18 Mar 2016

The party was in our pergola outside, all the guests were outside and I excused myself from their company to go make my salad. Well, it was summer so I had on a very short flowery sundress, a soft bra and just thin panties on underneath, sandals. Well, I was in my kitchen which is at the opposite end of the house, away from the pergola. I went to the fridge to get my dressing. I was bending over, at the hips, and the next thing I knew I felt these warm hands lift up the hem of my sundress, exposing my arse, caressing my pantied cheeks sexily. I felt the mystery hands pull my panties to one side and I thought it was hubby (at the time my man was the only man I was fucking) and he often did this, so I thought nothing of it. OMG, suddenly I felt a big cock head press into me, spreading open my pussy lips and fully penetrate me, I did not turn my head around. I gasped when my mystery man said “I hear you love big cock, you’re now trying mine!” As he spoke, he went balls deep into me and I, so slutily, instantly orgasmed! his big cock was so intensely hot, the wonderful sexy mystery was so hot, it was so wildly exciting to be taken like this! He used my pussy for his pleasure for just a few minutes, then grunting and thrusting harder, he unloaded his big balls, deep into my pussy. His powerful thrusting and hot deep, luscious and creamy seeding, sent me over the edge for a second time. Then he just pulled out, he spanked my arse, he said “you really do have a hot pussy, I’m sure I will need you again” Then he was gone, he left back to the pergola with the rest of the guests. I never looked backwards, on purpose; my mystery fuck had used my pussy and just walked out of the kitchen. I smiled to myself, I really liked it, then I just moved my panties back in place, stood up and straightened my sundress. I continued preparing my salad with my mystery man’s thick cum running down between my legs.

I could not wait to push my husband's hand into my creamy panties and onto my pussy, to whisper in his ear, my sexy story...

And I’ve been hooked on mystery sex ever since.

I have not the vaguest idea which guest fucked me and I really do not want to know, whoever fucked me that afternoon;

I’m just so glad he did...