10 Oct 2016

Well, it has been a while since I wrote my last story on here, it has been a bit slack of me I know. Well, I did promise that I would tell all about my next session, and here it is.

Yes, I was a call out of the blue one sunny autumn day earlier in the year. "Hi Joe, you haven't been for a tantric massage for a while. I have a friend who want's to learn the trade and I need a model. Are you willing?" My response, "Um, YES".

So a few days later, there I was. Butterflies fluttering in my belly, sitting nervous talking to my tantric massage teacher. She was hiding her friend for a bit as she was as nervous and excited as I was. She led me into the room, candles lit, aroma candles, soothing music. On goes a blind fold. I hear the door open and then close behind me, my heart is pounding, hands are sweaty and I am already getting hard. "Control yourself, control your breathing" I hear whispered in my ear. I breath, deep slow breathes. I feel 2 hands on my shoulders, but hear 2 different styles of high heel foot steps walking around me.

I feel the second set of hands grab my bum and squeeze. "Ooohhhh", I say at the same time she does. "Ooohhhh" she replies. After a bit of over the clothes rubbing, a kiss on the lips, a little kiss, followed by another kiss from a different set of lips. Off comes my shirt, then my pants to reveal my G-string. A little laugh is heard and comments of appreciation from both. Slowly, down comes the G-String to reveal my semi erect cock.

I am led to a table and lay down on my stomach, arms to my side. For the next 20 minutes I endure a soothing massage from head to toe and everything between. I feel a groin rubbing against my elbow. I know it is not my usual erotic tantra masseuse, as she is whispering in my other ear whilst I rub her clit with my finger tips.

I can feel the silk panties covering the womanly heaven rubbing on my elbow and realise she is not fully naked. I can feel that the silk is wet and the rubbing gets faster and faster. Next thing I know, she is screaming out, "YES, YES, YES, YES, YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS" as she grinds harder and harder against my elbow. I remember thinking to myself, "I have never made a women cum with my elbow before".

Next thing, I am rolled over and the blind fold is taken off to reveal the new beauty that has just cum on my elbow. "Hello, pleased to meet you" I say. "No, the pleasure has been all mine" is the response with a big smile. We share a deep passionate kiss, followed by a kiss from my other masseuse, then they kiss, then we all kiss. Then for the next 40 minutes, it is a lot of rubbing, touching, kissing, fondling, nipple sucking, groaning, fingering girl on girl on guy kissing action followed by the 3 of has all having multiple simultaneous orgasms that almost lifted the roof off of the building.

We all lay there, panting, laughing, hugging and kissing in a big sweaty heap. Unfortunately, I had to leave soon after and go back to the real world, which really, really sucked, but had to happen.

I must say, never, have I ever had such an experience without actually having physical sex. It was all kissing, touching, groaning and talking. It is, by far, the best sexual experience I have ever had and I hope to do it again one day soon with the same girl friend of my masseuse.