Written by MissTigeress

16 Jul 2011

Mistress, you make me go into the toilet to change into my sexy clothes for you. When I come out you are standing there waiting for me already dressed. I come over to you and gently kiss you seductively. You look me over to ensure I am dressed in a way that pleases you. Your phone rings and you tell me to go to the bed. All I hear you say is”yes you can come now”. All of a sudden there is a knock on the door. You order me to go and answer the door. I get up and slowly move over to the door and with some trepidation open it. Standing I the door way is a male friend of yours. I welcome them in and offer to take their coat. You introduce us and tell me to give him a kiss. I turn and gently kiss him enjoying the sensations running through my body. He returns the kiss. You ask me to bring him to you so that he can kiss you. I grab him by the hand and bring him over to you. You both kiss with a passion not yet seen in this room, but surely to happen over again.

You tell me to return to the bed and I do as you order. Your friend moves over to the bed with me and crawls across the bed tome and kisses me as he pushes me over onto me back. I return the kiss and gently touch his body. Shivers run through my body as I experience the new sensations. Slowly his kisses begin to race down my body licking and sucking on my nipples and gently biting me but not marking me.

You tell me to take control of the situation and make him come first. So I sit up and drag him back up to me a kiss him deeply. Stroking his body as I lay him down and proceed to kiss down his body returning the favours he has given me. You order me to undress his and I do as I am asked immediately.

I slowly remove his Sexy Black lace bra and then continue to kiss lower across his stomach until I get to the waistband of his tiny black lace G string. As I get there his hard cock is poking out the top and I gently flick it with my tongue letting him know what is to come soon. I slowly pull down her G-string kissing every where but where she wants saving that for a few minutes. I flick her G-string over to you and then start to rub his thighs. He begins to open his thighs to allow me some access. My kisses are getting closer to his hardness and my hands are almost touching his very full and tight balls. I lightly rub the hard cock in front of my face and look up at him. When it I s rock hard I slowly take it into my mouth just a little bit at first, and then as much as I can. Gently sucking and stroking that hard cock. My other hands stroking his balls feeling them twitch in my hand.

His breathing is getting heavier and quicker and I can feel his balls get tighter even more. All of sudden I feel him tense underneath me and then jerk and spasm as he unloads his balls into my mouth. I swallow it all and do not spill a drop. I continue to suck and clean him up and then I move up and give him a kiss and over to you so you can both taste him on my lips.

You then order him to take control and make me come.