dressed.

The guy thanks us for coming and that he was so grateful that he was allowed to watch us fuck.