Written by Running Man

6 Aug 2015

A few years ago, after we'd decided no more kids, I went and had the chop. A couple of months later, after cleaning the pipes a few times, I had to take a sample to the path lab to see if the op was successful. Hard work wanking when you have to.

Took my sample to the path lab. Sat in the waiting room with a jar of cum in my pocket. my numbers was called. The path nurse was Tracy, a regular customer at the shop I run. sheepishly I entered the examination room.

'Hi, what can I do for you today? Usually you ask me that!' she joked.

'I've just got to drop this off' I handed her my sample and the paper work. She smiled as she recognized what I handed her.

'Oh, you know I would have helped you collect that too.' she licked her lips.

'That probably would have made collecting it easier.' we flirted at work and it helped get over the embarrassment now.

Tracy went through the paper work.

'Its not enough' she said and she put another sample cup on the sink. 'Come over here and I'll help fill this'

Dumbstruck, I walked to her. She looked me in the eyes and bit her lip as she unzipped my jean and lowered my boxers. My cock sprung free.

'Impressive' Tracy moved around behind me, reached around me and started to wank me as I stood in front of the sink. She watched over my shoulder in the mirror as she pressed and rubbed her body against my back. One hand hugged me as the other gently stroked my shaft and rubbed my bell end.

I had both hands on the sink to steady my self as I rose to full hard and she quickened her pace. She kept eye contact in the mirror as she gently bit at my neck and wanked me. I dropped on arm down and reached back and started to rub her crotch.

She moaned encouragement as I rubbed at her clit, so I slipped my hand down her scrubs. No knickers, my fingers went straight into her wet slit and found her clit. I frigged her at the same pace as she wanked me.

She whispered, 'Make as much noise as you need, the room is sound proof' and bit hard into my shoulder. I groaned and pinched her clit hard. She squealed, but kept walking me.

'I'm gonna cum soon' I said, near the edge

'Me too'

'The sample?'

'Don't really need it, I just wanted to wank you off!'

I came, squirting all over the mirror. I squeezed her clit and she came over my hands too. After we cleaned up, she kissed me.

'Thanks, I've wanted to do that for ever. Come back same time in two weeks for the results.'

I saw her at work a few times, the flirting was a bit more serious.

Two weeks later I went back to the path lab. This time as I sat in the waiting room I was embarrassed by the erection in my pants, not the sample in my pocket.

My number was called so I went into the exam room. Tracy was seated at the desk.

'Ah Mr Law. A more detailed examination is required. Take off all your clothes and lay on the bed' she said, gesturing to the exam table in the corner. She sat and watched me strip. I lay on my back, my cock standing to attention.

'I'm ready'

She stood and walked toward me, striping her scrubs, completely naked underneath, no bra or panties. 'Your results can back, your shooting blanks, and I screened you for sti's too. Your clean, so you can fuck me bareback!' she said, quite mater of factly.

She jumped up onto the exam table and straddled me, impailing herself on my cock. Her cunt was wet and my 8" slid all the way in. 'You've got ten minutes before my next appointment. Make cum again!'

She rode me, rocking back and forth as I bucked gently. My hands explored her body. Her B cup tits giggled as she slowly fucked me. I squeezed her nipples with one hand, as my other pushed against her pubic bone to control her pace. My thumb circled her clit, occasionally pressing down on it making her groan.

As she rode me, I pushed her back with my hand on her tit, so my cock found her g-spot. I squeezed her nipple, and pinched her clit as my cock slammed in to her spot. She came hard, squirting pussy juice all over my chest.

She collapsed into me. I let her come down, her pussy still convulsing on my dick.

'I've never squirted before, that was amazing.'

'There will be more, I haven't cum yet and we still have five minutes.'

I pushed her off me and bent her over the bed so I could fuck her from behind. You could adjust the height of the bed, so I cranked it up so u could fuck her standing. She reached back and held herself open so I could slide straight in. i grabbed my dick and rubbed it up and down her cunt lips, and teased her a little before I slammed it deep into her. I grabbed her wrists and used them to pull her onto me, fucking her with no abandon. Holding both wrists in with one hand I used my other to reach around and run her clit. I got my fingers good and wet then use them to wet her arse. I teased her hole with my thumb.

'Mmmm' she moaned. I pressed my thumb hard against her hole, she relaxed a bit and it slipped in, then she tensed up and climaxed loudly. I came deep in her pussy as it convulsed around my cock. I held her there and let her twitching cunt milk the last of my cum from me.

'One minute to spare' i said.

'Not enough time to fuck my arse, you will have to come back again. Thanks, I squirted and came twice. Same time in two weeks.'

I dressed quickly and left her still naked cleaning up her pussy juices from the exam table.