Written by Hubby

20 May 2016

Well it's been a while since I have posted , and as my adventures relate to actual events , it takes time to set things in motion.

Just a quick bit of background details , so as you understand why it takes time to set things up.

My wife Sam , is a good looking late forty something , normal housewife , who only dresses up on occasions and does not flaunt herself , even with my encouragement she just doesn't think that most men would want to get into her pants even given the chance .

So if you have read any of my posted stories , you will know that I have manipulated circumstances , that led Sam to getting fucked twice , on the side , thinking that I did not know about them .

I usually starve her of constant sex with me , so as to increase her need to get a cock in her .

So on to the latest situation, I had told Sam that a friend at work had a new fitted wardrobe installed with all those drawers and pre-fab hanging and stuff at an introductory special offer with free labor costs and that we certainly would benefit with the extra storage , so it was arranged that they would come and quote in a couple of days and if we were OK with the price they would install next week.

So I started playing around teasing but not actually fucking my wife , (claiming I was just to tired these days , was it alright if I just licked a bit till she came ) .

While she was down the shopping center getting groceries , I went to work .

Firstly I arranged her knicker draw that was going and being replaced (within the new wardrobe) putting a lot of her naughty Knickers openly on display , but not to noticeable so as Sam would think it strange ( I have done this on the odd occasion to prompt her to wear them out sometimes) .

I positioned my works lap top computer (which I always leave in our bedroom for safety as I would have to replace it if I lost it ) on the dresser aimed at the bed area which has the robe and en suite in view also .

I attached a piece of black electrical tape over the on light so nobody could see it was on , and replaced our light globe with a new powerful LED for better lighting (Sam just thought the old one had blown).

So fast forward to quote day and Jarrod the fitter , a guy I had known from the pub, early thirties, drops in whilst I am at work to measure and quote .

Here is what I saw on camera ;

Jarrod arrives not long after her morning shower , (an arranged time by me not Sam) , Sam is dressed quite smart , as she knew he was coming sometime through the day , she has on a pleasant summer skirt and top , that she often wears when we have company as I always compliment her how nice she looks (in the right light you can see her crotch , and the bulge of her pussy , but she cant , because she is not a dirty perv like me ).

Sam shows him into the main bedroom and Jarrod proceeds to check out what we need.

next to the en-suite is our clothes hamper with Sam's dirty knickers from last night on top as it has no lid , and she had put her knickers there after her shower . Jarrod glances at them in full view of Sam , he then moves around measuring and open the old robe doors , where my pre arranged things had been left on display , bras and undies , all stuff that get us males interested.

Jarrod looks at her knicker draw that's half visible , and says "you've got a lot of nice clothes Mrs Smith ", looking at her lovely white lacy g string , but inferring it was about what was hanging up in the robe .

That's a lovely outfit your wearing as well .

"Thank you my husband likes it too ".

All right I will ring your husband with the quote and arrange things .

Well in the meantime , after discussing the day with Sam , I mentioned that Jarrod had saw me down the pub after work and that the cost was very low , and how" what a lucky bugger I was to have a wife as naturally hot as Sam".

And that he would be at our place about the same time as the other day , on Monday.

Sam say's "I think that your making that up , in your dirty mind as he's a lot younger and would not look twice at a lady her age , especially a married one at that , and a friends wife"

I said he is only a guy from the pub , and anyway most men think somebody else's wife is always hotter than there own .

"Oh so Jarrod is married then" , says Sam .

Yeah us married men are always perving at other guys wives .

Here is what the camera . picked up .

Arrival around 8.30am, Sam in again a nice summer dress this time , slightly shortish , just showered ( and has not had a fuck for just over two months ) .

Jarrod starts to sort out all the stuff in the old robe , with Sam close by trying to pick up the stuff , she would get embarrassed about ( naughty Knickers , dirty washing basket , and her little shoe box , containing her vibrator (she thinks I don't know about) .

Jarrod is quietly working but looking at her legs and at her bum when she is turned away , walks over to the laundry hamper and picks it up to move it out of the way , and then comments "I wish my missus would wear sexy knickers like that , glancing at her little bikini panties , that had been rolled off with the gusset very visible , and even on camera i could see the stain.

Sam gets all flustered and tucks them under the other clothes , "My husband likes sexy underwear , but those were just everyday undies ".

I am sure your wife , probably wears the same type of things .

After all the emptying has occurred , Jarrod says " well I best get stuck into it" , and proceeds to take his shirt off and just work in his work singlet , ( he does have a rather fit body , being a builder , and in his shorts , was looking good ).

My sex starved Sam watched him work for a bit , and was fussing about tidying up things , bending over and just between you and me

I reckon she was flirting via body language .

Fast forward and lunch time comes , Sam fetches Jarrod a sandwich , and as it was rather hot , one of my cold beers out of the fridge , and a wine for herself.

Sam says , "would you like to eat this in the kitchen " Jarrod says "no I better not as I have sawdust and stuff all over me , I will just pop it on the dresser, thanks any way".

After the wine , Sam goes and gets another and asks Jarrod would he like another beer , " I would love another one but I have to work , but don't let me stop you ".

While shes in the kitchen Jarrod picks out her dirty knickers and takes a whiff , and grabs his crotch , and quickly puts them back under the other stuff.

More work happens , and other boring stuff , but Sam is watching Jarrod working , slightly sweaty , shorts , nail bag and tool belt , and I could see my dearly beloved wife , perving on his hot body .

( My plan is coming together as arranged between Jarrod and me) .

Well after Three wines Sam is very tipsy and merry and and say's how is it going , Jarrod say's "just about done Mrs Smith "

"just call me Sam everybody does".

Sam gets the vacuum out and starts cleaning up , bending again , but this time she pulls the dress up her thighs a bit so as she can bend over better , Jarrod notices he can see up her skirt , and Sam catches him looking , Jarrod say's "sorry Mrs Smith but you have got such great legs , and I could not help seeing your sexy Knickers ".

"You should look away and save it for when you get home says Sam".

" Wouldn't make a scrap of difference as she seems to think sex just finishes once your married" "welcome to my world says Sam " .

I don't believe that Mrs Smith, I mean Sam , I am sure your husband would be doing you every chance he gets , I know I would , especially if you wore those sexy knickers like you do , Christ Ive got half a stiffy now just thinking of you wearing them .

Sam just turns toward him and as she was kneeling putting stuff away , she just opens her legs really wide , and say's "not a word to my husband , you can go home and have a wank thinking about my Knickers alright.'

Jarrod's cock is busting at his shorts as he is taking of his nail bag and tool belt , Sam notices and say's ,(slightly pissed , and very horny " looks like you left one tool behind " Jarrod say's "I better be going Mrs Smith , is it all right if I use the bathroom to get changed out of my dirty work clothes as I always bring a change of clothes , because we use the same vehicle shes does not like me getting the seats dirty ".

Its Sam and yes no problem , but you should shower first , then put your clean things on , don't you think .

Jarrod goes into the bathroom closing the door , Sam , who is now super horny slightly pissed , brings in fresh towels , just as he takes his shorts of , she glances at his bulge and leaves not totally closing the door.

Now from my camera angle , and a slightly ajar door , I cant see Jarrod but I can see Sam , who is peeking through the gap ,

rubbing her tit area on her dress , after a minute or so Sam is lifting her dress up and rubbing her pussy through her knickers , she proceeds to pull her knickers aside and is sticking her finger in her pussy , she brings her finger up to her nose , inhales and takes a little lick , and continues to watch.

(just as an aside , Jarrod told me a week later down the pub that whilst he was in the shower he was wanking his cock after seeing my wife's panties).

Jarrod comes out into the bedroom with the towel around his waist , dripping and glistening with a tent sticking out , Sam is just staring and is looking stunned when Jarrod just drops the towel and say's ," I forgot to bring clean jocks ".

And just walks over to Sam and just say's " take off your knickers and show me how sexy they are " Sam just reaches under her dress , slips them down , unhooks them of her ankle and say's but there all wet and sticky , and hands them to him , he in turn lifts them to his nose and says " they smell even better than they look ".

He then sticks his hand up her dress , obviously fingering her and say's " fuck me your pussy is really wet ". pushes her on to our bed Sam pulls her dress up opens her legs and say's "why don't you taste my wet pussy ".

After a short while he turns Sam over unzips the dress , takes it off along with her sexy bra , and then goes back licking her pussy , Sam raises up on her knees in doggy position letting Jarrod see her really cute bum and a very wide open wet pussy , and her gorgeous little puckered asshole winking at him , he lifts his tongue from her cunt and proceeds to lick her asshole , Sam say's"that's a favorite of my husbands as well"

after a while Sam say's "enough I need that tool in me , I've not made love in over two months "

Jarrod replies" this is not a tool this is a rock hard cock that is going to fuck you till you cant stand up" . and slips his hard cock all the way in her lovely married cunt.

After a good couple of hours in bed fucking , Sam says you best get going Hubby will be home soon and I have to get dinner on .

Jarrod gets dressed , and picks up her wet smelly dirty knickers and say's these will remind me of you while I wank , and count down the days till I come back and check the robe .

I arrive home before Sam can clean herself up , we have dinner , and what happens then I will post at a later date if you other dirty buggers out there want me to .