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The night it finally happened

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6 min
Published 5 years ago
Well I have been , like many husbands on here trying to persuade my missus to get some stray cock on the side ,however the harder I tried , the more she resisted. Here is how things changed, we were on a holiday at a island resort , and over many years I noticed that my wife was less inhibited than at home , shorter skirts , sexier undies , far less modest , you get the idea. For some time prior to the trip , we had not had any sex for a few months , separate beds as she is a very light sleeper , so my wife Sam was probably ripe for the picking. I was at the resort , hoping to make my dream come true, leaving curtains open , balcony windows open , giving any Man that was nearby plenty of opportunities to notice her in her sexy undies , or hopefully naked . Sam was in the shower one morning , when I had rang room service for some lame reason (extra towels ) the bathroom door was ajar but not closed (set by me) Sam was in the shower after washing herself when the attendant who was standing just inside the door glanced in , and there she was out of the shower bending over drying herself with her magnificent bum totally on display , the young guy saw her sweet little puckered asshole , with her very pink pussy with her lips all puffed up, wow what a sight. He left , before she even new that it had happened ,I however got a instant stiff cock from the look on his face , and the plan progressed. My wife came out of the bathroom and saw the stiff cock and thought , she was going to get some cock at last , and asked what caused it , so I told her about the young fellow , we had a bit of a argument , but I convinced her that it was just accidental. There was no sex that morning as she was cranky. The next day we were going on a outing and I had Sam wearing a pair of super sexy lacy panties , with a very short skirt , and on the Coach , with her in the window seat I was rubbing her pussy through the gusset of her Knickers , and they were getting very, very wet as I was pushing them up her cunt . when we got back to the room , I got her on the balcony , made a very strong drink and we sat in the sun, Sam had her knees up around her chest area and was showing her pussy area , with those sticky knickers very visible , any way three drinks later she was quite pissed (i mixed doubles) and I noticed her pull her gusset to one side and rub her clit occasionally sticking a finger in herself to keep the fingertip wet with her pussy juice , I took my cock out of my shorts and was slowly wanking and getting off inhaling her horny cunt aroma (wow !) , well that's when I made my move , and pretended to fall asleep . My wife obviously thought she was going to get fucked , or at the very least , have her cunt licked (she just loves me licking her cunt). Well she went and laid on the bed , well pissed and now frustrated and slowly started to masturbate , I am watching through the balcony window , as she slipped her very wet knickers off and threw them in frustration and they landed on the floor , she eventually just fell asleep in her drunken state . Well at little bit later , she is laying on the bed with her back to the door in that fetal type position , no knickers , no sheets as it was very hot , when the door opened and the young attendant walked in to restock the mini bar . He stopped dead in his tracks , took in the vision in front off him , was very quiet (he did not see me as there was light net curtains ) , what I saw next will stay with me forever , he bent over picked up those sexy black lacy panties , that were all crusty and stuck together gusset , put them to his nose and took a long sniff , and rubbed the front of his pants . Well he just froze and watched for awhile , then slowly walked closer and was staring right at her bum hole that was very noticeable and reached out and touched her bum cheek , well she must have thought it was me as she stuck her hand between her thighs and started to finger herself , not looking behind her . Next thing he bent down and started licking her very exposed cunt and ass , taking the time to inhale her very distinct horny cunt smell. Then , she rolled over , and saw him ! , oh no I thought it was all over , he spoke quite loudly and said "room service mam" sorry to disturb you , I can come back later , and started to bolt out of there before he into trouble. In my wife's drunken state ,(horny from no sex for months ) and frustrated she called him back , saw that he was a good looking young guy , and said " well I need some service right now" . And with that she opened her legs wide open , and said look if my husband wont fuck me , you might as well . He dropped his pants , and stood there with a massive rock hard cock , jumped on the bed and just stuck his cock straight in her wet cunt . They fucked like two wild animals (her a very frustrated housewife) and he ( a horny young fellow , hormones and just circumstances , what with her bum winking at him and the sticky knickers ). Well it was soon over , both him not wanting her to come to her senses , and her realizing what she had done . Any way later in the evening when I had woken up after I eventually did actually fall asleep, I went to have a shower to go out for tea , noticed that those Black Knickers were not in the dirty washing bag in the bathroom , the young fellow must have taken a souvenir. Well my wife Sam never mentioned anything that evening (or ever for that matter) , we got back to the room where I eventually gave her the Fuck of my life after I went down on her , licking her married , fucked cunt as well as licking her ass hole . Her pussy had the best smell , she has ever had ( I think it must have been the mix of his spunk , and her her pussy juice) . Well that's my story , I don't think it would happen again as it was all circumstances on the day , but I will always , have a wank over that day

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