Written by Hubby

20 May 2016

This story continues on from the preceding story

Well I arrived home , just after Jarrod the installer had made a hasty retreat ( even though I was aware that he had most probably just had his cock in my missus , which had all been set up by me and Jarrod ) and Sam , my loving naive wife had not had any time at all to clean herself up , and was at in the kitchen making dinner for the two of us .

However Sam had not had time to put clean knickers on and Jarrod had pocketed her dirty wet knickers as a souvenir to remind him of Sam , as well as something to wank over.

I walked in and kissed Sam hello , and as I would often do I grabbed her bum through the summer dress she had on , it was at this time she started wriggling to get away saying " I have to get the dinner going , and you probably couldn't get it up anyway ". to which point I grabbed her once more , and could feel she had no knickers on .

Although she was trying to cook , she was very aware that she had Jarrod's come dribbling out of her , and no Knicker gusset to soak it up .

Sam moved from the stove over towards the pantry , and I spun her around and kissed her again , still struggling she stated to move away and say's" not now , I'm cooking , and I need to pee anyway".

As she rushed off to the toilet I noticed she passed the hallway toilet and went all the way to our bedroom , Sam was not noticing that I was was following .

She went straight for her underwear draw (in the new wardrobe ) and pulled out a pair of ordinary knickers , and started to put them on , just as I came in the room .

Here's the visual , her dress is up above her pussy area , her pussy lips are all puffy glistening wet , when she sees me .

"What are you doing " she says , "what are you doing I say" .

Oh I was just putting some knickers on ( all red in the face) "why didn't you already have some on ?" "oh I see , you mean to say you were in here with the builder all day without any knickers on ? "

"Well he arrived just as I got out of the shower and I had no time to put any on " (just making up a story)

I said " you should have let him have a peek ".

"Oh you are such a pervert and anyway I told you before that sort of thing wont be happening any time soon ".

"I'm the pervert , you're the one parading around all day with out any knickers on " " is that why your pussy is all wet , from watching him all day "?

" My pussy is not wet , and how would you know anyway " .

She brushes past me to go back to the stove , with me following , I reach by and turn it off .

Sam says " what are you doing " to which I reply all this naughty talk has got me all excited look ( I am sporting a totally hard cock bursting at my work pants ) as I grab my cock .

She says " not how I am making dinner " I say " the only thing I want to eat is your wet cunt " Sam says you know I don't like that word ".

I take her by the hand , she is protesting , we head to the bedroom , then she says " I need to go to the bathroom , to clean up I am not fresh down there" to which I say but you said you came straight out of the shower ?.

I push her on her back . push up her dress and pull of the clean undies she just put on, and as she fell her legs opened a bit .

I take a look and say " wow either you've just been fucked or your all hot and horny " " which is it ?"

Your pussy is leaking pussy juice ( I know that it is Jarrod's slimy come dripping out).

I drop down and take a massive whiff of her pussy " fuck your cunt smells so good tonight" Sam just says " you are so gross".

I start to lick my special cream-pie , making sure I lick all Jarrod's cum up , and stick my finger in her sloppy adulterous messy cunt , and find that I cant touch the sides , wow " are you sure Jarrod didn't fuck this Today ? .

Sam replies "he was pretty hot looking , and muscly , maybe I just got excited "

So I carry on licking her clit and all around her cunt ( wow the aroma is something else) and down to the base of her cunt hole and start to lick all around the skin between her pussy and bum , then on to her pretty little bum hole ( she says she does not like that, but she always lets me ) .

By now I have three fingers in her cunt and its still sloppy and not very tight , so I say" jump up on my face and I will make you cum "

Sam gets into the 69 position and grabs my rock hard cock and starts sucking , whilst I lean in and take a long sniff of her dirty smelly , totally fucked cunt then start to lick her everywhere , she starts to convulse and cums all over my face , just as I stick a finger up her bum .

that does it for me and I blow my load down her throat ( almost never happened before) .

As Sam climbs off me I say " wow if this is the sex I get from you just watching the builder , I wonder what you would be like , if you let him fuck you ?"

"In your dreams" she says,

"Oh and by the way Jarrod says that he will be around to check that everything is working OK with the new wardrobe some time next week"