Written by arocket4you

20 Sep 2011

I had met J on here and hooked up once before(another story...) for hours of play, however this time she was in Brisbane for a swingers party and her husband had told her he wanted some pictures of us getting it on and he had gone out to the pub for an hour to let us play.

After knocking on the motel room door, J opened it wearing a short skirt and revealing top. We ate each other with our eyes briefly before closing for a slow kiss that grew in intensity until both our hands were wandering south in expectation of more.

J sat down on the bed and I freed her breasts from her top with one hand whilst sweeping up her skirt with the other to find she had no panty’s on.........she spread her legs for my fingers as I caressed her breasts and pussy and kissed her slowly, both of us becoming more pent up as we went.

J was brushing her hands on my jeans, rubbing my hard cock at the same time as I worked my fingers in her now wet pussy, slowly circling and brushing her clit as she moaned. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my now stiff cock as I picked up her camera and took a photo as she engulfed my cock repeatedly and deeply in her mouth.

Our play started to escalate now.........I took more pictures as she sucked and teased me whilst fingering her before laying her down and tasting her juices and teasing her clit with my tongue, whilst working my fingers inside her pussy and gently finger fucking her and increasing the pace as she moaned at my touch. J was so horny and came quite quickly and as she did I took another picture of her back arching, her face a picture of ecstasy as I licked her and she came moaning loudly.

I was about to explode now and with a condom on could not help but get between J’s thighs and rub the head of my cock on her as she shuddered in post orgasmic bliss.......click went the camera as I rubbed my hard cock on her wet lips.........click as I eased it into her pussy.......click as her pussy engulfed it deeply.

Slowly at first we started to fuck, her pussy wet and tight, my cock now raging for release, her hands on my arse pulling me deep inside her, my hands gently pulling her hair and cupping her breast.

I was so close to exploding, so I stopped and grabbed the camera to take some more action pics for her and her husband’s enjoyment. J rolled over and pointed her arse seductively at me, inviting me to take her from behind.....mmmm what a view and more pictures as I rubbed my cock on her arse and between her legs.

She was so wet and my cock easily slid into her full length as I switched her camera to video and let her work her pussy back and forth on me. Again I was close so I slowed her down and put the camera down so I could play with her clit and slowly work my cock in her pussy, fingers in her hair pulling it lightly so she could look at me.

J was moaning and clenching my cock as we worked together and she turned and said “work it into my ass please” with a sexy smile. I picked up the camera as she bent over tightly pointing her sexy ass as I lubbed and rubbed my cock on her, working it slowly and letting her push back at her pace.

Slowly and excruciatingly sexily she worked my cock into her ass.......just the head and then the full length with her ass tightly gripping my shaft. I was in heaven as she began to push back and fuck me as I filmed her ass working me into her.

As J really started to get going I dropped the camera so I could focus on holding her ass and controlling myself.......her moaning increased as I worked her clit and fingered her pussy and slowly but deeply thrust into her ass........... she began to shudder as she came hard, as did I not being able to hold on any longer listening to her moans and feeling her ass tighten on my cock.

After we lay there speechless, touching each other slowly and then she reached for the camera and watched the video of my cock being worked into her arse and she moaned out loud and said “fuck me my husband is going to love that. He will shag me senseless after watching that”.

Later that night she sent me a text explaining in detail how her husband did just that after watching the video and looking at the pictures..........